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Earlier this week, Ron gave us an interesting look at what codenames came before Android 1.5, Cupcake (spoiler: 1.1 was "petit four," and 1.0 didn't have any codename at all). It's hard not to read the post without taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane, isn't it? I still remember heading into my local T-Mobile store to play with the G1 when it launched.

My life with Android officially started on June 4, 2010, with the launch of the HTC EVO 4G - and with Android 2.1, Éclair. From there, I was caught up in the whirlwind of custom ROMs, vanilla Android, Froyo, Gingerbread, and beyond.

What version started you off?

What Was Your First Version Of Android?

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Aaron Gingrich
Aaron is a geek who has always had a passion for technology. When not working or writing, he can be found spending time with his family, playing a game, or watching a movie.

  • nipcarlover

    Cupcake on the Samsung Galaxy Spica.. It did get immediately updated to 2.1 though..

  • GdayKitty

    I've been watching android since my neph had a T-Mobile G1. Officially, I'm still on my first android being a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. I might have stayed stock for a whole of 2 hrs. Been flashing it from 2.1 Eclair and it's currently running ICS Passion 13.1 (4.0.3). ....And yes, my phone never had GPS issues.

  • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

    HTC Desire AMOLED Android 2.1

  • fewesttwo

    I got a Hero with 1.6, but I only ever booted into 1.6 once and that was to root it so I could then flash CM 5 on it. I guess the first version of Android that I actually used then was 2.1

  • Terrell

    HTC EVO 4G was mine first also on June 4 2010. When I seen it at CTIA I knew it was destined to be in my hands. I was the phone that jumpstarted the smartphone era to the superphone era

  • http://twitter.com/FQdeB Felix

    My phone was one of the first to run 2.3 :)

  • gladgura

    I have been on android ever since it was officially released. My first phone was the HTC Dream T-Mobile G1, Androids original flagship phone. Sure droid from Verizon may have taken android to bigger heights but it is not original flagship phone. And I can definitely say from my experience, comparing the G1 from today's phones is mind blowing (okay... maybe not mind blowing)

  • Scott Norcross

    I've been around since Android 1.1 on the T-Mobile G1 :) loved Android then and still love it now. Can't wait to see what the future holds

  • crankerchick

    OG Droid FTW!

  • http://twitter.com/susuFOX Shay Levi

    My first Android was HTC Hero with version 1.5 (Cupcake)

  • chrisbramm

    I got a HTC hero for my 18th Birthday and it came with Cupcake

  • Dan Monzelowsky

    G1 a week after launch. #oldschool

  • Cuvis

    Got a G2 with Froyo 2 years ago. I didn't care about smartphones much at the time, but now it's indispensable. Well, the One S I replaced it with is, anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=797830564 Michael Ward

    Motorola Backflip -- Android 1.5 cupcake....

    Worst phone in history. I made it out alive though, and am note rocking a Gnote running CM 9.1 stable.

  • Usman

    Started with a G1 in 2008..you could say I was an early adopter. Then Nexus One, Nexus S, and currently...you guessed it, the GNex.

  • GazaIan

    Froyo. Oddly, I was attracted by the very same thing I now despise; custom manufacturer skins. HTC just looked sexy and hot, and looked different on a phone. Now, I'd rather throw it all away just to have a slice of stock Android. My second HTC device I rooted and flashed an AOSP ROM immediately.

  • Zenus

    Started with HTC Legend ( Android 2.1) and rolling out from there :-)

  • http://youtube.com/user/CurelessSyn CurelessSynergy

    Cupcake on my Galaxy Icon. Piece of shit, really, I got quite frustrated with its inability to run 2 things at once at all. Now using Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

  • http://twitter.com/Luis_C_MDP Luis Rafael

    2.2 Froyo on a HTC myTouch 4G.

  • FrillArtist

    Got the G1 at launch so whatever Android was first.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1055584459 James McCrory

    I remember playing with the Blackberry style emulator and watching it evolve until we finally got our first blurry cam of the G1. I took the day off from work to drive 50 miles to the closest T-Mobile in a 3G area to buy a G1. I waited for an hour and a half in line behind 15 people.
    Most of which were Sidekick users.

    Those were the days when you could look through all the apps in the market and do an end of the day check to catch up. lol

    The worst thing in the beginning was everybody leaving 1 Star reviews for apps saying "WE WANT CUPCAKE!" and then "GIMME DONUT!!"

    G1, Nexus One, Sensation 4G (worst mistake ever), Galaxy Nexus.