Noodlecake, the makers of Trainyard, HueBrix, and Continuity, have just made available their latest entry in the Play Store, Velocispider. Before continuing, I should explain that Velocispider's titular protagonist is a half dinosaur, half spider robot. Knowing that, the rest of the game's characters are relatively sensible.

The premise of the game is simple – you are a robot spider dinosaur with rare eggs to protect. The CEO of the Robot Seafood Corporation wants those eggs, and will send  thousands of enemies your way over the span of 20 levels. Gameplay is even simpler – Velocispider is a fixed-view shooter, in which our spider-dinosaur hero fires continuously upward as wave after wave of enemies approach.

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Velocispider has a wonderful art style, harkening back to the retro arcade action of bygone days. What's more, while Noodlecake offers a free version of the game, the full experience costs just $0.99, a more than reasonable price for a game as successful in killing those spare moments as this one. If you've dreamed of embodying a robotic dino-spider and blasting aliens to protect rare eggs, just hit the appropriate widget below.