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These days, it seems like the push is towards storing most content on the cloud, rather than on-device. We can stream all of our music and movies from the web and our photos are seamlessly backed up as well. In fact, it seems like aside from games, only a small portion of our content needs to be stored locally. Then again, some people insist on storing everything they have on their phone at all times. It's not uncommon to hear complaints that a device has just 32GB of storage dozens of times.

Which brings me to our question this week: how much storage does your phone really need? Keep in mind, we're looking for a total here (if applicable, microSD + onboard). Cast your vote, then share your thoughts.

How Much Total Storage Do You Need In A Phone?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://twitter.com/SyncV2 SyncV2

    At least 32Gb, I won't mind if I have more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stipe.hodak Stipe Hodak

    I went for more than 64 GB. I'm using my SGS II in my car as a media player, a car recorder and navigation device so as I need as much storage as possible...

  • PINJ

    I would have said 16gb but that essentially is 12gb. And I obviously wouldn't want to lose my trusty memory card so its 32 gb for me

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359390083 Sodiq Awokoya

    32gb on The phone, 16gb on the tablet. I don't care about SD cards or trying to expand.

  • jaar

    I just need enough to hold my FLAC collection with some room for a couple ROM, kernel, or gapps files and maybe a movie or two.

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      What about apps? There are some games that are 2gb or more.

  • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

    32gb is a good number I think. On a tablet you may need more though.

  • Blackhawke

    I kind of partially disagree with the premise here.

    "We can stream all of our music and movies from the web and our photos are seamlessly backed up as well."

    This is true if you're willing to stay locked into the Google ecosystem. For instance, you can "seamlessly stream" your music -- if you are willing to use Google Music and to put up with the limitations thereof. If you prefer the superior performance of a 3rd party music player, things become far less seamless in a big hurry!

    The same is true of movies. They're "seamless" if you want to have a handful of movie players on your device, one for each of the streaming movie ecosystems you enjoy. God help you if you prefer a 3rd party app, or if you want to stream that content to a DLNA media player.

    So the answer to your question will depend on whether people want to take up storage space with apps for the different ecosystems, or the media itself, which frees them from those siloed ecosystems.

  • http://www.facebook.com/princesation Prince Dela Cruz

    I have a 64gb sdxc card in my 32gb S3. Why do I need that much? I work at a care home for kids with special needs. I use my phone to download movies for them to watch.

  • Kaustubh Ghanekar

    A bunch of Trance, few HD movies, Backups and a few huge 1 gig games... 32 GB sums up well for this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/YAYSAVERGN Eric James Salcido

    32GB is necessary if there's no SD Card slot. 16GB is Acceptable if there is a SD Card slot.
    I don't mind buying the cheaper memory options if there's an SD card slot because of the ridiculous prices of memory for devices. It shouldn't be $100 per 16GB or 32GB, or even $50 per memory iteration. It just shouldn't.

    • Ankhwatcher

      What if the device supports USB sticks through OTG? Would that change your scale.

      • ssj4Gogeta

        That would be too inconvenient for frequent use IMO.

      • exxodium

        I would not like a USB stick dangling off my phone, thanks.

        • Ankhwatcher

          I think USB sticks have their place, especially as a way to store video.
          Obviously you wouldn't want to have a USB stick attached to your phone at all times, but what about filling one up with videos to plug into your tablet for a long train ride.

          • duplissi

            thats an acceptable use, imo.

    • ssj4Gogeta

      8GB NAND costs around $4 to manufacturers (source: Anandtech)

      • dllm

        and water is free...

    • varun

      "32gb is necessary if there's no SD Card slot" << This.

      It's 2012, flash costs $0.25 per GB, and I have to manage every KB of flash like it was my last because I can't buy a Nexus device with more than 16GB of flash*. It's ALMOST enough to drive one back to iOS, if I could only get used to the limitations and crashiness of the OS.

      *: <13GB usable space. Ugh.

