You may remember that in December of last year, Google announced they had surpassed 10 billion app downloads in the Play Store, and had a $0.10 sale to celebrate. Today, the company is announcing that the Play Store has hit a whopping 25 billion app downloads. It took over 3 years to hit 10 billion; it took just 9 months more to hit 25 billion.

25 Billion Graph

Accordingly, the Play Store is again having a sale for the next five days, with many products discounted to just $0.25:

Every day you’ll be able to choose from a collection of apps from some of the world’s top developers including Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more. And all for just 25 cents. We’ll also be offering some special collections like 25 movies you must own, 25 banned books, 25 albums that changed the world and our 25 top selling magazines, all at special prices.

There's no word on what specific apps we'll see, but according to the post, we can expect to see the sale go live later today. Be sure to check back, because when we know, you'll know.

[Official Android Blog]

Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • http://jesuiscontentducontent.tumblr.com/ Yod-b

    Yay! This is the most annoying and still the greatest promo. I remember how many apps I bought on the normal price, and seeing them on sale, man, I was mad :D

    • yankeesusa

      I think that happened to a lot of people. The way i see it is just like buying an Android phone. If you get it when it comes out in a couple months the price could have dropped drastically. You just have to tell yourself it will always happen that way

      • http://jesuiscontentducontent.tumblr.com/ Yod-b

        yeah, of course, i'm not really mad, it's just, y'know, annoying. but no big thing, i buy lots of apps, cause i feel like supporting the devs. but this is going to be interesting now :)

        • yankeesusa

          It definitely will be interesting. Gotta find all my loose change and put it into my Paypal account. Good way to use it up.

          • Nate French

            How do you put loose change into Paypal? I know Coinstar will give you Amazon credit without any % taken out (like 9.8% last I looked). But how Paypal?

          • yankeesusa

            What i meant by that, is take loose change to bank and transfer to Paypal.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Unless you must have an app that moment, just wait for a sale. I've been itching to buy Mass Effect: Infiltrator, but I know it will go on sale at some point so I'm waiting.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Its Christmas in September!

    • Zaeem Shahzad

      For those of you with a credit card that works with the Play Store. (>_>)

      • Gav456

        Or have it added to your mobile bill, or who buy a play store voucher card

        • http://twitter.com/chrisfl1963 Chris Taylor

          I have tried to have it added to my mobile bill and could not do it on At&T

          • DrewNusser

            Same here. I wonder what the problem is with AT&T.

          • Tony Allen

            The problem with AT&T is AT&T.. just sayin.

          • DrewNusser

            Valid point, but I still think I'd rather have AT&T than Verizon, judging by the Nexus update fiasco.

          • nwd1911

            I'd take an update fiasco over weak coverage. When using my AT&T work phone, I frequently have to pull out my Verizon personal phone just to make a call when traveling. I'm not sure why one company has figured out how to make phones work indoors and others have not.

          • DrewNusser

            You're probably right. I'm definitely not in love with AT&T or anything. Plus, I'm a rooter anyway, so the update thing wouldn't matter too much to me anyway. I've actually been thinking about switching to Verizon for a while now.

          • http://twitter.com/Xeneize480 Xeneize480

            Galaxy Nexus just had JB update from VZ :) so I dont see where your comment applies.

        • theking_13

          Glad I have T-Mobile. :D

      • Ash Hanna

        Um there are Google play gift cards now.
        Or just get yourself a prepaid credit card and add that like i do.
        There's no excuse really now...

        • silaslenz

          Gift cards in the US, and nowhere else :(

          • Benjamin Medina

            You could have someone buy it for you in the US, I did that and it worked, or you could buy one on ebay using paypal or maybe target. I used droid VPN and Market Enabler to redeem the card.

          • silaslenz

            Yea, by one on ebay for 5USD more than it costs in store.

            I could get a mastercard or visa for free if I wanted, but still, gift cards would be awesome to have ;)

          • Zaeem Shahzad

            So you're saying I should incur large costs just to get a $0.25 app?

      • http://www.facebook.com/RobJohnson90 Rob Johnson

        I don't even have a credit card and I can buy stuff. It's not just about credit cards

    • Deltaechoe

      Lol I have exactly 2.25 left on my google play credit from my nexus 7, looks like its going to be time to blow it all ^_^

  • http://www.facebook.com/koniczynek Michał Droździewicz

    Where is the link to the promo page? Can't find it here, in original post and on Google Play

    • Samuel

      yeah, I can't find it either...

    • Samuel

      See on Engadget that it might not be until tomorrow... interesting...

  • Benjamen Meiers

    I bought heaps of apps in the last sale, and I can't wait for these ones to go live. I have a feeling that the reason that they got to 25billion app downloads is because of the last sale.

    • tookieboy

      well, yes, of course. but back then, there were still quite a few countries who don't have access to the paid store. i don't think there were 10 billion apps bought in that sale.. 500 million seems more logical :D

      • Darrell Sluis

        There still are a bunch of countries with no access.
        here in the Netherlands I can get apps, but can't get books, music or magazines. It's like google thinks the Euro just isn't good enough to be spent in their store.

        • Gamwich

          Or China, they don't even have access to paid apps...that'd be a huge sale boost

        • aiden9

          I'm sure Google would love to sell stuff to you. Its more likely licensing issues with the copyright owners and/or regulations in each country.

          It should be as simple as "Hey I want to sell your copyrighted content while keeping x% of the profit" and be set to sell everywhere but its not. There are so many hoops to jump through its amazing.

  • John D

    Is there a way to fill a "cart" of some kind instead of buying them one by one? For some reason my credit card company puts a freeze on my card when I make 2 small purchases in a row. It is very annoying.

