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OK, this is cool. Log into Dropbox on your phone, start Filebeam, select a file, and zap it right to your buddy's NFC-enabled Android device. You can even select entire folders, though depending on the contents, it may take a while for them to download. Unfortunately, ICS or higher is a must.


Transferring files is just one beam away. FileBeam allows users to transfer Dropbox files to anyone using your phone with just a tap. It's very easy to use. Tap on a folder to expand it, select files (and even folders.), and then beam it on another NFC enabled device by tapping on it. In order to transfer files using FileBeam, both of the phones must have the app. We are also planning to integrate with other cloud storage services like Google Drive, SkyDrive, and Box.












Loggy (root) by Koush

Hello, indie developer. Are you weeks away from releasing your world-changing Android app, only to find that you've suddenly become nearsighted and can't read the system log on your Nexus? Then Loggy might just be for you: it allows you to view logcat files from your desktop web browser. Root and a WiFi connection are required, and it won't work with Internet Explorer... but the logo is a literal nyan-log-cat. What other reason could you need to try it?


Loggy is a handy tool for developers that lets you view your logcat in your desktop browser. You can also view the contents of your SD card. Loggy is open source.

CM10 Downloader

CyanogenMod will have official over-the-air updates soon enough, but until that happy day, you'll have to continue downloading ROMs and installing them through your custom recovery of choice. At least there's a more convenient way to do so: this entirely unofficial CM downloader gets the latest builds from the CyanogenMod team and delivers them in a Holo-friendly app. Nightlies, daily checks, torrent downloads, and Wi-Fi only modes are all supported.


It's an UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Downloader.


  • Recognizes your device and your build and advises you when there is a recent version
  • Changelog of new build
  • Changelog of the next build
  • Scheduling daily "check & download" of new build
  • Force Download on Wifi in the settings
  • Link for downloading gapps in the settings


Google Play Music is useful and functional, but you'd have a hard time convincing anyone that it's pretty. If you want a treat for your eyes as well as your ears (and you're OK with listening to local music or free online radio stations) then Noozy may be right up your alley. The UI is ripped from the admittedly fetching Windows Phone 7 app, with a full-featured equalizer thrown in for good measure. Engrish incoming:


Designed to enhance the listening experience for the on-the-go audiophile. The "noozy" features a premium audio player that lets you experience the best possible sound quality from your music library and favorite Internet radio stations. "noozy Studio 3" is an ultimate better richer and more interactive media player for Android let you to manage your entertainment contents such Music, Videos, Podcasts and Live Broadcasts. Envy with its sleek and fluid-alike navigation, all you need to do is use your finger to Swipe Left or Right and, Tap or Hold operations. Ported advanced audio technologies from “Noozxoide Laboratories“. The Noozxoide for Mobile “EIZO-rewire Series” to deliver the superior sound, immersive and realistic virtual surround sounds and added premium deeper bass that can merely punch a hole on the floor.

Polkast Music - iTunes to go

Google Music and Amazon MP3 are limited, even if the limits are huge. If you've got a song collection 100,000 strong, you'll need something bigger - like your desktop's hard drive. Polkast streams music from your home machine to your Android device, with no restrictions beyond your data plan.


You have an awesome music collection but your Android phone can only hold so many files. Other apps let you sync some of your music to your Android phone, but Polkast Music lets you bring your entire music collection (including iTunes) anywhere by connecting your Android directly to your computer. If the song is on your computer, you can play it on your phone. Sync apps limit you to what you can store on your phone. Forget syncing, fussing or worrying about storage space. Play whatever you want, when you want, as the mood strikes.


Confession: I've been trying to learn Bizet's original lyrics to Habanera for the last three months. While my French isn't getting any better, I might be able to master the aria with andLyrics, an app that detects playing music and scrolls the lyrics karaoke-style. Too bad it only works with WinAmp and PowerAmp (though other players with LAst.FM scrobbling get a nod) and you can't load your own lyrics. Oh well. L'amour est un oiseau rebelle...


You have a favorite music player with rich settings and beautiful appearance, but it does not show the text of the currently playing song and this problem is annoying you. What can you do? You can change the player, but the new player may be less comfortable for you. andLyrics is a solution for this problem You can continue listening to the music in your favorite player and read the lyrics in andLyrics. And these lyrics are not a static text, the lyrics are automatically scrolled and highlighted along with the song like a karaoke.

Music Matrix

Do you want to create your own music, but lack any kind of skill or talent? Well, you could apply yourself to art, spending thousands of hours practicing and making yourself a more well-rounded person... or your could download Music Matrix and create simple ditties by tapping on a grid. Get to it, "electronic music artist".