      • duplissi

        it seriously has me confused as to why google didnt release a 32gb gnex or nexus7.

        with my gnex i manage becuase i load only what i care to listen to on it, and i do not install big games on it- i install them to my nexus7 and leave off all media files (im almost always at home when i use it so i just use dlna/play music to stream to it)

        i seriously would spend more for more storage or expandable storage.

  • adi19956

    I listen to music and watch videos on my phone when I'm on the move. On the move means I don't have WiFi or 3G coverage (remember the UK is still in the dark ages) therefore I need a good amount of storage locally.
    Also Google isn't giving anyone except the US Google Music so I don't have that either

  • styckx

    16gb is fine with me.. I've never come close to filling up both of my devices that both have 16gb of memory and no SD slot. That's enough to throw a ridiculous amount of full length albums, a few movies and still have more than enough space for photos.

  • Rob

    Storing the content is not the problem, but rather it's the accessing part of the equation given that some carriers are pretty anemic in what they offer for data speeds and unpredictable connectivity. My Sprint service comes to mind as it's currently under-performing in many areas around where I live and work. Nothing worse than needing access to an important file and not being able to get to it.

  • Tom

    poll is missing an option of expanded memory. 16GB min but adding my own mSD is not something i'll do without.

    • AaronGingrich

      It's not missing the option - it's clearly clarified in the post:
      "Keep in mind, we're looking for a total here (if applicable, microSD + onboard)."

      The point is to see how much space you need to fit everything you want to have on your phone. I don't care if you buy a 32GB device + 32GB microSD card or just buy a 64GB device. In either case, you'd answer 64GB.

  • http://twitter.com/Kourou59 Guillaume

    I would have said 16gb a year ago. but my Gnexus is almost full, and when you look at game that can take 2gb i'd say 32gb is standard

  • Drayon

    For my phone 32 GB is enough, but on my tablet I really want the ability to have more than 64.

    • ari_free

      Yeah a tablet changes everything

  • http://twitter.com/nastybutler77 Jameson Ahern

    I work two weeks out of four in a remote location (Arctic Circle) that gets cell coverage but no data, so streaming for me isn't a viable option. Thus I like to have all my music on my phone as well as a few movies/show and some games. What Google doesn't realize is that not everyone has unlimited 4G all the time. Anyone who travels frequently, or has a data cap is at the mercy of their wireless carrier. Once I have access to unlimited high speed internet from anywhere on the planet, then you can just give me enough room on the phone for my apps. Until then, the more storage, the better.

    • what

      get an external drive- they work with android

      • antinorm

        Not very many people are going to want to lug an external drive around with them everywhere they go.

    • elsa

      yep, get phone with good usb-OTG support, like sgs series.
      then you can simply plug usb hdd to your phone when needed.

      • daniel candelaria

        That's just a bad solution.

  • ericl5112

    I only need 16GB. I have a 16GB phone and a 16GB uSD card. My card is empty. Then again, maybe if I had HDMI out, I could see using my phone for all sorts of things that take up more space. Because of that, I really want a 32GB phone, or a 16Gb with uSD slot.

    • Nicholas Loomans

      My phone is 16GB too. The only time I filled it up was when I put a couple season of HD content onto it for a big trip. Didn't watch it anyway. I usually put 3 or 4 albums on and rotate them every month or so and a couple books along with a couple of apps, iirc I use on average 5GB of space...

  • jaamgans

    with games starting to weigh in at 1.7GB (I have two of them) and with 500mb+ (approx 4) I am starting to think that 16GB just isn't enough, especially as the phones don't allow these to be split to an ext SD card. So am starting to think that 32GB is minimum amount

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

    I prefer 32GB of memory for apps, games, files and a 32GB MicroSD for storage of music and my miscellaneous files.

    I might get a 64GB device when my contract finishes, providing I can afford it and that it's available.

  • Steve Williamson

    im guessing more people have actually clicked one or two higher then they actually "need" more likely they clicked what they "want"... Who has a phone with over 64gb?

