Competing with the likes of Google TV and Boxee isn't an easy job, but Roku seems to be coping well, thanks to a low price point and a free mobile app that is frequently gaining new features.

The latest update to the Roku app, which is available from today, introduces a new feature called 'Play on Roku', that allows you to stream music and images from your phone straight to your TV. If you wanted to, you could even do both at once, playing a slideshow of images with a backing track of your choice.

When you stream music to your TV, Roku will display a screensaver with track information such as the track name, artist and cover art if it's available. The feature only supports MP3 and M4A files at the moment, so those of you with a lossless library or files in other formats will have to convert before you can use it.

If you want to stream images from your phone, you can choose to do so using the automatic slide show mode or individually, flicking through photos with a swiping gesture. Image streaming supports either PNG or JPG files.

If you want to check Roku for Android out, you can download it for free from the Play store. Users in the UK, Canada, and Ireland can also download the app now, as the latest update is available internationally.

Source: Press Release

John Thompson
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  • http://twitter.com/katrus LycanthropeDoomspire

    So, effectively, Roku is licensing this functionality from Juice and putting a pointless region lock on it?

  • skynet11

    The only version I see on the Play Store is the April 1st version

    • denbo68

      According to their blog entry it will be on Google Play later today.

  • Chris

    I'm in Canada and I get this: "
    This item cannot be installed in your device's country." Am I missing something?

    • http://twitter.com/british_geek John Thompson

      I don't think it's been updated on the store yet, it's still saying the last update was on April 11th. It should arrive at some point today.

  • denbo68

    I'm not seeing the update yet. Date says April 11th.

    I've been using Plex on the Roku for streaming music off of my PC with mixed results (video is not so bad oddly enough) so I am eager to try this.

    • denbo68

      Their blog says "later today on Google Play."

  • RedPandaAlex

    Wonder if this is going to use share intents like Google TV Remote (which is awesome) or just stick to the limited functionality that's possible in iOS.

  • PINJ

    Finally The Advantage To Living In Ireland. Sheesh... I've Waited Soo Long *Sniff*

  • andrew__des_moines

    There are already Roku channels that do this. Roku's first attempt at an Android app was disastrous (I could not even convince their tech support I had an Android not an iPhone); hopefully, they know what they are doing this time around. In any case, gotta love Roku. I've got four of them after ditching DirecTV and have never looked back.

  • raindog469

    Roku was early to the "tiny, cheap device that makes your TV a smart TV" market, and advances like this are cool. We still use it frequently for Pandora and Netflix, and the Android app makes searching much nicer than, say, our Samsung's "smart TV" functionality.

    But their intentional lack of support for Youtube and DLNA, and this app's inability to stream even SD video is another example, have made us regret our purchase and look at the many Android-based alternatives available around the same price these days. Why stick with something that leaves us subject to the hardware maker's whims and contractual obligations when we can have something that does it all with an interface we're familiar with from our phones and tablets?

  • http://twitter.com/snalty sam nalty

    Menu button of shame.