Last week, Motorola made some changes to its ICS timeline. Most of the changes didn't sound so good - several devices that were originally on the roster to get ICS were changed to "further plans coming soon." Among those devices was the ATRIX, Photon, and Electrify, which are all basically the same phone. Now, Motorola has made yet another change to the timeline, and it's not good news for owners of the aforementioned devices.


As you can see, the status of all three device has now been changed to "Will remain on Gingerbread (Android 2.3)." It's unfortunate, but after last week's news, it was assumed by many that this would be the end result.

Hey, look at the bright side: there are always unofficial methods of getting what Motorola says you can't have.

[Motorola; Thanks, Lokifish!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • agl82

    No, there is unfortunately no way of getting ICS or JB on those phones. There are ROMs out there, but they need proprietary drivers from Nvidia that will never come. Glad I sold my Atrix 4G and bought a Samsung!

    • Stocklone

      Tegra 2 is such a worthless chipset.

    • rlb

      There are actually several ICS roms for the Atrix that don't require special drivers.

      • http://twitter.com/Lehjr1 Leon

        none of them are fully functional. Fully functional means working without a list of broken features (camera, camcorder, Chrome compatibility, hardware acceleration for video, rotation, etc)

  • shai

    Motorola never again

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359390083 Sodiq Awokoya

    Dammmm. Talk about opulence. The old Motorola screwed things up badly. Hopefully the New Google Motorola stop putting out skinned/ carrier controlled devices and keep customers happy not investors.

    • PA2VA

      What does opulence have to do with anything?

  • noname

    The Atrix was my last Motorola device!

    • Fernando

      Me last too...

    • varun

      Mine too. I wonder if they'll give me that $100 to spend on a Galaxy Nexus?

    • jodaga

      Absolutely appalling treatment of the customer. My Atrix has had the dreaded random reboot problem from the start. I've brought it back to ATT 10 times. They only tell me the problem lies with Mot, and they won't fix it. I've been hoping the new OS would fix the problem. Is this the same company that made my 2 Droids? They've converted a fan to a devoted opponent with this business.

  • aaron

    I just became a future Samsung customer.

  • DennisHeffernan

    Yep, not happy, and not likely to buy another Motorola product, new owners or no.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ernest.hr.1 Ernest Hr

    #MotoFail, my last smartphone from this company, is incredible what happened here, sorry for my Atrix

  • Alex

    "Hey, look at the bright side: there are always unofficial methods of getting what Motorola says you can't have except that they are really buggy without official drivers making them at best alpha builds."

  • Rodd

    this is ridiculous.. how can the same company that started the Android revolution with the OG Droid & built a reputation for putting out devices with solid hardware and radios in just a few years now have a reputation of giving their customers the middle finger if their Moto device is more than 6 months old.
    Unless they put out a Nexus i seriously doubt i will ever buy a Moto Mobility device again

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      Number 1 Reason: Motoblur - These phones do not have much memory. I have a Droid 3, Motoblur ICS, would never be able to run on it. I can run, however, a regular ICS rom on it (and JB). We pay for the interface we never wanted and then we pay by not receiving updates due to their bloated software. Why is there Motoblur, even though nobody wants it? Phone carriers. They believe if Motoblur was added on, they can tout features, as well as other crap. They believe it's more alluring to consumers and they can make more of a profit.

      Number 2 Reason: They swamped the market with phones. They over extended themselves into the Android market. Updating all these phones may be a little difficult for them, and financially not worthwhile as well. Motorola is a GREAT hardware/handset manufacturer but a TERRIBLE software company.

      • go_alex

        The photon has a gig of ram.

        And I don't think the new
        razr hd's are exactly beautiful devices.

        last motorola for me.

        • xHabeasCorpusx

          The photon falls under reason 2, too many phones. Razr Beautiful? No, I do not think so. Great device? Yes. Samsung makes beautiful devices but their hardware is flimsy. Ask any Samsung user, they are jealous of Motorola's industrial design. Ask any Moto user and they are jealous of Samsungs screen and software (more unlocked devices, less bloat Touchwiz is better than Blur, and better updates). Motorola makes solid devices with good material but they skip on the bling.

          Id rather have a working phone than a well made phone and I will likely never get a Moto phone again.

        • fixxmyhead

          u made a mistake by buying one in the first place. NEVER buy moto garbage ever

  • MotoLies

    Never again Motorola.

  • vwbeetlvr

    Wasn't the Motorola Atrix at one point "The world's most powerful smartphone"?

  • lastmoto

    Way to lose a ton of customers Moto

  • Kory Rice

    the Atrix was my first Android phone, really disappointed it won't be updated. ICS and JB run on it smoothly, sure, but there are obvious bugs because of lack of drivers, drivers which we will probably never see. I would be more than happy if Motorola just released us the drivers we need to build our own ROMs for it, but I doubt that would happen either.

    I may have only had this phone for one year now, but it's already time to upgrade. I think as soon as the Note 2 hits the market i'm going to have to spring for one.

  • JordanMcRae

    Well that means moto has to pay those owners $100 as promised

    • john e

      Yes, but that means you will have to purchase another Motorola phone. Personally, I will not do that I am going to get a Samsung phone.

  • mgamerz

    Moto can burn to the ground the same with nokia. Tired of buying devices only for them to get abandoned! This is bullshit!