    • 27yearold

      me. it's full with ps1 games at 4 gb each and some movies and ubuntop

      • GraveUypo

        ps1 games are mostly 650mb each. only multi-disk games are bigger than that.

        • elsa

          I also have about 6gb collection of ps1 games in my phone.
          most are fighting games, because good fighting games in google play is extremely rare.

      • 27yearold

        forgot to add that if you record your driving using your phone as a dashcam, you want as much memory as you can possibly get.

    • eichin

      I do - GNote - 12ish gig "internal", 64G microsd; US wireless coverage is congested in the cities and *absent* outside of them, so streaming isn't even vaguely interesting. Music and OSM map tiles are the big thing, plus occasional apps like Sibley's Birds that are most of a gig, they start adding up...

      That's what I *have* in hand right now. What I *want* is to browse all of my decade of photography on the phone instead of a laptop; there's easily room for a second microSD slot in something the size of the GNote (since we're never getting dual-SIM here, carriers have too much control) and 128G microSD is right around the corner - I could put two of those in, sure...

      (Someone across thread asked about USB dongles; no good, doesn't fit in the pocket, and I need that port free for the external keyboard, or the camera that I'm offloading from.)

    • elsa

      I don't have 64+ gb phone right now, but my next phone surely must have that option.

      Don't forget that technology always improve, years ago 128 mb storage seems more than enough, but nowadays even 8 gb looks tiny.

      What you feel enough today might looks ridiculous on years to come.

      • Steve Williamson

        of course we are all only looking at what we need today.. Im not saying 32gb is all you will ever need... who would say something alone those lines!

    • Alvester Garnett

      If you include my phone's internal storage along with its 64 GB micro SD card then I do. It's indispensable on flights, business trips over seas and for inspiration. Lots of music.

  • http://www.impulsivestudios.com/ Justin Myers

    For the first time ever, I am satisfied with my HTC Rezounds storage. 16GB onboard and a 32GB SD card. The only reason I think this finally actually works is because of all the cloud storage I use... 100GB on Google Drive, Google Play Music with over 3,000 songs and plus Dropbox and Skydrive. lol

  • phorq

    I didn't think much of it until I ran out of storage on my 8GB Nexus 7 a couple weeks after getting it. Now it's a constant struggle to keep only what I need on it. I feel 16 might be OK, but I would still reach that in a few months. I think 32 is a nice safe number.

  • ari_free

    If we had more storage by default, we'd see more games like Bard's Tale and I know for myself I'd record entire talk radio shows on tuneIn Pro every day if I had the space.

  • NicholasMicallef

    I "need" 16GB, but I'd rather have 32GB

  • GraveUypo

    storage should be plenty for all you can think of and still have some left over so you don't even have to worry about size or running out of space, so about 256gbs should be a sweet spot for now. while that doesn't happen, i'll take as much space as i can get.
    i'd say for android right now 32gb is the bare minimum acceptable for my uses. any less and i feel too restricted.

    ps: cloud storage sucks, it's unreliable and data caps ruin what was already bad to start with.

    • Alvester Garnett


  • Alec Smith

    It completely depends what phone you have. Right now I have a GS2 and I only use 16 gbs and its all I need. Previously, when I had an iPhone I easily took up the 64 gbs because I listened to music on it and saveda lot of videos and had aabout 300 apps. Now I only have about 20 apps (most came with the phone), and no music. So I don't believe this question can be answered by most people the same way for all of their phones.

  • SetiroN

    32GiB integrated is a must, and a microSD slot very welcome: I'd prefer to keep my music in FLAC format instead of converting to ogg while syncing, but I can live with the latter and just 32GiB.

  • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

    it's a phone... 32GB is perfect, if i had a massively media focused tablet then 64GB would be perfect, 8GB on my Nexus 7 is just balls...

  • http://www.facebook.com/zapote21 Luis Reich

    I have a 32GB SGS3 VZW, and a 64GB SD card in it... = 96GB SGS3... FTW.....

