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In Apple's mind, here's how it was all supposed to play out: Samsung loses in court, and customers see a bad-nasty-bad company that steals ideas. Who wants a cheap knock-off, anyway?

Funny thing is, it seems that the Apple v. Samsung trial actually had a very favorable effect on Samsung, because it has been selling GSIII's like hotcakes ever since. In fact, according to a new study by Localytics, sales of the device grew by 16% during the week of the Apple verdict. Ha!

Instead of seeing Samsung as an inferior knock-off company, consumers actually took notice. If Apple thought Samsung's products were good enough to take them to court over, then they must be a viable option, right? Customers have clearly spoken.


To add insult to injury, Samsung saw its next spike in GSIII sales - up by 15% - during the week of Apple's iPhone 5 announcement. Unhappy iPhone owners? People unimpressed with the 5? Or perhaps it's just because that's around the time when Samsung really kicked its new advertising campaign into high gear.

It's hard to say what the real reason is. Either way, though, this is probably not the sort of result Apple was expecting.

[Localytics via BGR]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Bydh

    Adverse? Seems like a positive to me.

  • Freak4Dell

    How is an increase in sales an adverse effect?

    • Julian

      adverse means opposite, therefore the lawsuit had the ADVERSE effect to samsung that Apple had wanted (meaning they made money rather than lost money)

      • Freak4Dell

        Adverse means preventing success or development; harmful; unfavorable. When you use it in the context that Cameron used it, you're saying that Samsung felt the harmful or unfavorable effect. If Samsung was replaced with Apple in that sentence, it would be correct, or adverse could be replaced with a word that means favorable.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          He meant it was adverse as far as Apple was concerned. I discussed it with him and changed accordingly.

          • Freak4Dell

            Just trying to make sure you guys aren't turning into Gawker. :p

      • ari_free

        Julian, adverse is a negative not the opposite. You were probably thinking of the inverse.

  • Rick

    Or like me other people felt that the action tarnished the Apple brand. It smacked of a company trying to cling onto it's lead through litigation rather than innovation and the new iPhone only seamed to confirm that.

  • vige

    That chart talks about percentage.. you guys know that doesnt mean anything right? They could be up from for example 10k units to like 12k...

    • infogulch

      That might be true if it were any other phone than THE best selling android phone EVER.

      • vige

        oh dear.. reading is one thing, understanding the other
        qwietsotrm got it right, yet I still think the chart doesnt provide sufficient information to be taken seriously.. its like Apple telling us their iPads own 150% of all internetz. You cant take that like that..

    • QwietStorm

      The point isn't exact numbers, it's the fact that despite Samsung supposedly having a bad hand dealt to them, the sales actually went up, regardless of how high.

    • Fozziwig

      Or we could talk honestly using some facts - facts commonly known. The S3 launched in Europe on May 29 & in the USA mid June. By early September sales of 20 million units were recorded. That averages out at 6.7 million units per month (to end of August). With average weekly growth of 9.5% in September do you still think it's anything other than weekly increases of (approx.) 2 million units. It would have been better if the author of rhe original article had added these sales numbers but I suppose it's easier to copy/paste a press release.

  • Dragonfly1127

    I love my SG3!! Had n apple but went back to Samsung as they are the one's with the super AMOLED screen. That is y im staying v with samsung.
    P.s- not to mention the sweet ways of sharing data...so cool!! 1=-O

  • Thx84

    Love the "haha" tag on this story... On the topic, I'm proud of US customers sticking it to Apple. I would like to know the numbers since the iPhone 5 has been launched, it would be much more interesting.

  • aku


  • aku

    ops my comment got posted before I could complete it....I am getting a SIII on 12th of this month - so thats one more for the stats :D - switching from Nexus S to S3

  • http://twitter.com/ToysSamurai Toys Samurai

    I kind of know that it's going to happen. You just need to watch mainstream TV news to see that happening. When you see some clueless anchors talking about a non-Apple brand smartphone brand, you know that's going to happen. The last time I saw a similar thing is when Nintendo launches the Wii -- before Wii came out, all the game industry news revolved around the more powerful PS3 and Xbox 360. Everyone thought that Nintendo blew it -- then some news anchor tried the Wii in a game expo and said they got it. At that time, I knew Nintendo hit it big because they were going to get free presses from then on.

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    To be fair, I've also seen some big discounts on the SGS3 in the last few weeks. For $50, this thing is a no-brainer.

    But still, given all the letdowns of the iphone 5 plus the lawsuit nonsense, compared to the SGS3 and Note 2, Samsung ain't looking so bad.

    • Nicholas Loomans

      Bwahah the S3 has been free in NZ since it came out. They're everywhere here.

  • wolfkabal

    I'd be interested as well in seeing what devices were released 22-24 months ago around those weeks. Then we'd be looking at people who were eligible for new devices anyways and upgraded simply because they could, regardless of any Apple announcements or verdicts. Leaving at sheer coincidence.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bruce-Cameron/100000110186131 Bruce Cameron


  • Idle Time

    I guess there's no such things as bad publicity.

    • http://fnords.org/ Markoff Chaney

      There is for Apple.

  • Matthew Fry

    I figure it is a combination of things:
    1. "Samsung makes iPhones?" (i.e. Samsung makes smartphones)
    2. Samsung's nasty and very targeted marketing campaign.
    3. Bad lawsuit vibe
    4. People holding out on their upgrade to see what the iPhone 5 was like and afterward thought, "Well I can just get an SGS3 right now and don't have to wait in line, pre-order at midnight, etc."

    Even my Apple diehard friends are a little jaded these days.

  • GraveUypo

    i'm pretty sure there were a ton of people holding out for the iphone 5 and when it was announced they were disappointed and bought the gs3 instead.

  • JG

    "Who wants a cheap knock-off, anyway?"

    I don't... That's why I'm rocking Android & not iOS...

  • Christopaul

    All the best stuff on the iPad and iPhone is provided by Google. Apple have excluded Gogle from it's latest iOS. The new kit may look nice but it's less useful than an iPhone 3. Why would you buy another product from a company(Apple) who have shafted their existing customers with their latest "upgrade"?