If you were one of the many people looking forward to playing Carmageddon on your Android device this summer, you may be disappointed to learn that you'll have to wait slightly longer than expected.

Despite earlier promises that the Android port would arrive 'shortly after' the game's iOS release this summer (it's currently waiting for Apple's approval before it hits the App Store), the developers have now said that the game won't be available on the Play store until late 2012 or early 2013.

Unfortunately, we don't know the cause of the delay, or whether promising it 'shortly after' the iOS edition was too ambitious in the first place.

The good news is that the Android port is still very much in the cards, and when it's released in the coming months, it will remain faithful to the original version. Hopefully, we will see it available on a wide range of devices when it does see the light of day, but until then you could always roll back the clock and play the PC version instead.

Source: Joystiq

John Thompson
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  • Darius Blackdeer

    If I'm not wrong they said in an interview that they re-used assets to get the iOS port while for the Android port they had to do everything from scratch. That they have a working version but still needs a lot of ironing out.

    Hope they manage to launch it at the end of year so all the money from the sales goes to the Reincarnation game.

  • Justin Moore

    That was my favorite racing game of all time. Hope it gets to us eventually.

    • iTKe2k

      you can always use a psx emulator with a playstation version (you can find on ebay/amazon)

  • ePoch270

    Does anyone know if Apple ever tells App developers to purposely wait on releasing to android or they won't approve the App in the Apple App Market. Seems a little fishy that all these apps have a few month lag. I understand the concept of porting to Android taking longer, but it always seems like "It'll take a few months" is standard when being approved or waiting for approval from apple.