Sony's Tablet S (or "S1") was released over a year ago to little hubbub. Still, that's not keeping the increasingly-awesome Sony from shooting a new update out for it with many of the software features of its successor, the Xperia Tablet S. None of them are especially mind-blowing, but they certainly add functionality:

  • Guest Mode
  • Redesigned media players
  • More "Small" (floating) apps
  • Expanded functionality for the remote control app
  • New widgets
  • Social Feed Reader Cloud has been updated to Socialife
  • Oddly, they suggest people also download Watch Now from the Play store

Otherwise, things stay basically the same. There are no Android updates included (still 4.0.3), nor other changes, from what we can see. It's hard to complain when a manufacturer adds some new features to an outdated product, though. The update is schedule to roll out today.

[Source: Sony]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://blog.scifilover.com/ Hiram Lester, Jr.

    I think the best change, that's not mentioned in the article, is the black background in the app drawer. The white background was a bit glaring, especially in a darkened room. :)

    I tried to download Watch Now, but as of last night, it was still showing that it wasn't compatible with the Tablet S, even after the update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sbaker1689 Seth Baker

    Just got the update and noticed 1 huge tidbit not mentioned in the article. It appears you can turn any widget installed into a floating app.

  • http://fireman.coclydesign.com/ Alexis C.

    So far i'm liking the update. the floating app thingy is great!. This update appears to have gotten rid of the screen flicker issue. I also like the walkman app for the sounds enhancement is a nice touch.

    • dorey

      wats the floaty app thing, cant find it on mine