Last week, ASUS promised Jelly Bean to TF201 and TF700 owners, and while the former got its update right on time, there was an issue that prevented the update from being pushed to the latter. As a result, ASUS said the update would be available "early next week." Here we are, about as early as it can possibly get in the new week, and the OTA has already begun rolling out.


As expected, it brings Android 4.1.1 and all the enhancements that come along with it, including Project Butter and Google Now.

You can pull the update by heading into Settings > About tablet > System Firmware Update > Check now.


[via XDA]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Shane

    I don't suppose there is any chance of the OG Transformer 101 getting JB ?

    • nexus1-n-done

      Rumor has it it should also be receiving, it's just a matter of when.

  • DavidKeith

    I got it... nothing special at all. Kind of disappointed.

    • Keith0606

      is the performance better than when it was on ICS?

      I know my stock verizon Galaxy Nexus got a big boost in performance/general usability.

      • DavidKeith

        I don't know because my Infinity has always been sluggish honestly. Its completely stock and its been.. well honestly.. pretty bad. I wouldn't have bought it if I knew it was going to be this bad. I did a factory reset and still bad. so Jelly Bean didn't really do anything, I had high hopes for Jelly Bean but ASUS didn't pull through

        • michael medrano

          I had a prime then got the infinity and it is much faster and smoother. The infinity is exactly what I expected when buying Asus, a high end tablet that has way more functionality than my dad's iPad3 I'm truly happy with it and use it everyday in class and at home.

          • DavidKeith

            okay well besides the fact I have a crappy Infinity, I can feel the case compress in the bottom left hand corner (among other things)

            Last night I factory reset the tablet without restoring my google account and this little sucker flies now. So yeah Jelly Bean is quick but as far as overall experience I really don't see a huge difference. Everything is pretty much identical except its quicker. I guess because ASUS doesn't skin Android really.

      • DavidKeith

        I am running CyanogenMod 10 on my EVO LTE and its freakin smooth and fast but not so much on my Infinity

    • UniBroW

      I disagree, the performace is better overall. Apps that load a lot of inforation however, like Google+ still lag and I think that's because of the i/o issue the Infinity has. The ui is much smoother and I can't comment on web browsing because I am using browser2ram which just makes browsing a joy compared to before and I don't plan on removing it to find out that hasn't changed from ics.

      No crashes yet, been playing with it all day. Time will tell though, usually can't run Dead Trigger if the tab has been running for more than 24hours and sometimes even after a fresh restart it won't run it.

  • Eye4Detail

    For those like me who use WiFi Direct, I'm pleased to announce it's still fully functional. All you have to do is go to Wireless & Networks>WiFi>Menu (top right corner) and there it is. I've already sent and received several files between my Infinity and Galaxy Nexus. I have to assume it's still functional on the Prime and 300 as well.

    For those complaining of lag, do a cold boot. Shutdown then hold Power+Volume down until you get an unfamiliar screen. Then just wait (don't touch anything) and it will cold boot in about 10 seconds. Let it boot up completely then do a regular reboot (shutdown then power up normally.) Problem solved, buttery smooth goodness.

    I hope this helps.

  • Ivan Lisenkov

    In Russia I am getting an update right now! So it seems world-wide, yess!!!

  • NoLag

    My Jelly Bean update had a nice unexpected benefit: my Bluetooth speaker is perfectly in synch with video played now, losing the lag it had with ICS.