The rumor mill churns and, having churned, moves on. The big story today is that according to sources familiar with the matter, reports have leaked that lead us to believe that an employee who asked to not be named has told Digitimes that sources say the next Nexus may have already been patented by Apple as the subject of the latest lawsuit to come out of Cupertino.

According to the sources, LG, HTC, and Samsung are all working on their own Key Lime Pie-based variants of the Nexus Google Experience Galaxy 10 7 4G LTE series. Early reports peg these devices as being faster than the old versions and also thinner, and probably bigger, but definitely expensive. The three companies are working with Google on this single, joint-venture Nexus device, confirming that the multiple Nexus rumors were both true and false at the same time. We've obtained an exclusive slide revealing this device for the first time:


Key specs for are as follows:

3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 9990 Pro K-Metal 3
5.3" 4K AMOLEDOLED Dual Matrix Super IPS Plus Bravia(TM) Retina display
Android Key Lemon-Lime Kandy Kane
13 megapixel PureView camera
Wireless charging
4,000 mAh battery
2 microSD slots
Fingerprint scanner
On-the-fly drive encryption

In a preemptive move, however, Apple has filed suit against HTC, LG, Samsung, Google and you. Among the patents asserted by the Cupertino company is one covering the use of NFC in the device. Apple claims that "We work hard to innovate and push the boundaries on consumer technology. We can't abide other companies coming in ahead of us and stealing our ideas before we have the chance to bring them to market because we don't think the world is ready for them yet."

Google has stepped in to defend its partners' innovations, stating that "We do not believe that litigation is the best way to move technology forward. Seeing lawsuits pop up before devices are even released should be more than enough proof that our patent system needs reform." When asked what, if anything the company would be doing to fight back in the legal battles, Google said, "We've formed an alliance of over a dozen carriers and manufacturers to ensure that counter-suits are delivered in a timely fashion and will be supported for up to 18 months." When asked for details on this alliance, the Google rep seemed to have completely forgotten the program existed.

Apple, in a rare display of transparency, commented on the new patent lawsuit, describing it as "magical" and "revolutionary." Said Tim Cook, "This is the most beautiful lawsuit we've ever released. It's twice as fast as our previous lawsuits, and the subpoena we served Samsung was carved out of pure sapphire."

Source: Google

Eric Ravenscraft
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      u got me with the link

      but i knew it was fake right away. an LG "Nexus" phone with touchwiz 3.0 running froyo,HTC capacitive buttons also the body looks like a One S, LG camera icon on touchwiz, and fake ass specs with really fake OS version

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        You're not supposed to not know it's satire - the title is more than obvious, and the first paragraph kind of sets the stage for the whole thing. I can't believe people are even considering this to be real at any point.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

          My sources are RELIABLE! Stop calling my journalistic pieces satire!

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            Eric you are my man , when i will be in your town i would like to buy you beer ^_^ ( ps: i am strait, not gay ;-)

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        Just sayin'... the One S is grey/blue not white.... That'd be a One X

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          yea i know but its shoped so they can change the color. i wasnt sure which one it was but i knew it looked like either the one x or one s

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    LOL "This is the most beautiful lawsuit we've ever released. It's twice as fast as our previous lawsuits, and the subpoena we served Samsung was carved out of pure sapphire."

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      Edit: It's like in order for this article to be complete, we need that one spec to bitch about.

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      Yeah but it is 1GB ULPSHSODR7 RAM that runs at 1.5THz. For you noobs out there, that is 1GB of Ultra Low Power Super High Speed Octuple Data Rate-7 Random Access Memory.

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    Btw, the real source is a dare by Zack Davis here: https://plus.google.com/103876278794381402383/posts/3skEyV7yhpZ. Somebody owes someone a nickel.

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    And here I thought they were going to use the AMOLOLOLOLED® screen technology...

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      TrolloloLED screen technology

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        Patented by Apple even though they have nothing to do with it.

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      1. Welcome to the wonderful world of satire.
      2. You can post 1 message and combine all your thoughts into it. It's the magic of having a Disqus account.
      3. Check the source - it's legit I tell ya.

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        >> We can't abide other companies coming in ahead of us and stealing our ideas before we have the chance to bring them to market because we don't think the world is ready for them yet.

        Shutup and take my money.

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        How many cookies?
        I only need 2 NFCs but I want at least 10 cookies. Too few cookies is a deal breaker for me.

