TriggerTrap, a remote DSLR trigger app that's already made a name for itself among iOS users, hit the Play Store today (with an Amazon App Store launch coming soon), bringing some impressive remote controls to DSLR-toting Android users.

The app, which costs $4.99, offers a surprisingly long list of fully customizable trigger modes from time lapse to distance lap (your camera will take a photo every 30m), long-exposure HDR, star trail mode, bulb ramping timelapse, and a cable release mode that supports exposures up to a full 24 hours.

This isn't the first remote trigger app we've seen for Android – Chainfire introduced DSLR Controller Beta just over a year ago, and Helicon Remote offered similar functionality back in February. What sets TriggerTrap apart, though, is the fact that it's compatible with more than 280 cameras, including not just Nikon and Canon models, but Panasonic, Olympus, Minolta, Leica, Kodak, and a ton more.

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TriggerTrap also sets itself apart by relying on a specialized dongle (available from TT's website) and cable setup that hooks into camera-specific sync ports.

While the pieces may cost more than your average USB OTG connector and cable, TriggerTrap's solution is certainly sophisticated, and not too expensive either, with most camera cables running $10 and the latest and greatest dongle pegged at about $25 (the old version is just $10). To see if your camera is supported, just hit the "Store" link below.

Source: TriggerTrap (Store)

Liam Spradlin
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  • Mike Loomis

    Just bought the dongle and cable. Here's hoping I have an amazing intervalometer for my GH1!

  • Freak4Dell

    It would be nice if they introduced something that uses Bluetooth or WiFi, so you don't have to have the phone physically tethered to the camera. Live View would be nice, too.

    • Bojan Gutic

      Most DSLRs don't have either.

      • Freak4Dell

        Right. You would still need a module, but instead of the module being
        connected to your phone via a cable, it would just have a Bluetooth or
        WiFi radio on it, and the phone would connect to it over one of those
        protocols. This might be a good use of WiFi Direct, since BT may not be
        capable of sending the live view information.

  • JJ

    There is a very large difference between this app and solutions like DSLR Controller and Helicon Remote. Where the latter two apps allow full camera control on a much more limited set of devices, they do allow for much more advanced control.

    TriggerTrap is remote release button with all sorts of timing options, and can't really configure anything on the camera itself (no ISO, aperture, liveview, etc). You can only do with TriggerTrap what you are able to do with a remote release button - as such it's a completely different target market.