According to an internal document sent to us by a tipster, Sprint will be turning on the four-gee taps in two major US cities this week - Boston and Chicago. As we know, Sprint is in something of a panic-mode in regard to its 4G rollout, and has decided to begin bringing its network online in some locations before it's fully ready. As you can see in the document below, that is exactly what's happening here.


While Sprint isn't ready to call it "launch" time, it's telling employees that they should be informing customers that 4G coverage is being rolled out, and is accessible in "certain areas," but that the experience may not be "optimal." This basically lines up with a press release Sprint sent out earlier this week, which stated that LTE may be available in some regions before an official launch, and that customers are "free to use it" (read: don't complain if it sucks).

Interestingly, this document also seems to indicate Sprint plans to have its 4G build-out finished, at least in these areas, in the next six to eight months (maybe this is what Sprint meant by "the coming months" in its earlier announcement).

It's good to see Sprint is steadily moving along with its LTE rollout plans, and I'm sure there'll be some happy Sprint customers in the Boston and Chicago areas in the coming days.

Thanks, anon!

David Ruddock
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  • Mike Smith

    How about St Louis MO.

    • Daniel Wiggins

      Same question.

    • http://twitter.com/michaelcbarber Michael Barber

      Same Here, wth? they are turning it on in all the cities around stl, and we're only about 4hrs away from kc where they initially started.

  • masterxchief

    We have LTE in parts of San Jose, CA already too

    • http://www.daewootech.net Daewootech

      for Sprint? ill check with my wife's SIII but i don't remember getting anything.

      • masterxchief

        Ya if you are by Stevens creek and Lawrence or Saratoga update the phone's PRL and it should pick up LTE. Also I've heard in mountain view at shoreline there is LTE

        • http://www.daewootech.net Daewootech

          Stevens creek and lawerence, right by the store? I wouldn't be surprised if that's a fake tower from the store so they they can demonstrate LTE speeds in store, like some sort of femtocell like that Airrave thing they try to sell you when you go there. They used to do that with WIMAX in the store in valley fair, the 4G signal there was fantastic so long as you were close to the store, as you moved away it died quickly and after a few months when they actually released 4G in this area the stores signal wasnt there anymore.

          • masterxchief

            They put up a real tower by there. (I actually work for Sprint)

          • Paynefanbro

            Actually it was put online for iPhone testing. You'll get great signal anywhere around Cupertino from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. Just sayin'

  • http://www.daewootech.net Daewootech

    Just as i suspected, its the same thing as when i got my EVO 4G and i had to wait months to even GET 4G let alone i STILL hardly get ANY 4G signal...

    can anyone explain why Silicon Valley is always the last on Sprints upgrade list? HELLOOO? we make the shit. why does places like modesto and tracy get 4G before we do? its B.S.

  • ProductFRED

    Too late; already left Sprint for their horrible 3G speeds and lack of LTE here in NYC.

    • Paynefanbro

      LTE didn't come to New York first because it is very dense and you don't want people to consume tons of bandwidth as soon as it launches. As for horrible 3G speeds I am connected to a Network Vision tower in Brooklyn so I have no problem with 3G. Switching is for the impatient.

      • ProductFRED

        It was like this for about 2 years and they lied to me many times telling me it was tower outages. I took it all the way to the office of the CEO (over the phone, it's an actual department for ongoing issues). Finally in May or June, they let me out of my contract a year early.

        • Paynefanbro

          I live in Brooklyn and I have no problems with Sprint. I attend school in Manhattan too. I don't see why you would want to leave. 100's of Network Vision sites are completed in the city and several of them are just waiting for confirmation from the OEM so that they can flip on the LTE switch. You couldn't have left at a worst time. The expected deployment of LTE in NYC is November. At the time it should be 20-30% complete. After all NYC is the most dense and largest city in the U.S. Check out s4gru.com for more info.

      • Hating Sprint!

        Ive been really considering switching to VZ. I'm only holding out for the reason my plan is so affordable (4 android phones $240 including tax) If I switched to VZ I'll be approaching the low $3's

  • fixxmyhead

    about that thumbnail. the 3g one should show the guy with no wind blowing

  • topgun966

    For those that have Sprint LTE now, what kind of speeds are you getting?

    • RichardCammett

      In Boston I got 17mb down and 3mb up tonight

      • topgun966

        Cool, thanks for the input!! I think I am going to concider going back to Sprint if LTE speeds can hold up to VZW or close to.

      • tk

        I'm in Dorchester Massachusetts Boston there is no Lte if we don't get it in 2 weeks I'm leaving Sprint feel good

        • RichardCammett

          Okay. Good luck to you

    • RichardCammett

      In Boston 17mb down. 7.8mb up

  • Bek

    This headline is misleading. Sprint's Network Vision upgrade hasn't even reached the actual CITY of Chicago yet. They started working from the remote suburbs, slowly making their way into the city. Go check out s4gru.com for more detailed information.

  • JJ

    I've been catching glimpses of 4g service the last two days in Boston around the South station area.

  • Warren Jones

    Launching before fully ready?! HA! Atlanta launched with less than 30% of the network towers broadcasting LTE. There's more holes in the network there than you'd find in swish cheese! Not to mention at the sorry rate of adding 12 new towers a month the Atlanta market wont be anywhere near complete until the end of 2013. How the company expects to take on additional build out in other cities while failing to build out already announced markets is beyond me. Just a word of caution to anyone expecting a 4G miracle. Don't get your hopes up, it's not happening overnight and when they do launch in your city it's going to suck... and suck for some time to come.

  • Jonathan

    What about Jersey? We're linke one of the most densely populated

    • Paynefanbro

      Thats exactly why they aren't doing there first. Jersey is probably going to be a second round market unless you live in northeast jersey, closer to NYC. They probably just started Network Vision in Jersey late last month into this month.

  • Aaron Keele

    Got LTE in the burbs of Chicago and its a whole lot faster than 3g thats for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dontsh00tmesanta Daniel Quintero

    What about Fresno,ca

  • kev

    Finally! I'm in Chicago and the sloooow 3G speed is killing me. I'm in downtown so I hope LTE will work in my area.

  • royalti24

    Am in Boston and today I was able to pick up 4g lte on my galaxy s3 and honestly it's super fast. I even compared my iPhone from at&t which says 4g vs photon from sprint 4g and let me tell u the photon made 4g on at&t look like a 2g hahaha.

    • tk

      What part of Boston you from because we don't got nothin here yet in Dorchester

  • romeo

    I have lte signal in bartlett,il just nw suburb of chicago speedtest showed 24 mbp its fast and i was going with verizon but ill wait for to be build and improved i have a galaxy s3

  • Mike

    South of Chicago and near Hammond Indiana iPhone 5 clocked in at 13mb down 5mb up waaaaaaay faster than 3G

  • peter

    nothing yet in chicago with the iphone

    • http://www.facebook.com/h3ktyk88 Selim Jamil Savany

      Iphone 4s or 5?.. because the 4s only runs 3G good sir

  • jrlewis32

    I still don't get lte in Chicago area