Following the release of of its updated app earlier this month, Netflix has officially launched its new Android interface today for users running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or later on their smartphones.

The new interface manages to fit a lot of content on your screen at once, and users will notice that there is a new 'continue watching' row at the top of the screen. This feature has been available on tablets for a while, but this latest update shows the content that you've recently been watching, and lets you continue from the point where you left off.

If you tap on any show whilst browsing through the app, you will now be presented with a synopsis of the series and a full episode list, allowing you to pick an episode that you want to watch. This is a pretty neat feature for users looking for something new, as you aren't thrown into the show straight away.

Another nice tweak that's been made is that movies for children are now organized by the age group that they are suitable for. Parents are sure to appreciate this feature, as it takes a lot of the guesswork out of choosing an appropriate title for your children to watch.

If you want a rundown of all the new features available in the latest interface, they're explained in the video below. If you haven't yet downloaded Netflix for your phone, it's available for free if you're a subscriber.

Source: Netflix

John Thompson
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  • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

    Why the big blue netflix bar at the top? It already says netflix in the red bar. My god, who they hire to design this kind of stuff?

    Aside from that, it's a nice update.

    • arrowrand

      I don't know what that blue bar is in the video, but I've had this interface on my Galaxy Nexus for over a week and I've never seen it.

    • Shane

      I believe that is the stock software on the GS3 that does that. My AOKP ROM on GS3 does not have that.

      • NemaCystX

        It does it to every app you load on the S3? (sans-AOKP) does it have something to do with resolution fitting the screen better because I think that "GREY" bar shouldn't be there. I wonder if it can be turned off in touchwiz

  • Alan

    About bloody time!!!

  • http://twitter.com/WillieFDiazSF William Diaz

    Is it just me, or does Android Police prematurely announce new updates to apps, that arent even updated in the Play store yet? Last time was Roku remote, now this? I understand wanting to be the first to blog about it, but do us a favor, maybe wait till it launches before posting all about it. I actually wrote Roku and asked them about the blogs posting their update thats not even out and they replied that it will be out later in the day, and that it shouldnt have been posted previously. Take the hint!

    • arrowrand

      This isn't an app update, they are updating the HTML5 interface within the app. It's rolling out to everyone now.

      • Alan

        Actually it is an app update as well, I removed it a couple of weeks ago and reinstalled it today and have the tablet style interface on my Galaxy Nexus

        • BrianLipp

          like arrowrand said, its not an app update, its html5 interface update on the server side (like what facebook did a few times to their app). You reinstalled it today...when the new interface update went out to everyone. The last update in the Play Store is Sept 6, which doesnt include the interface update

          • Alan

            and I read his post again after I'd posted, it's not my problem if comments can't be edited!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Xeratun Xeratun

      Most of the time they will say something like 'the update will hit later today.' But even so, waiting until this afternoon isn't a big deal.

    • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

      Some of us have been running this for weeks, so no. Since it's on the server side, they did one of those rollouts, I suppose.

  • Angel Villa

    The version 2.0 have the option of select if you like connect with WiFi or 3G, but the app no connect if you use 3G (without activate the option Wifi Only).

  • michael interbartolo

    it would be nice if on a device we could set netflix to default to kids zone or some sort of ratings limitation. my daughter started watching South Park she saw it in the recent watched on her tablet because my brother in law had been watching it on his tv.

  • Stormprobe

    I wish I could do all that on the Xbox 360.

  • http://thedangerbrain.com/ Alfonso Surroca

    Thing is, this interface was visible on tablets for what, like a year now? My Netflix app on my TouchPad running CM has always looked like this.

    Also, it's great that we've achieved feature/ui parity with iOS now, but it doesn't change the fact that the app is still crap. Still excruciatingly slow on modern hardware (takes like 10 seconds to load), lag everywhere, touch input registers maybe 50% of the time. Oh, and because they took the lazy HTML-inside-an-app route. Maybe now that Facebook has scrapped that and is working on a proper Android app, Netflix will take the hint?

  • JT

    Won't open on my EVO 4G LTE???

  • blackdogdisc

    I have had massive problems watching Netflix on my android device. Problems started in September. They altered their format from a text-centered front end to a very graphics-intensive front end. I did NOT update on my device; this was strictly from the Netflix site. It would take 5 or 10 minutes just to get the app loaded! And then scrolling around and making selections was virtually impossible. Once I managed to get a movie started and the sound was completely out of sync with video...by like 10 or 20 seconds! I went onto GooglePlay and looked at comments. Wow! There are thousands of one-star "hate" comments! Netflix has messed this app up big time. I quit Neflix membership. Screw that noise.

    Of course there's no way to email Netflix. But I DID get a phone number and called. They blamed it on user "connectivity error" and said I should reload the app. I thought I'd give them the benefit of the doubt and did so. Absolutely no improvement...actually worse. Another call to Netflix. I told the operator that he should personally go to GooglePlay and look at all the "hate" reviews! He slightly acknowledged that they were having issues. The tech guys re-wrote the app for a slicker interface and were having slight problems. Unbelievable. Netflix still will not acknowledge that there's a problem...or more importantly, just fix the app or revert to the August 2012 version which worked seamlessly. Go take a look at GooglePlay and look at the reviews for Netflix. It's been almost two months of dysfunction. Even Galaxy S3 users cannot make it work! They lost my money. Bye bye Netflix.

  • blackdogdisc

    BIG problems continue with the android Netflix app. Thousands of one-star reviews on the Google Play store. Big changes in the HTML5 coding from Netflix end results in very laggy or non-existent performance, black screens. This despite numerous "updates". The graphics-heavy front end is destroying functionality of what used to be a very, very good app. I cancelled my Netflix subscription and apparently a lot of others have too. Netflix refuses to acknowledge any issue.