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Featured App

The Tiny Bang Story

Android Police coverage: HeroCraft's 'The Tiny Bang Story' Sheds Xperia Exclusivity, Now Available For Other Devices

The adventure game is a lost art form that is thankfully getting a long-awaited revival on mobile. With high-resolution screens and touch input, modern smartphones and tablets might have been designed just for old-school point-and-click adventure titles. The much-lauded Tiny Bang Story from HeroCraft has been available for some time on the Google Play Store, but now it's finally out for non-Sony users.


Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world sadly devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to help rebuild this beautiful idyll and restore it to its former glory. To do so you'll need to hunt hidden objects, solve puzzles and conquer devilish brain teasers.The Tiny Bang Story is set across five distinct chapters each with their own lovingly hand-drawn location, which combined with the enchanting music created just for this game, adds up to an immersive and crowd-pleasing experience. With no text in the game users will intuitively find their way around the planet, work out what tasks need to be completed next and forge their own path through this unique adventure.



Beach Buggy Blitz by Vector Unit

Android Police review: [Video Review] Beach Buggy Blitz From Vector Unit

Vector Unit's become well-known for graphics-heavy driving games, thanks to previous hits Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Their latest effort is Beach Buggy Blitz, which foregoes the actual racing for a relaxing, soothing time running over as much flora and fauna as possible in your four-wheeled death machine. For the moment the free game is available only on Nvidia Tegra hardware.


An epic driving adventure from the makers of Riptide GP and Shine Runner. Drive your hot-rod beach buggy as far as you can into the uncharted depths of a mysterious tropical island. Swerve and smash through a gorgeously detailed and completely destructible world packed with Tiki statues, grass shacks, giant crabs and lava monsters. Explore sun-swept beaches, secret caves, fog-shrouded swamps, ruined temples and erupting volcanoes in this action-packed quest of discovery and mayhem.

HueBrix by Noodlecake

Android Police review: [Game Review] Noodlecake's HueBrix Is A Deceptively Simple Puzzler That You Won't Be Able To Put Down

The objective of HueBrix isn't readily apparent: you're tasked with covering the white play area with a combination of different colored bricks. The trick comes from the fact that there are only so many spaces available for each color, and your progress is hampered by obstacles and blocks that modify behavior. It's a devilishly clever bit of puzzling, so if you've worn out your Tetris blocks, give it a try.


This game will test your visual, spatial and logical senses. HUEBRIX brings the "Puzzle" back to Puzzle Games. Solve Levels by dragging paths from blocks to fill out the puzzle grid. However, the blocks only give you paths of a specified length. Special blocks determine the orientation of paths, acting as clues and challenges at the same time. If you have bitten off more than you can chew, then our intelligent Hint System will give you a hint closest to your solution.

Bombshells: Hell's Belles by Glu

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Glu Mobile's Bombshells: Hell's Belles Has Aerial Dogfights And Femme Fatales

Need some excitement of the high-octane variety in your life? Then Glu's Bombshells might be right up your hangar. The simple, cartoony dogfights are in the same vein as the old Crimson Skies games, and the sassy female protagonists have proportions that are almost as unbelievable as the explosions. The game is free, but as with all Glu titles, you'll need in-app purchases to get the most out of it.


What are you waiting for? Enlist with the Bombshells today. These sexy pilots love fast planes, big guns, and shooting T.O.O.L. out of the sky. Bombshells will take you directly to the danger zone with unique environments, devious enemies, and ridiculous weapons. There are over 200 awesome planes, cannons, and missile launchers to try out. Fine tune your arsenal to dominate the skies. Use your friends as wingmen to cover your six in epic boss battles

Avengers Initiative by Marvel

Android Police coverage: Marvel (Sort Of) Releases 'Avengers Initiative,' The First In A Series Of Avengers-Themed Gaming Content

The Avengers have become the new darlings of the superhero world, but before last week you could only find some comics and wallpapers as the official offerings in the Google Play Store. Avengers Initiative changes that, pitting everyone's favorite Jolly Green Giant against various villains from the comics. Play to advance through the levels and collect powerups and goodies (like a Planet Hulk gladiator outfit - YES!), and then wait for the episodes with Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Note: As of 9/14/12, the game is still listed as not available on any devices we own. Marvel seems to have hit some sort of a snag and is keeping it incompatible with every device in the Play Store for the time being.


