On devices without a full-size USB port (read: most), using external USB peripherals - like keyboards, mice, game controllers, etc. - is basically a non-experience. In order to use said accessories, you need an OTG cable, which essentially converts the microUSB port of a device into a full-size port.

Right now, you can get one such cable from Amazon for $0.83. Yes, eighty-three cents. That's crazy cheap. Not only is this cable useful and affordable, but the shipping's free, too. You really have no excuse not to buy this right now. So do yourself a favor and hit the link below. It's well worth it.


Update: If you'd prefer something a little more compact, you can score a set of two OTG adapters for around two bucks from Deal Extreme.

[Amazon, via Ricardo Antonio Cabral Mejia G+]

Cameron Summerson
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  • lincthra

    Shipping time (17+ days) is a bit rough, but for this price, it'll hopefully be worth the wait.

    • Anand Thakur

      I bought this extra one a few weeks ago. It's being shipped from China which is why the shipping time is so long. 17 days is a very conservative estimate though, mine showed up after just one week.

      On a side note, I have no idea how it costs me 45 cents to send a letter next door but someone in China can send me a package for 97 cents and still have room for profit.

      • John O’Connor

        I have found shipping from HK / China to be more or less in line with their estimates. It seems they always overstate the shipping time so that you are happy when you receive it earlier. The longest I have had to wait for any such item was with an advertised shipping time of 6-8 weeks and I received the items in 4 weeks.

        On that side note, China isn't spending 80 cents of every shipping dollar on pensions and benefits like the good old USPS

        • trumpet444

          Plus, when it ships from china, its hitching a ride with an assload of other stuff

  • http://twitter.com/Pizentu Pizentu

    Thanx. I was just about to buy this any way. Perfect timing.

  • http://twitter.com/KingPinX KingPin

    look around on amazon I got mine from there $.63 shipped in about 8 days. he cables work pretty well on my S2 and on rooted kindle fire.

  • aatifsumar

    Have that one. Is pretty decent. However got this one recently from DealExtreme (Free international shipping). Is WAY more compact and you can just leave them on the end of the accessory you use frequently.. A pack of 2 sell for $2. http://dx.com/p/micro-usb-on-the-go-host-otg-adapter-pair-50774?item=1

  • Jahf

    Sounds great ... until you read the 1-star comments including a comment about a fried S3.

    • Kevin

      You mean the one 1-star review about a fried S3?

  • Malel

    Thank you! Just ordered one.

  • aMawds

    Ordered two. Shipping from honk kong, there's no way they're not losing at least 300% on that.

    • blunden

      The shipping is really cheap. The last item I bought from Hong Kong used stamps so I could calculate the shipping cost to Sweden to roughly $0.3. The components are probably quite cheap in bulk. I'm sure they can squeze out a tiny bit of profit out of it. It seems a bit cheaper than OTG-cables usually go for but they are often around $1-2.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/doomstang Doomstang

    Just bought mine

  • Leonid Podolny

    As a matter of fact, I _do_ have an excuse -- they won't ship to Israel. Weird, because all the other HK-based merchants are quite willing to ship it here.

  • Anson

    I got the same one last month. Works fine. and go delivered in 10 days after placing the order

  • http://twitter.com/zackeryfretty Zackery Fretty

    In for one! :)

  • arahman21

    I personally got a $4 one, demoed at the Galaxy S3 (International) connectivity test (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46IiRyigUH0). It works great. Got a JKase one previously, a dud, no connection.

    ...unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be available right now.

  • http://www.impulsivestudios.com/ Justin Myers

    Just received ones that I ordered about two weeks ago and let me tell you, being able to hook up my wireless mouse to my Motorola XOOM is freaking awesome. Also, I can connect my GoPro to it as well. Well worth the 83 cents. lol

  • http://twitter.com/jordanlong20 Jordan Long

    ordered 2 for a total of $1.66

  • rrgrqr

    They can sell it cheap because China pays roughly $6.00 a day for their workers and they don't have pensions. Plus, there are virtually no regulations to protect consumers or workers as well as the environment. That's the kind of work environment some people desire for America. Of course, those same people wouldn't want their own wages and protections slashed.

  • Wolf M

    About 20 ratings with 1-star... all saying it doesn't fit the device...

  • Brian Walker

    Hell. Yes. I've been meaning to grab one of these, so this is awesome.

  • Adnoxaei

    I ended up being the double set for more money. I read the reviews on the cable one and a few people mentioned it bending the pins in the phone. I don't like that.

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    Not sure if it was exactly the same, but I got one of these a while back and it works just fine for me (US GS3)

  • Southrncomfortjm

    The Hong Kong sellers sell the same OTG cables as the America-based sellers. I know this because I ordered one from each place at the same time and got the same adapter, though the Hong Kong one came over two weeks later. It was also labeled as a gift for customs purposes, which I found interesting.
    Great cable to combine with a wired Xbox 360 controller for some Onlive or Dead Trigger gaming on my Nexus 7. Highly recommend it for anyone who doesn't like touch controls!

  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    I got one similar to this for 95 cents. Works great with DSLR controller and transferring photos from a DSLR. Haven't tried it for much else other than that.

  • Jonathan

    Got 10 for 60c each of aliexpress