I love how fast ASUS moves. When they say an update is coming, you can rest assured that it's coming soon. Just this morning they teased us a bit on Facebook, and ASUS rep Gary Key took to XDA to let users know that the Jelly Bean updates for the Prime and Infinity would be rolling out "within 72 hours."

Now, this evening, they've published a rollout schedule and full changelog for both devices:

  • Upgrade OS from Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • Default enable System Bar Lock
  • Add Multiple Photo Selection feature
  • Support Connect Dock (Accessory)
  • Remove Adobe Flash support
  • Remove Wi-Fi Direct function support
  • Remove Press Reader

It's also noted that Press Reader, should you actually use it, will still be available in the Play Store.

The update for the Prime will begin rolling out on September 27th, with the Infinity following close behind on the 28th.

[ASUS Campus Life]

Cameron Summerson
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  • Peterson Silva

    Hmm does anyone know why they are removing Wi-fi direct?

    • http://twitter.com/psych2L Joseph Lee

      perhaps they're planning on bundling it with miracast at a later date that Nvidia said was compatible with Tegra 3 devices

      • Peterson Silva

        Oh, ok. But isn't Miracast only for sending video over to other screens?

  • CoffeeGeeker

    I'm sorry, but this is not "fast" on Asus' part. My Prime has been effectively a dust collecting paperweight on my shelf since about a month after I bought it last January because of serious problems with I/O and apps that would frequently crash and stall. All of this is because of the underlying architecture Asus has based their ICS build upon. The tablet was a frustration to use; try doing a few app updates with the Play store and actually use the tablet - everything would stall and ground to a hault. The moment I got a Nexus 7 (ironically also an Asus product, but one Google had clamped down on), the expensive 64gb $600 Prime sat on the shelf collecting dust.

    Asus has been aware of these severe problems with the TF201 for over 8 months now, and barely rolled out any kind of fix or update and the few they did did nothing to improve performance. This JB update is very overdue, if it fixes the TF201's severe I/O issues. A big IF.

    I'm happy they're finally doing something, but to say Asus is "fast" is just wrong.

    • http://twitter.com/IamStrykyr Eric Hayes

      wtf are you talking about??? My prime works fine. The SD slot is crap but otherwise works great.

      • CoffeeGeeker

        Ahh, you got one of the magical TF201s then, because myself and hundreds of others posting on XDA have all the problems I've detailed above. Asus pretty much admits the TF201 with its current software is a dud too - look at how many have been over-the-counter exchanged for the 700.

        • Aeefire

          Still, many have proved that it is NOT a software issue. At least the bad I/O speeds are due to hardware architecture problems.
          Sadly enough, I know what you are speaking about. However, A hard reset and installing less crap apps helped resolving the problems a tiny bit.

        • SYO

          The minority with problems is always the loudest. I was fortunate to get a pretty much perfect Prime. The few issues it did have that were software related got fixed shortly with some firmware updates.

          Of course, I still have issues that are purely the fault of hardware such as weak wifi and the microSD card on the Prime itself sticks out a bit too much (I've only experienced the card popping out once so far though)

          I think a lot of the problems with regards to IO and what not are resolvable or at least can be decreased to a great extent with fixes to the software. I recently tried out a ROM for the TF201 based on TF300 firmware and it's been running like a dream. Better than it did running with AOSP based ROMs. :) So have just a little bit of faith.

    • Yan

      That's so pessimistic. Jelly Bean wasn't released to AOKP officially till somewhere around July 9. Even if they had it for a couple months before (not likely that long yet but will for future releases- somewhere around 3-6 months headstart), 3 to 5 months isn't a very long time to wait.

      • tehsouthpaw

        You mean AOSP not AOKP. But I agree with you. TF201 and TF700 are among the first to get JB so we definitely should not be complaining.

  • CJ Walker

    So effing pumped and excited ..

    • DavidKeith

      I'm staying up till 4 in the morning hoping that it will go live that early! lol

  • MattH818

    This can not come out fast enough. Is it tomorrow yet?

  • Colin Wolfson

    Removes flash support? Do not want!

    • http://profiles.google.com/dc4316 Ismael Rodriguez

      They don't have a choice. Adobe stopped supporting Android with the release of Jelly Bean. If you back it up, it can still be side-loaded, though.