  • Cenarl

    As phones get more complex the apps that they can handle will too, especially once it becomes more common to use a phone as a desktop (via HDMI/MHL out, Bluetooth M&KB). I dont see us ever reaching a capacity thats "too much". Also once better optics are micro sized and can fit in these things pics and videos can eat up every bit of space you have pretty easily.

  • Ankhwatcher

    Generally I stream almost everything and need very little storage.
    But when I'm changing ROMs all the time and creating backups I need more space. I just upgraded from a 16gig microsd to a 32gig, having done that I wouldn't want to ever go back to having less space.

  • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

    Even the 8 GB on my Nexus 7 is more storage than I need, and I think I've used like 1 GB out of the 16 GB on my Galaxy Nexus. The only way I can see myself running up against the N7's limit is by installing a few of the larger games, but I generally only install one while I'm playing it and delete it after I've beaten it.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewpenner78 Andrew P.

    I'm in Canada. So that means SMALL data caps (I lucked out and got a limited time offer of 2GB, when normally my carrier usually offers 1GB or 500MB) and therefore streaming isn't an option. Thankfully I've got wifi at home, and most of the places I go outside of work. I don't do a lot of media/entertainment on my device (Galaxy Nexus) but I've got some MP3s on board to help pass the time. I'm sure I could throw a movie or 2 on there yet and not be worried about the room. I could probably manage with 8GB, but I prefer to have the extra room if I need it.

  • Mike

    I've been doing fine with 16gb for the past two years( I still have 7gb avail.), but my next purchase will def be at least 32gb because I would also want to take advantage of all the new features that require some space. If the carriers could keep up with the trend of going cloud, by strengthening their network, then I wouldn't be so concerned. But I spend my days and nights driving across state lines living in a truck. I'm lucky to get "E", but most likely I'm on "G" (t-mo) I'm almost never on 4G. I can't even listen to Pandora... it's all downloaded podcasts for me. I'd rather have a slightly thicker and heavier phone, than one that has less options.

  • qak

    I have a huge music collection, and I love to listen to it. Streaming isn't always reliable and AT&T actually throttles me as it is. My Nexus only has 16 gig which wouldn't be a problem... if it wasn't for Google's insistence on streaming and not including an SD slot. 32 is ideal for me.

  • serrastone

    I have 16gb internet on my S III then I threw in a 16gb external card. Seems to be plenty for me.

  • http://twitter.com/premium369 premium

    If I am to ditch my PC, I would need at least 2TB in either in my tablet or mobile..

  • http://twitter.com/sakura_candy Lumi

    As much storage as possible, of course!

  • Himmat Singh

    To be honest, my phone would just need 2 or 4GB. I am a tablet user primarily - all my games and what-not are installed on my tablet. My phone is just that - a phone. With some occasional app installations.

    PS: If you're talking about tablet, I'd need 32GB, easily.

  • Faiz

    I went with more than 64GB because at present Im carrying a 64gb iPhone 4S and a Xperia S which comes with 32GB. Studing Music Tech and Media Studies, it's nice to be able to carry vast amounts of files on the go. Usually have a enormous music collection, which some say is silly but there are times when you just want to listen to that song or watch that Video. Plus living in the UK is great with data limits. I have a 1GB data limit which we all know is easy to reach streaming from the web.

  • elsa

    32gb now and I feel suffocated.
    Will need 64+ gb for my next phone. That includes internal + microsd card + usb OTG.

    In short, if I can connect usb hdd to my phone and watch movies from there, it will free a large amount of phone storage needs.

    • Himmat Singh

      What the heck is wrong with you? Connecting your HDD to watch movies on a 4-inch screen....seriously? I mean, if you watch movies on a subway using your phone, it's cool but not when you're at home and there's the PC, laptop, tablet and/or TV waiting for you.

      • randomchars

        Who said that he uses that at home? Also if you don't have a tablet and don't want to watch it on a tv, phones are by far the most comfortable way to do it.

  • http://twitter.com/Joecascio2000 Joseph Cascio

    I have the 16GB GNex and just today got my first low storage warning. Thanks Batman and 25 billion downloads promotion. Lol

    My next phone will for sure have either 32 GB internal or and sd card slot.