Create beautiful music by tapping out beats, melodies and harmonies on your Tablet or Phone. With Music Matrix you can immediately compose a piece of music you'll be proud to call your own and all with no musical experience. All you need is your finger to create a whole composition which you can save and share with your friends on our Matrix/Net Cloud. Music Matrix is simple and accessible and the results of your creations will surprise you and your friends. Even if you've never worked with music software before or have never considered yourself a musician... Now it's time to prove yourself and create something great.

Fabrik (cloud ebook reader)

The good news: Fabrik is a new eReader app for Android, and it's gorgeous. The bad news: it won't work with any of the books you've already bought on Kindle, Nook or Google Play. More good news: it'll automatically scan any TXT and EPUB files in your Dropbox folder, and sync your reading progress across devices. More bad news: there's not much in the way of options beyond the standard backgrounds. I'll stop now.


What is Fabrik Reader? The most beautiful, elegant cloud ebook reader that works seamlessly with your Dropbox. You might ask, we already got at least 10 different book readers in the android world, why another one? Well, here is thing, among all those 10 different book readers, I just can't find one that really suits me, so I decided to build my own, and here we are :) Now, what's so different about Fabrik Reader? Let me ask you a question first, do you really want that much custom preferences in an ebook reader? Or do you want an ebook reader that just works beautifully out of the box? Fabrik Reader is definitely not the most feature rich book reader on android. What Fabrik Reader gives you, is a really premium, yet really simple reading experience.


Android was built for old-school emulators. (And also to be an easily-implemented open source mobile operating system. But that's secondary to playing Chrono Trigger on your phone.) Until now, most emulators have been pretty bare-bones: load the app, find the BIOS, then dig through a file tree to open your ROM. GameShelf brings the presentation of ROMs into the 21st century, with a library-style database of the ROMs you have in storage. Listings are complete with correct package art and descriptions. Note: this is not an emulator in and of itself, it just automatically launches the correct emulator app when your select a game.


Launch your emulated games - in style. GameShelf is an app for cataloging your ROM collection, with a sleek Holo interface. Instantly launch your favorite old games. GameShelf is not an emulator.
Launch your favorite games for the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Gameboy (Color and Advanced), and SEGA Genesis. GameShelf automatically finds the box art and description for your games with the press of a finger, but if it gets it wrong, don't fret. Use the search tool to find the game you were looking for and apply it super fast. Box art and descriptions are graciously provided by

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Android Police coverage: 4 Best Android 3.0+ Apps For Tablets From The Last Month (4/19/12 - 5/17/12)

If you're a regular user of GameFly's video game rental service, either online or via their mail-in system, you've probably heard about GameQ. It's their version of Game Informer (Gamestop's house-brand mag) but the GameFly guys are not quite so evil nice enough to give it out for free. Tablet users are the only ones invited to the party at the moment.


Enjoy the very best interactive video game publication on your Android device in GameQ. Beautiful art, screens, and videos bring in-depth stories and interviews to life for an unrivaled reading experience. Download it to your Android tablet today completely free from the gamers at GameFly.


There are more reddit browsers out there than you can shake an upvote at, but few are optimized for Android tablets. Based on the preview images from ReddiTron, this Holo-style viewer might be just the trick for those with a larger Android device. The theme is dark, and the integration tight: you can browse subreddits at your leisure and perform all the standard functions of the site.


ReddiTron is your only source for browsing Reddit with a sleek interface. Browse reddit using a fast, slick, and feature packed interface that is Holo Dark themed.

Includes convenient features:
● List Mode with fast scrolling and swiping right to left to show more options (voting, comments, sharing).
● Expanded Mode to show all your favorite content with horizontal scrolling per subreddit.
● Gallery Mode to easily scroll through images and posts.
● Subreddit Filtering
● SFW/Mixed/NSFW modes to suit your needs.
● Filter comments to show only OP (original poster) comments.
● Save images directly from the browser and open/etc.
● Capture screenshots of entire browser area or just the view that you see. Screenshot can be saved/opened/shared/etc.


It's surprisingly hard to browse Flickr on their mobile site, which is probably why there are so many Android apps that bypass it. The latest is Glimmr (see what they did there?) which creates a Holo-fied and tablet-friendly interface for Flickr. It integrates with all the standard APIs, so you can use your Flickr account to perform most of the site's functions within the app. The premium version lets you assign wallpaper.


A new, fast, modern and fun Flickr app for Android.

  • Swipe through you and your contacts photos with ease.
  • Group support.
  • Comment on photos and view detailed exif info.
  • Notifications for when your contacts post new photos.
  • No Ads.
  • Lots more to come.

