We've talked quite a bit about Fuhu's Nabi 2 tablet, which was designed specifically for children. Given its $200 price tag and powerful Tegra 3 processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.0, this device is not only great for the kids, but it packs a punch for parents, as well. (To get a better idea of everything the Nabi has to offer, check out my full review.)

The one downside of the Nabi 2, however, is its lack of Google Apps. That means no Play Store, GMail, GTalk, or any of the other services we've all come to rely on. Thanks to one enterprising dev over at XDA, though, the tablet has been rooted, gotten a custom recovery, and now has full access to Google Apps.


The process appears to be very straightforward and easy to follow, but requires a fully working ADB and fastboot setup, as well as the appropriate drivers. If you plan on giving this a shot, I suggest reading through the entire thread on XDA, as it contains solutions to a few issues that other users have run into during the process.

Once you're finished, you can download any ICS GApps package (such as this one from CyanogenMod) and flash it in recovery.

Good luck, and enjoy!

[via XDA]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C7B5R2FH2YYWDMDAEAYIWGNG2Q ojil

    Glad to know it has google apps now. I rented one for my kids from gizmotakeout.com and they seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. However, we eventually settled for the Nabi which we had also rented and then decided to buy.

  • bmkeene

    Has anyone heard of a dual-boot micro SD for the Nabi2? I purchased one for a Nook Color which gives me the option to boot into rooted Android or stock Nook modes.

  • blade

    so far i fine the link below the easiest way t root your nabi2 .after rooting i suggest that you find the backup file in the twrp folder and save it on the external sd card or on a drive somewhere else because the file takes up around 1gb of precious space since you only have 4 gb for the device.so by moving it u will save space ,if u have the twrp recovery installed then you can just find the gapps in the downloaded folder and flash it or download gapps for ics and flash it .http://www.tech-stew.com/post/2012/11/20/How-to-Root-a-Nabi-2-Tablet.aspx