    • VonLaserface

      I'd love a Play Store cart, sadly I don't think we'll ever see one. I don't have the same issue with my card but the ability to shop like that would be a nice option.

    • Himmat Singh

      Huh, last time every fourth $0.99 or so purchase from Google Play and my card will get blocked. I don't know why...hasn't happened since the 2/3 times it happened a few months back. During the $0.10 sale, many complained of getting barred as well.

    • ChumbleSpuzz

      LOL! Had the exact same thing happen to me during Google's last $0.99
      sale. Fraud detection thought my card number was being tested by thieves
      by making small purchases. Turns out the guy at the credit card company was an Android fan and was really grateful I told him about it.

  • http://www.tylerwatt12.com/ Tyler Watthanaphand

    woo. Now I can get 3 apps with the 79 cents I have left on my prepaid card

    • sam

      If your talking about the Google Wallet Prepaid card, that doesn't work in the Google Play store.

      • http://www.tylerwatt12.com/ Tyler Watthanaphand

        no-no, the $25 play store card that came with my Nexus 7

      • RBI411

        I was under the impression that you could. I added my pre-paid wallet card to my payments. Haven't used it yet though.

  • Ittiam

    Google should introduce bill to carrier in emerging countries like India... they will hit next 25 billion in no time... Credit card penetration is too low, so lots of people cannot pay for apps even if they want to

  • Himmat Singh

    I hope we don't seem the same old apps/games go on sale.

    • mikeGsays

      Swiftkey for phones ONLY, Where's My Water, etc.....

      I hear ya!

  • RBI411

    .25 movies to own, eh? Continue. Edit: Maybe reading comprehension fail, maybe not.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674791489 Loic Lacomme

      could be rental

  • Himmat Singh

    "Every day you’ll be able to choose from a collection of apps from some
    of the world’s top developers including Gameloft, Electronic Arts,
    Rovio, runtastic, Full Fat and more."

    Collection of games you mean, Google.

    • BrianLipp

      they also included EA as a "top developer". Maybe if they updated all of their apps (specifically Popcap ones) to work on newer devices and have most, if not all, of the features that they have on other platforms, then they would be

      • anzensepp1987

        Do you believe in Santa Claus? ;)

        • BrianLipp

          Even Santa Claus cant work miracles :p

  • Geoff Johnson

    I love how they charge separately, my rewards checking account requires me to make 10+ debit transactions a month, so buying 10+ $0.25 apps make it that much easier!

  • http://www.facebook.com/avinash.varmab Avinash Varmab

    i have a low end phone.. if i buy apps at this discount price will i be able to re install the purchased apps on to my new phone without paying again or should i pay the price again without discount when i get a new phone?????

    • BrianLipp

      once bought on an account they are available for any device with that account. Just sign into the device (or add it later) and choose that account in the Store and they will be in your apps list, or when you go to their page it will say "install" instead of "purchase"

      • http://www.facebook.com/avinash.varmab Avinash Varmab

        thanx..so buying at discount will not affect my apps ??

        • BrianLipp

          nope, once theyre bought theyre yours to install on whatever device, no matter the price you got them at

      • Dis McCarthy

        Another nice trick is to set up a generic 'household' account that you share with family (or whomever, within reason) and buy them under that account. Then the apps are available to everyone who has that account. (Just don't sync any personal info to it like mail or contacts..)

  • DavidKeith

    I hate posts like these.... because now I am just refreshing this page waiting for an update that its live, every 5 minutes....

    • DavidKeith

      goodbye productivity today.. sorry work

  • Huton Gergö

    Asphalt7: Heat is 25 cent now :)

    • Himmat Singh

      and angry birds space, nfl kicker, runtastic pro

  • fezy

    Apps are now live in play store

  • bDIS
  • coolbuddy
  • PIL

    Sales are live!

  • http://twitter.com/kmetek Tadej

    let me guess only in USA?

    • http://blog.firstdove.com/ Christian M. Z.

      I'm in Singapore and the sales items are showing up for me. (at least the ones posted by Gaurav are). Note that some apps may be country-specific though; that's actually a choice by the developer and not Google.

    • Cheeseball

      Nope. Just bought some for my equivalent of 0.25 USD here in Southeast Asia.

  • de3pkeeper

    What? No Nexus 7 for 25 cents? Pass.

  • Gaurav

    apps for today...atleast some of them are:
    Draw Something
    Office Suite Pro 6(PDF & HD)
    Angry Birds Space
    Asphalt &
    NFL Kicker
    Granny Smith
    Let's Create Pottery
    Ocean HD LWP
    The Cat in the Hat-Dr. Seuss
    Symphony of Eternity


    • Tim Kermode

      Thanks for your findings. Not much of interest there. Bought Office suite just in case I get a tablet soon..

      • Gaurav

        lets hope the quality improves as the sale goes on!

    • Gaurav

      Runtastic Pro
      London Bus Checker are also in the sale!

  • Sorian
  • http://www.keithwoo.com/ Keith Woo

    I managed to work up this list so far. Hope it's useful! I already bought Tasks! Hah!

    1) Angry Birds Space Premium
    2) Tasks
    3) OfficeSuite Pro 6
    4) Asphalt 7: Heat
    5) Ocean HD
    6) Granny Smith
    7) NFL Kicker 13
    8) Let's Create! Pottery
    9) Draw Something
    10) Symphony of Eternity
    11) London Bus Checker
    12) The Cat in the Hat - Dr Seuss

  • Mei

    Woot! It's about time they have another download promotion. =D

  • Luke

    How do I download this

  • Nurit Zodrow

    so when are they gonna have a sale like that again?