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WiShare's literature has a lot of high-minded talk about sharing, connectivity, convenience, and what a nice world it will be once ever user has joined the Glorious Revolution. Here's what it boils down to: it's a trusted user list for your WiFi network, and the Android app allows you to automatically grant or deny access to other users based on their Google account. Then those users can connect to other trusted access points in your network. Too bad there's a catch: after the first 90 days, the service will cost you a Euro a month.


WiShare is the free Wi-Fi cooperative app of the future which will create a network of Wi-Fi connections by allowing your friends to join in. After 90 days you can choose between a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. It’s super simple - you can block, share and invite new people to your own network. Shared Wi-Fi is a must in today’s high internet usage world, and don’t let your friends go without. They will be thrilled when they can join on your network free and clear.

Gidder (beta)

Hey there mister Serious Professional Developer. If you can't stand to be without digital access to your latest code revisions while you go to the grocery store, then Gidder is for you. It's a mobile client for your Git server, allowing you to access code stored remotely, then share them on a local WiFi network, Airdroid-style. You know, for those all-night Perl parties.


Gidder is a Git server implementation for Android that works on top of a SSH server. Access your code anywhere anytime using your Android device. Gidder is a unique product in that it combines two very complementary ideas. The distributed version control that Git provides and the mobility of any Android device. As a result, you can store your projects safely and conveniently in your pocket device and just as easy access them using any WiFi connection. It doesn't matter if you are on a business trip in a hotel, at the office or at home, you can always sync your work using your Android device.

Floor Plan Creator

The developer of Floor Plan Creator believes in truth in advertising: it's an app that you use to create floorplans. Use the on-screen controls to adjust dimensions, and place a collection of pre-made items down to plan out your living space. It'll give you the details like area space, and even let you edit with the Galaxy Note's S-Pen. Check below for an example of augmented reality room capture. Unfortunately, you'll have to pay via an in-app payment for extra plan slots - $4 for every 5.


Floor Plan Creator lets you create, edit and share floor plans easily.

* Predefined room shapes as well as free drawing of room shape with S-Pen or touch.
* Common furniture elements.
* Supports metric and imperial unit systems.
* Automatic plan dimensions generation.
* Augmented reality room capture (BETA):


Most of you have probably set a digital alarm to remind you of some event or task. (Sometimes I even label mine!) If you're looking for something a bit more powerful, Notif may fit the bill. It's a Jelly Bean reminder system that uses Android's expandable notifications to greater effect, with pictures, lists, et cetera. You can set the notification to appear at a certain time, and a notification can be semi-permanent to avoid swiping them away.


Notif is an app built for Jelly Bean that allows you to create rich notifications for reminders, passwords, lists, pictures, or anything else you'd like to put up there that you can think of.

There are four types of notifications that you can create:
1) Default, which just holds a title and one line of content
2) Big Text, which holds a title, an expanded title, and multiple lines of content
3) Big Picture, which holds a title, an expanded title, a little bit of content, and an image that you can take or retrieve from your storage
4) List, which you can add a title, up to 7 items, a summary, and a reduced one-line of content

Xperia Link™

Tethering is a go-to tool for tablet owners... if you've got a tethering plan and/or a rooted phone. Sony, always fond of releasing unlocked phones, has made a bit of a work-around for their newest tablet (Xperia Tablet S). Install the app on a compatible Xperia phone, and you've got an easy tethered Bluetooth connection right away. Too bad it's incompatible with the original Tablet S and Tablet P - you know, 66% of Sony's tablet portfolio to date.


With Xperia Link, you can get your Xperia™ tablet to connect to the Internet by using the tethering function of your Xperia™ phone. From your tablet, you can remotely turn on and off the tethering function of your phone. When out and about, by tossing your phone in a pocket or bag, you can still connect to the Internet even when a Wi-Fi is unavailable.

Xperia Link must be installed and set up on your phone and tablet before use.
*Bluetooth must always be on during use.
*This application on this site is for Xperia™ phones only.

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UFC on Xbox LIVE by Microsoft

Why does the Xbox Live UFC app need its own separate Android app? Because. In any case, sign in with your Xbox Live gamertag to browse upcoming fights, make your picks and compare them with friends.


Learn about upcoming UFC fights and compete with friends with the FIGHT PICKS.

The UFC on Xbox LIVE app let’s Xbox LIVE users learn about upcoming fights and compete with friends with the FIGHT PICKS prediction game:
• Browse the upcoming UFC Pay-Per-View fight card and learn about the fights with Tale of the Tape, Last 5 Fights and Community Picks information.
• Predict the outcome of fights by making your FIGHT PICKS and then share them to Facebook or Twitter.
• Check the FIGHT PICKS Leaderboard throughout the Pay-Per-View to see what how you stack up against your friends.