  • Doan

    Streaming frees up a lot of the space I otherwise would have needed. With an unlimited data plan I don't need to keep any movies or music directly on my phone, so 32 GB is fine for me.

  • daniel candelaria

    32GB is a minimum when you're stuck on a 2 year contract with sprint. Trust me.

    • exxodium


      Back when the iPhone launched on Sprint, I waited in line for it (I know, this is Android Police, but this could apply to any phone, really), tried to get the 32GB, and was told they only were given 16GB units. So I went for it, thinking I could crutch myself on the cloud.

      WRONG. Sprint's network is a bit creaky in a lot of areas, and streaming music constantly is a battery-killer, even for the iPhone. (which, until the Maxx came along, was the gold standard in battery life.)

      So I got stuck with a 16GB iPhone 4S and I had to convert all my music to 192k AAC just to fit a significant amount of it on my phone. Traded it for a Galaxy S II not much later. Sweet, sweet SD storage.

  • DrMacinyasha

    I have 80GB of music, and do not have an unlimited data plan. Because of that, I want to be able to get every last song onto my phone without having to stream and bust through my datacap every month.

    Just one more reason I'm excited for the next generation of phones, when they start getting 64 and 128GB of memory...

  • exxodium

    This is why I ditched my One X. 16GB (Yes, yes, I know, the international version has 32, we Americans aren't so lucky) with no expansion is bull, and with how hard Dropbox storage was being pushed, I just get a bad feeling it was meant so people blow past their data caps.

    32GB or bust with me. 16 is definitely acceptable if it's augmented with microSD.

    The thing I kind of miss was when Android devices had *no* partitions to speak of. You had the internal, onboard storage (which was reserved for the system and system only) and user storage (which is on the SD card). You didn't have to worry about splitting your data between the internal storage and external storage, which gets real annoying, real quick.

    • randomchars

      Correction: Some international versions are 32GB. The ones they sell in my country are not.

  • Alvester Garnett

    On my HTC Sensation 4G I've got a 64 GB micro SD card to which I've transcoded about 50 GB of music down to variable-bit-rate mp3s from my 500 GB + collection of WMA Lossless rips and FLAC lossless downloaded music. (I've only got about half my CDs even ripped) I've got about 1 GB of important business documents synced to both my Sensation 4G and Nexus 7. When at home I tend to stream directly off our Windows Home Server via the N7 to a portable Bluetooth speaker if I want to hear music in our kitchen or in the shower but when traveling (I fly a lot) I use the Sensation's music storage along with ear buds on the flights and/or the Bluetooth speaker once I get to the hotel room. So for me the more space the merrier.

    I was spoiled by all the space my old 120 GB Zune gave me so I'm just scraping by with 64 GB for now. When it comes time to upgrade my phone a micro SD slot will be mandatory as I can't stream while on flights or afford streaming when traveling internationally and I'm not about to drag around an external hard drive for my phone or N7. As much as I enjoy my N7 it would have been near perfect if it had included a SD card slot of some sort.

  • http://twitter.com/Dave_BG Dave Bg

    Well i have terabytes of music-videos that i like to play in my car on my phone like in car display so ... i need LOTS of space. Maybe several TBs will be enough for a phone :D

  • ShoesNoPants

    64 or More would be good to me only because i use alot of space for my huge music library and i take alot of HD videos, streaming options are available but pretty much useless on sprints network

  • lolobabes

    16G is just not enough i thought it was but now am realising Gnex with no sd was a mistake, well a learning experience for me... ahihihi

  • Tee

    16 GBs sounds decent if there's no extSD. If there is, I think 8 GBs will do.

  • iTKe2k

    there is never enough space for my flac library :/
    waiting for that 2tb microsd, someone should tell smack moore

  • Keith Myers

    Cloud Based Services are all great, and in theory reduce the need to have a large amount of local storage. The problem with this however is Tiered/Metered Data Plans.