Download the first installment of Marvel's biggest cross‐over mobile gaming event... Level up, gear up, and fight as Hulk in the first adventure of an episodic series built exclusively for touch screen devices. Track down and defeat some of the world's most notorious villains like Wendigo, Abomination, The Kronan, and The Skrulls, and help THE AVENGERS pull the world back from the brink of catastrophe. Marvel’s Avengers Initiative, an episodic mobile gaming event unlike any other. In the wake of The Pulse, The Vault, a top‐secret S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in the Rocky Mountains, has busted open, releasing all of the super‐powered criminals and monsters imprisoned there. Aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Nick Fury recruits a reluctant HULK to round up all the monsters he can while S.H.I.E.L.D. can assemble the rest of THE AVENGERS to figure out who opened the doors to The Vault‐ and why.

Prince of Persia Classic by Ubisoft

Android Police coverage: Ubisoft Releases Prince Of Persia Classic, Puts A New Spin On An Old-School Throwback

Prince of Persia is an absolute staple of gaming, in many ways defining the platformer long before the likes of Mario and Sonic started scrolling to the side. The original game has been released in more iterations than anyone can remember, but the new Android game might be worth your attention even if your wore out the jump button on your Apple II, thanks to some spiffy new graphics.


You are the Prince of Persia on a daring rescue mission to save your Princess. Fulfill your destiny, play this game, and experience the thrills and adventures of this classic tale. Replay the adventure of the original Prince of Persia in a complete new skin as you battle your way through the dungeon to rescue the Princess. Perform death defying stunts as you proceed from the dark and grim dungeons to the beautiful Palace tower.


Critter Escape!

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Critter Escape Is An Adorable Stealth-Based Adventure

Imagine Solid Snake as something that looks like a cross between a gerbil an a kidney bean, and you've got Critter Escape. Sneak your way through 120 top-down levels while avoiding traps, guards, explosives, lasers, and fellow test subjects.


Escape from a secret research facility in this stealth-based adventure game. Play as a test specimen and work your way through the corridors of Welk Tower, avoiding guards and collecting items. Intuitive controls and comical animations make Critter Escape a game that any player can enjoy.

• Stealth gameplay and puzzling levels test your brains and reaction speed.
• Adorable central character with fun animations and hilarious comics.
• Crazy, mutating power-ups change the way you play the game.
• Over 120 unique levels to escape from.

One Single Life

Android Police coverage: [New Game] One Single Life Is A Platformer That Kills Your Character And Your Enthusiasm

If you think Bit.Trip Runner is too forgiving, then One Single Life might be for you. The object is to successfully jump from building to building - the hook is that if you mess up, you're done. The game is over, and you can never play it again (unless you erase the app data). Unlimited lives can be bought for $1.99, in a clever bit of in-app purchase usage.


Seriously. In this game, you get just One Single Life. WARNING. IN THIS GAME, YOU GET JUST ONE LIFE. Stop reading this and ask yourself one simple question: “If everything was on the line, would I have what it takes?” Welcome to One Single Life. A game which poses that very same question and which only 4% of players in the world will be able to finish. And unlike most others the challenge doesn't come from playing against the computer but against yourself. It's you versus your own self-doubts.

Judge Dredd vs. Zombies

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Judge Dredd Vs Zombies: No Man Is Above The Law, Even If He’s Already Dead

There's a new Dredd movie coming out, so that means just one thing: it's going to suck there will be merchandising and tie-ins galore. Judge Dredd vs Zombies, which apparently couldn't find anything more original to shoot, is a free top-down shooter with high production values and low creativity. A full movie trailer, links to buy movie ticks, and in-app purchases are included.


The ultimate lawman of the future, Judge Dredd, comes to screens worldwide this month in DREDD 3D. Karl Urban dons the helmet as the ironman of the law, with Olivia Thirlby playing psychic rookie Judge Anderson. Now, watch the trailer for the awesome new movie before taking control of the most famous Judge of all time in JUDGE DREDD VS. ZOMBIES. You must protect Mega-City One from a zombie invasion. Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and three other devastating, upgradable weapons. Fight four deadly zombie archetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from seven special upgrades to give you an edge over your undead foe.