ICC Cricket

Being American, I'm not really sure what cricket is. I think it's like baseball, but 80% more British. So I'm just going to assume that the seventh inning stretch is replaced with a Benny Hill sketch during which everyone drinks tea (Earl Grey, hot). If you're even a tiny bit more knowledgeable about the noble game than I am, the official International Cricket Council app may be just your bubble and squeak. Breaking news, video clips and the like are available, along with detailed team and player stats.


ICC Cricket is the official app of the International Cricket Council, the governing body of world cricket. With a strong focus on the ICC World 2012 for launch, the app has a wealth of information including all the latest news, galleries and team information. Alongside the live ball-by-ball information from all matches, fans can also listen to live audio match commentary and view match highlights from the group stages of the men’s and women’s tournaments, right through to the last ball of the final. There are also exclusive video feature interviews with leading players, as well as video clips from all post match press conferences.


MiMedia is yet another backup solution for PCs and Macs, with a media-centric focus. Their new Android app allows you to remotely access all your files, and play back video, audio and photos. It's definitely a little basic right now (the UI is obviously lifted straight from iOS).


Listen to your music, watch your videos, and view your photos from anywhere.MiMedia protects your files and lets you access them from anywhere on your Android devices. With the MiMedia app you can listen to your music, watch your favorite videos, and view your photos instantly from anywhere. Plus, instantly secure your latest photos and videos to your account right from your Android device.

G Cloud Backup

Most of our readers use, or are at least are familiar with, Titanium Backup. Think of G Cloud Backup as a slightly less powerful solution, with the added benefit of cloud backups. Everything related to telephony (contacts, call logs, SMS, etc.) and the contents of your SD card (up to 1GB) are backed up for free. 10GB of storage requires a $1 monthly plan.


The easiest cloud backup ever.Never worry about losing your device, (One device is lost every 3 Secs in New York) just install this App and it will intelligently backup all your data to a secure cloud/online location, and its FREE. Backup and protect your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, photos, music and videos to a secure cloud location. Just select what to backup and you’re done, it intelligently backs up daily when your battery level is normal and connected to WiFi, you can also select to use 3G.

Dwellable Vacation Rentals

Looking for a vacation rental, and sick of the tiny preview photos on Craigslist? Then download Dwellable, and get results based on location (along with other selectable criteria) with photos big enough to make you love your 720p screen. There are plenty of listings, and a spiffy Holo interface to boot.


Photos, maps and reviews of beautiful vacation rentals. Find the perfect vacation rental with Dwellable, a Google Play Staff Pick. From private beach getaways to family-friendly rentals, Dwellable's comprehensive list of vacation rentals and powerful search and filtering tools help you plan your dream vacation. Find unique and stunning locations for your destination wedding, get the extended family together under one roof, establish a base camp for skiing or surfing with extra space for your gear or find a pet-friendly place on the beach. Dwellable is the world's foremost vacation rental search engine, including over 55,000 listings in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, The Big Island (Hawaii), Cape Cod, Colorado, Florida, Hilton Head, Lake Tahoe, Myrtle Beach, Oregon, the Outer Banks, San Diego, Virginia Beach and Washington State with more destinations in the works.

Atooma - Beta

Ever used If This Then That, or Tasker? Imagine Atooma as something similar, if somewhat less powerful. It allows users to create a set of rules for smartphone control with triggers like time of day or location, or even a more active input like a hearty shake. It also integrates with a lot of third-party apps, notably Dropbox, Facebook and Twitter.


Atooma makes your smartphone smarter. Create your Atooma to get any kind of task automagically performed on your smartphone. Whether you want your inbox Sms or e-mail automatically read while driving. Or prevent your phone from ringing or log onto a network when battery is about to die. What if your phone be so smart as to save in Dropbox your holiday's pictures. No matter what need to be done, from wifi to facebook posts, gps to Gmail and photo – there is Atooma to automate it all.

The Human Face of Big Data

"Big Data" is a newfangled term that's somewhat nebulous at the moment. Think of it any set of collected information that's too big to handle without HAL levels of computing power. The Human Face of Big Data is essentially a lifestyle quiz, intended to create a database of information about people and how they live. None of the data collected is intensely personal, and you can compare your results to thousands of others.


