Google went on a minor update spree this afternoon, issuing revisions to four Google apps on the Play Store, including Play Music, Wallet, Drive, and Shopper. All four updates are relatively mundane, but here are the various changes.

Google Drive

Hidden in the old Drive changelog from the previous update (here) is a small note regarding gestures. The new version is

11. Updates to gesture detection

Google Shopper

Shopper has received the most substantial update of the four to v2.6, with changes to filtering options and search, as well as performance and stability improvements.

What's in this version:

* Filter weekly sales at featured local stores by category so you can focus on your favorite deals
* Browse visually similar products when searching for apparel
* Improved performance and stability

Google Wallet

Wallet has been bumped to version 1.5-R81-v4, and will now suck down less of your battery (did it before?). It's also more secure, apparently.

This latest update includes security and battery life improvements.

Play Music

Play Music got some "minor fixes," in the words of the changelog, and is now at v4.3.615.

* Minor fixes.

Play Movies & TV

Play Movies & TV was updated to version 2.1.9 with, you guessed it, bug fixes.

What's in this version:

Bug fixes

Street View

Street View, too, got in on the minor update bandwagon with some bug fixes of its own.

What's in this version:

* Bug fixes