    • randomchars

      And battery life if you're streaming music all day long.

      • Rakuten

        I personally don't like the idea of the cloud. Maybe it's convenient for some, but not for me. I refuse to be dependent on the cloud for any data, or music or anything else..I myself don't have a data plan, nor do I have the money for one. So, for me, the cloud would only work if I had a wifi connection all the time, which I don't. I'd rather have everything be stored locally, where I have it, and can access it 24/7 without having to go through a cloud. Just my humble opinion. ^_^

  • http://twitter.com/PCSievers P.C. Sievers

    I have about 29 gig of music on my SD card on my phone, preferring local storage to cloud storage, so I am pretty close to hitting that 32 gig barrier even on my midrange phone which doesnt run any big 1 gig + games.

    Sure, I could have less music, some stuff on there I havent listened to in months, but half the point of having a digital collection is to not need to worry about planning what music to take based on what I will want to listen to later that day.

    My next phone I want to carry the occasional video, play some modern games and just generally not worry about space means less than 64 gig of memory will be one of the factors I will be looking for.

  • qqe

    i want a 500 gb of storage.. really want it. 100 gb of video and movie, 10 gb study material, 30 gb music, 60 gb of games and the other 300 gb for the heck of it

  • Bryan Cantos

    I say 32GB. I live in New York and an hour of my day consist of me riding the subway, hence where no data is available. Otherwise I would use the cloud more.

  • Xajel

    I think if the device has a microSD, peoples can accept 16GB or 32GB, but if it doesn't then 32GB for high-end and 64GB for the top high-end phone is a must... Xperia S has 32GB without microSD which is nice for it's position and timing, but not any more...

    I prefer 32GB + microSD slot without bundled card... for any high-end phone... if there's no microSD card slot then it must have at least 32GB for any high-end phone and 64GB for the top model from Sony...

  • RaphaĆ«l Briand

    My music collection is 40Gb, so I need 64Gb, end of story

  • fixxmyhead

    more than a nexus lol

  • Simon Belmont

    For me, 16GB is adequate for the most part. Though the newer 3D games, combined with videos and music, are starting to eat away at that axiom.

    32GB is probably ideal for me, especially if I can expand that with a microSD card. This is why I'd love to see a 32GB Nexus 7 for $250, which is what Amazon offers for $250 in the 32GB Kindle HD 7.

    • Simon Belmont

      By the way, an OTG cable DOES work in a pinch. I use one on my Touchpad for a large collection of movies I have, when I don't feel like transferring them over.

      I just don't see myself using one on my phone often. Tablet, yes, phone, no.

  • h_f_m

    I've been fine with 16GB for two generations now. But I'm in the camp of people that don't care about having video on my phone so that might be why.

  • Jon Garrett

    Had 16GB on my iPhone 4 but always had to delete data from my phone because there was no way to add more space. With Android I still have 16GB phones but also have 2 16GB micro SD cards and one 32G card--AND STILL NEED MORE SPACE !! I overload my phone with games and music.

    Id like 64GB expandable to another 64.

  • Terry Cameron

    I voted more than 64GB because I would love to put all 50GB of my music collection right onto my phone. I'm fine with making it 64GB on a removable card too. I think 16 is good enough for most, 32 is even better.

  • Dan Lott

    As long as it has a micro SD I'm OK My first phone was a Inspire... 4gb of on board memory... less than 2gb usable , but a $13 32gb micro sd card made it all fine. I bought a 8gb nexus 7 and am selling it now for a tf201... why? because I can't make do with 6gb of room. My skyrocket has 48gb between onboard and SD and I have about 20gb free now. I even have like 5gb of archived radio shows... I want to not have to worry about space. I didn't leave ios just to have to put up with no expandable memory, sadly I don't think I'll ever buy a nexus again... Well... not til some 64gb ones make it.

  • Samajhdaar

    16 gb then microsd required , 32 gb enough if no microsd. I wonder if there is any possibility to attach USB devices to android phones.