The Human Face of Big Data is a globally crowd-sourced media project focusing on humanity’s new ability to collect, analyze, triangulate and visualize vast amounts of data in real time. Download the free mobile app and learn about yourself, how you compare to others and what your phone can tell you about your life. Compare answers about yourself, your family, trust, sleep, sex, dating and dreams, with millions of others around the world. Participate September 25 – October 2nd. Check out on October 2nd to see the final results and explore an extraordinary three-dimensional snapshot of humanity.

GWR2013 Augmented Reality

Guinness: the decider in barroom arguments for decades. Now you and your inebriated pals can get your minds blown with 3D animations of the Guinness World Records Book 2013, thanks to the official augmented reality app. Sláinte.


See the latest Guinness World Records virtually exploding off the page with the new Augmented Reality app. Readers of this year's Guinness World Records 2013 edition can access a new dimension of record-breaking with this FREE "augmented reality" (AR) app. If you've got the book, download this AR viewer now to see record holders come to life as stunning 3D animations.

Live Wallpapers

A Reflective Organism

A Reflective Organism: A reflective surface moving around on your home screen.

See a shifting and morphing surface move around while reflecting the environment with this beautiful live wallpaper. Includes many different themes and settings for custom theme colors. Not a movie. Makes full use of OpenGL, with support for landscape viewing and home screen movement.
TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Ocean Alive Video Wallpapers

The first and only VIDEO live wallpapers. Inspiring scenes video wallpapers from nature that won’t drain your battery or slow your device. Alive stops when another app is running or your device is idle, so it uses no more battery than a photo wallpaper. It automatically saves to the SD card to prevent memory problems.


Coloring Screen

Brand new way for customization and fascinating look for your device. Choose from more than 20 stylish, cool and professional color effects and photo filters including day/night effects, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, cold and warm filters, autumn, winter, spring and summer adjustments, classic black&white, sepia, neon and more. Manually control brightness, contrast and saturation of your screen. Easily change colors to your favorite by applying color blend. Change hue, add lighting/glow effects, use overlay or phoenix. Try premium features to make your home screen look completely personal and interactive. Automatic time of the day based on your current location. Seasons and weather animations from online forecast. Sun, rain, snow, clouds, lightning and frost. Interactive screen coloring. Random color presets, dynamic colors and scrolling/touch animations.

Node Live Wallpaper

Now with multi-touch and shape options. More shapes will be coming, let me know if you have a suggestion. Larger touch size = smoother effect. A very unique and fun live wallpaper featuring an android (and now more shapes.) made out of dots. The android acts like it's made of gel, it breaks when you touch it and slowly reforms in to it's original position. Colors, heal time, size and dot size are all customizable. It's quite hard to explain what it's like, give it a go.

WTF App(s) Of The Week

Rolling Head

It wouldn't be a roundup without zombies. This one's actually unique, though: Rolling Head is a pretty standard marble game starring the severed head of an undead monster. You're trying to get back to your body before pitchfork-wielding villagers finish it off.


Join this 3d zombie adventure for free and get ready to Head`N Roll. A zombie apocalypse has started. The zombies are emerging from all cemeteries around the world and they want brains. With small groups of angry people armed with any object they get, the survivors start fighting against the zombies in order to send them back to hell. As a zombie head cut off by a human, you should roll your head back to your body beating a series of challenges and a lot of angry humans.

Puppet War:FPS ep.1

You know what's missing from Sesame Street? The ability to one-shot Grover with a Desert Eagle, that's what. Puppet War: FPS fills this void in the world by creating a first-person shooter starring adorable felt monsters, armed with enough firepower to reduce a children's show production set to dust. Unfortunately, it's split up into two "episodes" - go here to get the latter half of the game (for a dollar). It's also deep into the in-app purchases. Upgrades can only be bought with in-app currency, refilled with (few) in-game drops or real money.


Battle the evil puppets with awesome weapons in this totally crazy, action packed, 3d FPS shooter game. Blow their heads off,chop them up or slice them with the chainsaw to SAVE HUMAN KIND FROM PUPPET WORLD DOMINATION. Episode 2 features loads of new content: 10 new WEAPONS like the FLAME THROWER & SNIPER RIFLE. New PUPPETS like the VAMPIRE and SOLDIER Puppets. New BIGGER MAPS. BOSS fights. and more.

Know A Worthy New App? Let Us Know!

If you have an application in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to send us an email and let us know.

Important: there are 2 requirements in order for the app to be considered, listed below.

  • the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago
  • it has to be original, ground-breaking, well-reviewed, interesting, fun, etc - the cream of the crop

Now, if and only if the above requirements have been satisfied, fire up an email to this address: [email protected].

1 sponsored placement per week is available (your app would be featured at the top and marked as sponsored) - please contact us for details.

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