  • mgamerz

    Samsung should capitalize on this 'bring in your electrify, photon, or atrix and we'll give you a 100 dollar credit for any of our new phones'. Would be worth way more than the pos credit they're giving us. It's like a cherry on top of the huge dump they just took all over us.

  • http://profiles.google.com/rhippert02 Russell Hippert

    I had suggested that the $100 was part of a more targeted approach to devices and a way to simply clean house and start anew. In short, I saw this coming. Now if Moto is smart they will offer unlocked bootloaders on all the devices they just abandoned.

    Lokifish Marz

  • Fuck Motorola

    Really disappointed on Android Police on this. Custom roms are missing way too much to be a daily driver. We've been totally screwed.

  • Garth

    During the announcement of the new RAZR devices it actually seemed like Motorola had changed for the better. Very unfortunate announcement and I'm curious why the decision was made to pull the plug on the ICS updates after a longstanding promise.

    If NVIDIA is causing this by not releasing drivers, it is very easy to boycott Nexus7 and recommend to everyone I know to do the same. Maybe then Google will at least act like they care.

  • Tyler Chappell

    I am due for an upgrade in December from my Thunderbolt (which I currently love and am running ICS on it), and I was considering going for the RAZR MAXX HD. But it seems that despite Google being at the helm, its still the same ole Motorola. My next device will definitely be a new Nexus if verizon gets so lucky this time around, another HTC, or maybe the Note II even though I am not entirely fond of Samsung devices.

  • http://twitter.com/KarlozOso Adrián Hernández

    Thank god i sold my Atrix...

  • turb0wned

    Two things that kills Android ( this is why I only buy Nexus).

    1- To many damn phones come out a year by every company.

    2- No updates or updates 6-12 months later sometimes even longer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tim.roberts85 Timothy Roberts

    I love my old (still less than a year) Droid x2, but the lack of love shown towards it by Moto has turned me away from being a faithful customer. Moto crapped out so many phones, and while they were for the most part good ones, they could never support that many different devices, so about half their product line suffers. Several great phones are being layed to waste while the Moto big wigs get fat! Again, I love my Droid x2, but the chances of me going with another Moto product is slim,...it's unfortunate.

  • Michelle

    Goodbye Moto!

  • http://twitter.com/JJiro JJiro

    Hello, can anyone direct me to a "one click root" method for my MotoAtrix 4g running 2.3.6 with system version of 4.5.141.MB860.ATT.en.US? Let me root it and run custom roms since i am not getting the official ICS anymore. Motorola just lost 1 more custumer :(

  • Michelle


  • Simon Belmont

    I used to be a big Motorola fan back during their dumbphone era in the early 2000s. Then they just started iterating RAZR variant after RAZR variant, which basically meant they didn't care anymore, and I said screw it and went with another brand.

    Now, history repeats itself. Motorola is iterating RAZR after RAZR again, and has raised a huge middle finger to ROM development on its phones because they don't care. Pretty sad, indeed. The OG Droid was a breath of fresh air from them, but then it went downhill, unfortunately.


    RIP MOTO...you betrayed a fan of the Atrix 4G...never again moto...google made a good work to support samsung!

  • BMWfiend

    This just doesn't add up! Wasn't there an announcement that Google bought Motorola Mobility? Wouldn't it then seem logical that the combined company (more than any other Android phone manufacturer) would feel obligated to and be best able to provide timely updates and ensure their devices have the latest OS?

  • http://twitter.com/Lehjr1 Leon

    "Hey, look at the bright side: there are always unofficial methods of getting what Motorola says you can't have." Sorry, those third party ROMS aren't 100% functional and never will be without the proper drivers and kernel source and we won't get that now without an official release.

  • http://profiles.google.com/rhippert02 Russell Hippert

    unified campaign backed by developers and you requesting Ice Cream
    Sandwich & Jellybean updates, source code, and unlocked bootloaders
    for the owners of Atrix MB860, Atrix MB861, Atrix ME860, Electrify MB853
    ,Photon MB855, DROID X2, MB870, XT882, MT870

  • dc_engadget

    Moto makes great hardware. The radios in my Photon are the best. But this reneging on promises is unacceptable and tells me that this is now a company I can no longer trust.
    I had hoped that when Google installed new upper management at MotoMob that they would bring creative solutions. Sadly they brought an arrogant and myopic disdain for Moto's customers and a total lack of ingenuity. LAME!

  • http://www.ubuntubrsc.com/ Julian Fernandes

    Join the http://www.updatemymoto.com/ campaign guys! Let's grab Motorola's attention on social networks and blogs!

  • TarsusEndri

    I am an owner of a photon 4g, and I was very angry to hear that my phone was not going to be updated. I really enjoyed the HD dock that turned the phone into a semi-desktop computer, and really wish more phones would have the same feature and accessories. Needless to say, I am just infuriated. Motorola even went as far as to state that the HD dock would perform even better when the phone updates to ics, something I was really looking forward to. I went into sprint to just purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note II as a result. I won't be purchasing any Motorola products for a while because of this. I will be giving my mother this phone, and my HD dock to my father.

  • Joey Sullivan

    because 90% of their customers don't know/don't care that their phone won't get upgraded. Motorola knows that the # of people saying "I will never buy Motorola again" is too small for them to even notice, but the cost of upgrading all these phones was big enough for them to say no.