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

Android Police coverage: Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies No Longer Sony Exclusive, Slaughter The Undead On More Devices Than Ever

This is the same Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies that you couldn't love because you didn't own a Sony phone, now available to one and all [compatible devices]. It's still $7, still pretty demanding on your hardware, and still ties in pretty close to the console titles of the same name.


The Call of Duty: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life. Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers fan-favorite, heart-pounding maps: Kino Der Toten, Ascension, and Call of the Dead: Director’s Cut, as well as “Dead-Ops Arcade,” a 50-level zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for fans of Call of Duty’s signature zombie warfare. Play solo or join a team of up to 4 players via Wi-Fi as you mow down hordes of zombies using a variety of weapons and perks only available in the Call of Duty zombie experience.

Venture Towns

Many of Kairosoft's games have included a bit of Sim-style world building, so why not cut out the middleman? Venture Towns tasks you with creating a pixelized city (with a few buildings that should be familiar to Kairosoft regulars). Game mechanics include creating combos by strategically placing certain buildings next to each other. The game is $4.99 and should be well worth it - not an in-app purchase in sight!


Make your own metropolitan utopia. Stores, mansions, towers--anything goes. Assume the reins of a mega-conglomerate to build your very own metropolitan utopia. Stores, houses, mansions--towers. The sky's the limit as you fashion your humble burg into the world's most powerful fiscal force. Place compatible structures near each other to craft specialty districts or "combos," adding flavor to your town while reaping big bonuses and boosting Land Price.

Galaxy Empire by GAMEVIL

Let's just get this out of the way: Gamevil's Galaxy Empire is Starcraft. Starcraft from its cyberpunk art style, to its techno-instrumental music, down to the Tron-like menus. Unlike the traditional strategy game, there are no levels: you build a persistent base and defend it from monsters, expand, and so on. You can add extras with an in-app purchase (which are here despite ads) and make friends in the global chat, then visit their planets.


In the near distant future, space exploration has evolved into a much more sophisticated nature as planets are colonized by humans in a fierce battle for resources and influence. Immerse yourself in intergalactic diplomacy as you manage your bases and natural resources while waging war against enemies. Take full control of your territories as you upgrade bases and allocate production levels of mines. Then expand your horizons as you create alliances with friends and defend your stake in space against enemies. This most complete mobile science fiction arcade action game will have you hooked for hours on end.

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory by Namco Bandai

Android Police coverage: Namco's Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory Leaves The Sony-Only Hangar For Bluer Android Skies

A World War I flight simulator? Snoopy approves. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory comes from the big guys at Namco, and features a ton of top-of-the-line features like multiplayer dogfights, a full storyline, and historically accurate planes from both sides. A Custom Game mode lets you create your own aerial scenarios.


Earn your wings as a World War I Flying Ace in Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory. Immerse yourself in WWI combat and the dawn of aerial warfare as you pilot revolutionary flying machines. Take-off solo in mission-based Campaign Mode, or take to the skies online with up to 8 players in real-time multiplayer. Pilot WWI planes and perform dizzying acrobatic maneuvers with an intuitive combination of touch-screen and accelerometer controls. Engage in fierce air-to-air and air-to-ground combat in your pursuit for glory.

My Dragon by Glu

Tamagotchi and Nintendogs are decidedly lame. You know what this world needs more of? Pet dragons. My Dragon (which is in no way, shape, or form associated with a certain Dreamworks movie) lets you raise and care for a scaly death machine of your very own. You could even name him, just for instance, Toothless.


Ever wished you could raise a dragon of your very own? Now you can with My Dragon. As the newest Royal Dragon Keeper of Dragonia your job is to care for the Kingdom’s most captivating dragons. It’s your task to ensure that they’re happy and healthy. Accomplish this feat by feeding, petting, playing with their favorite toys or even dressing them up in numerous costumes. Earn Dragon Scales by performing tasks around the Kingdom then use these to expand your stable and adopt new dragons.

Blind Ninja : Sing

Handi-capable inspiration and small animal slaughter almost never go together. In fact, Blind Ninja: Sing might be the only example. The object is to get through the platforming levels intact. The art style is simple but appealing - give it a try if you're a fan of the various "running" games that have popped up lately.


