Shadowgun Deadzone, the much-anticipated multiplayer add-on to the highly popular 3rd person shooter Shadowgun, has been teased by Madfinger Games on the company's Facebook page today. Take a look:


Tons of new character models (and weapons) are already the standout feature here. We actually heard about Deadzone back in January at CES, when Madfinger slated the game for a Q1 release. They initially discussed the idea of multiplayer in Shadowgun in October of 2011. We saw Deadzone again at MWC in February - we even got to play it. It was pretty fun. We've heard nothing since then.

Q1 came and went, and then so did Q2, and now Q3 is all but over. In the interim, Madfinger released the truly excellent Dead Trigger, but I was starting to think that Deadzone had gone the way of the dodo. Not so, it seems, as today's teaser obviously shows the project is alive and well. Let's hope the wait isn't long.


David Ruddock
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  • de3pkeeper

    Nipples of steel!

  • onpoint G

    I can't wait! It would be cool if this is cross-platform

  • fixxmyhead

    i just beat this game and the expansion levels 2 days ago then i deleted it. it was a fun game

  • Himmat Singh

    I honestly think it'd be better to include co-op in Dead Trigger than to make an online multiplayer. Let's see how this works out anyways.


    So looking forward to dead zone. This, to me, is the holy grail of portable gaming. A proper online multiplayer shooter with proper USB controller support. NOVA3 is a brilliant game, but no controller support makes the game unsatisfactory. I've tried hooking up controllers with various mapping apps with partial success. Please, just release it.

  • Scar

    Cool game!