        Btw, a friend of mine knows a guy who works for a company. He told his sister that you will get a free unicorn if you preorder this phone. I trust my friend so it must be true

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      Check the source

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    hahaha if that were true, i still wouldn't buy it. everything in the specs sheet was blown out of proportion...then 1GB ram..

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    Is this a joke? There seems to be lots of trademarked names mixed together with ridiculous specs. And a paltry 1gb RAM? Why not 5gb? 4K AMOLEDOLED Dual Matrix Super IPS Plus Bravia(TM) Retina display. really? Why isnt it 3d with a built in projector?

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        If this were real it would have a superduper ultra bioluminescent nano pixel holographic display running android 10.2

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      Not a joke - check the source link.

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          They have a scheme where you can return the 3rd NFC and get 11 more pixels on your screen.

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      Totally likely - the source shows it.

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      Hey, come on, get serious - they're just being realistic, like HTC with the One X+.

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      I heard Wolverine had a patent on adamantium, so they had to use unobtainium.

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    First off, it should be called the Nexu$ Google Experience Galaxy 10 7 4G LTE Touch X MAXX+ HD 2s. Also, the line about why Apple is suing for this mythical device is too true.

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      4G LTE.

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    The above mentioned specs are really old news. I just received the information a few nanoseconds ago that Intel, feeling left out, have decided to bully all the manufacturers into using their processors. "We've already kept aside $5 billion for potential lawsuits", Intel CEO was telling the reporters. Here's what else we know:

    1- The phone will use a 130-watt Core i7 SSJ4 3960X Extreme Edition
    2- In light of this, the manufacturers have decided to up the battery capacity to 10,000 mAh, more than doubling the battery life to 17 minutes
    3- Nvidia is in negotiations with Google for providing the GPU.
    4- Samsung has stated that they're giving away 7.5 pixels for free with the display, making the display a 4k + 7.5 unit.
    5- Dyson is complaining that there isn't enough room left in the chassis for their best vacuum cleaner model
    6- Starfleet is in talks with Vulcans for permission to include Vorl-tak, their psionic amplifier. They don't want to get sued for patent infringement.

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      nVidia are already providing GPUs for Android... What did you think Tegra was?

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      We already have phones with 2GB of RAM.
      NFC is listed twice
      2 MicroSD slots = stupid No manufacturer would do that
      FingerPrint Scanner is was too patentedAndroid ? serioulsy?
      and in case anyone missed it.. click on the source link.

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        NFC is listed 3 times.

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    lead us to believe that an employee who asked to not be named has told
    Digitimes that sources say....

    Jesus Christ do some proof-reading will you ?

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      Someone didn't get the point.

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      the specs could be a hoax, but the next nexus phone is really near: the italian MediaWorld electronics megastore has put the galaxy nexus on a huge sale, and in the last 3 years whenever it did such sales during this period, new phones come out....

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      On the other hand, I think that's a success.

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      I found it unclear. I was very confused until the last paragraph. I very nearly wrote a lengthy response, criticizing the author for the unbelievable amount of mistakes (NFC three times? Really?), but then I picked up on the joke. Obviously Apple wouldn't carve subpoenas out of sapphire.

      They'd use onyx.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 pimp slaps this...

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      You obviously missed the point of the entire article. It's not even a real phone. I thought that would have been apparent from just half of the fictional specs listed. I mean, Android NFC listed 3 times? "4k 4K AMOLEDOLED Dual Matrix Super IPS Plus Bravia(TM) Retina display"? Not to mention that this is tagged under "satire", "obviously this is a joke", and "humor". Good job on those fine reading, comprehension, and deduction skills Richard. You're as sharp as ever. -_-

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    nice one guys

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    That must be Fake because Apple's next lawsuit will be longer and in wrong direction.

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    Wow triple NFC
    The patent apple is enforcing is the one they have on patent suits

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    i think its a htc one x with lg logo n touchwiz skin! Doesnt seem real... what do u think

  • yarrellray

    None of these specs will ever happen...Maybe from Samsung before anyone else...

    • squiddy20

      Hahahahaha! You're such a moron! Half of these specs are already in use (NFC, 13 MP camera, 1 GB of RAM, wireless charging, 64 GB SSD (found in the iPhone)). So much for *none* "of these specs will ever happen". The rest of these specs are either duplicates of the above mentioned features, or so outrageous that they won't be possible in mobile phones for years. This is the second time you've commented on this article and it's sad that you still don't get that it's a satire. Utterly pitiful.