  • Allan Nichols

    It all comes down to two things :

    #1 If the device is without SD then I need the highest available option and this is expensive.

    #2 If the device has an SD slot then the internal does not matter so much and 16 should be enough for most people.

    This is why I always pick a device with SD then buy one of the more affordable models and simply add SD as I go.

    MY data is MINE, the cloud is great for many things but when it comes to my personal files I will manage them thank you very much.

  • Shaun McCarthy

    Until Google Music supports lossless I need >16gb (ie 32gb) total to fit everything that I have in lossless. Or just add an SD slot and it's not even an issue.

  • Rakuten

    ..It's a stupid way that google made it so that texts are being blocked when I see "internal memory is low" on my Galaxy Q (T589R) Why couldn't they just have texts go to the sd card if there is one?

    I think that everything should just go to the sd card..apps (including stock apps), texts, etc, with the exception of the actual OS, which would be stored in the internal phone memory. ( Unless you have a phone without an SD card slot? I didn't even know that existed until I read the comments, but I agree that the internal memory should be 32gb then.. )

    On my phone, I only have 160mb of internal phone memory..which is a pain because as soon as I get a 'low internal memory' error..I can no longer receive texts..Things that do this to me? Google play services, which I just uninstall later..and trying to watch netflix by installing it on my phone..

    I'm not sure why, but even though it seems that netflix will install on my phone's sd card, and only the sd card, which even my phone reports it as being on the sd card..it still installs to the internal phone memory giving me 'low internal memory' messages..

    Why netflix? You lie about how much space your app takes up on the google play android market then. It says "'10mb'" when really, it takes up 30mb in total, maybe more. At least 20mb of that too is on the internal phone memory which I think is more than what was installed on the sd card as well..so why does my phone report netflix as installed to the sd card when it's actually taking up more space on my internal memory?

    We shouldn't have to 'root' our phone's either just to be able to install apps on the google play market, or so that I can move stock apps to the sd card to actually be able to at least have some internal phone memory. The largest in size stock app I think that's installed is the google play market app, taking up 10mb-ish ( about 15mb with google play services installed too ).

    I'd rather that this be taking up room on my sd card instead so I can have internal phone memory space, but no. This isn't possible unless I root. Why does google make it so hard to have internal phone memory? This is very inefficient. The future is sd cards, and no phone should not have an sd card slot. One day, we will have 2TB sd cards, so google, making things be only on the internal phone memory is very inefficient since the future is sd cards, and bigger and bigger ones will come out in the future, while the internal phone memory space will stay the same..and become obsolete compared.

    Luckily, there are some solutions that I've found to get around these problems.
    I didn't exactly want to root because I thought that it might be the same as giving a malicious app, or virus, the same sort of privileges should you root..which would open up a bit more of vulnerabilities to your phone. But, with the app 'hide my root' I think that you don't have to worry about this too much, though I could be wrong. Having an anti-virus installed either way rooted or not, is a good idea though.

    As for internal phone memory space, I was originally trying to see if it was possible to take out the internal phone memory chip inside the phone, and upgrade it with a new, and larger one. It's possible sure, but not very viable. For a while I just left my phone, but then I discovered a different possible fix. If you partition your phone's sd card to ext3, or ext4 (I'm not sure which though), you can use that second partition as internal phone memory space to increase the size of your internal phone memory.

    Some guides that I've found say that this can be done on unrooted, and rooted phone's..however, I haven't been able to find a guide for my unrooted Samsung Galaxy Q unfortunately. If it's possible, I'd rather just leave my phone unrooted, but I think if I don't find anything, I'll be forced to root unluckily enough even though I don't really want to..If anyone has found a guide for my Samsung Galaxy Q on how to do this, and keep it unrooted, that'd be great and most appreciated if you posted something here..but I haven't been able to find much for this phone unfortunately.

    A good app that I've found to be promising though is called 'Link2SD' which links, and moves your apps to your phone's 'new internal memory' that you made a partition for on your phone's SD card..so I think that I'll try this out and see if it works without having to root. (hopefully) ^^