I'm not really a big car enthusiast, but there's just something that everyone can appreciate about drifting. Even in games, hitting the curve and sliding it through is a killer feeling, but it's one that even the best of racing games don't put a lot of focus on. That's where Drift Mania Championship 2 changes things - it's all about the drift, baby.

As you can see, not only does this game put you behind the wheel and let you slide all over the place, but it looks fantastic doing so. It also offers fully upgradable and customizable cars (including intricate details, like suspension), along with 13 drift circuits 60 achievements,  and 48 various unlockable performance upgrades - and that's just in career mode! If you'd rather put your friends to the test, there's also online and local multiplayer modes, along with leaderboards. 

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DCM 2 is $2.00 is the Play Store, and you'll find it at the widget below.

Drift Mania Championship 2
Drift Mania Championship 2
Developer: Maple Media LLC.
Price: $1.99+