Sing. You must be a Ninja. Just do it now... We hope that this game will give you extra-life happiness. A beautiful graphics that are a scene that reminds of a fairy tale unfolded before your eyes.

The Haunt

Yet another point-and-click adventure, Haunt mixes things up by adding in a horror element. It's time for some 19-century Ghostbusting, and you're the one that the local townspeople are gonna call. Explore, solve puzzles, and free spirits in this appealingly artistic Myst-style adventure.


The Haunt is a thrilling new point and tap adventure that is sure to make your toes curl and keep your Android device on edge. This stunningly beautiful and creepily crafted adventure takes you on an escape to a spooky and chilling estate full of curious plot twists and engaging and unique puzzles. Mini-games are scattered throughout the dark and mysterious farm and abandoned house. Ghosts and demons guard the many places of curiosity as you search for the clues and tools to unlock the mystery.

Battles And Castles FREE

I've been waiting for a 3D version of Rampart... and this isn't it. It's more like Civilization, the big daddy of turn-based strategy, with an exclusively medieval theme. 20 units and 20 different building types should keep things interesting, and the full version allows you to play hot potato-style multiplayer on a single device.


Free version of Battles and Castles. Turn-based strategy game based on such famous series as Heroes Of Might and Magic or Civilization. You will recruit knights, discover mines and treasures, build houses, stables, academies and fortifications to fulfill all the missions in campaign mode. All of this takes place in mysterious, fantasy medieval, complete 3D world.

Total War Battles by SEGA

Android Police review: [Game Review] Total War Battles: Shogun Is A Failed Experiment In Real-Time Strategy

Sega's Total War series is something of a legend among PC strategy enthusiasts, thanks to battles with tens of thousands of units and unflinching realism. As Total War Battles moves to mobile, it has to give up a lot of that, shifting the smaller game into a hybrid of Plants vs Zombies defense and hexagonal board games. The action is slow and the resource management is maddening - and there are in-app purchases on top of an already expensive game.


Specifically developed for touchscreen platforms, Total War Battles™: SHOGUN is a new real-time strategy game from the makers of the award-winning Total War series.  Total War Battles™ delivers quick-fire, tactical combat balanced with intuitive building and unit management. All set in a beautifully illustrated Medieval Japan. Lead your clan to battle through more than 10 hours of story-driven campaign set in the world of Total War™: SHOGUN 2; winner of “Best Strategy Game of 2011” awards from Gamespot, IGN, Gamespy and GameTrailers.

NFL Kicker 13

Extra points and field goals are often some of the most tense and dramatic moments in a football game, because hitting a target 45 yards away with a leather oblong is no simple task. the latest official NFL title for Android shrinks the Madden experience down to a single player affair, letting you have a window into the nail-bitingly tense world of real NFL kickers. Just remember to take the backdoor out of the stadium if you miss that overtime field goal.


Star as a pro Kicker and experience the glory of being the NFL's top scorer. Become an NFL Kicker. Choose your favorite team and get ready for the ultimate kicking game from the makers of hit games Flick Golf, Flick Soccer and the award winning NFL Flick Quarterback. Awesome graphics featuring you as the kicker with incredibly detailed players in the most impressive setting ever seen in a kicker game.

Music Samurai

You wouldn't think that slicing people in half and rocking out would mix well, but PixelPunch begs to differ. Music Samurai mixes Guitar Hero-style rhythm with Edo-period samurai action, in a strange combination of music and violence. There's a free demo available if you're not keen to shell out a little yen.


Highly addictive rhythm action game within Samurai style. Inspired by such TV series as "Afro Samurai" "Samurai Champloo" and other modern pearls - Music Samurai blends ancient Asian Katana by adding western sharpening to it. Our angry hero got in trouble when his bowl of rice was eaten by wicked chubby samurai. Main character is going through personal dilemma of getting revenge and a need to eat. And all of this while running through vibrant villages
and towns.

The Price is Right™ Decades

Bob Barker may not be headlining anymore, but The Price Is Right remains a daily ritual for millions of blue-haired ladies around the country. (Just kidding, Grandma.) The Price Is Right: Decades lets you play the game through the annals of time, including items from relevant decades (with period-correct pricing), just to make it interesting. For a limited time the game is on sale for just a buck, a price that any champion can appreciate.


Come On Down. Take A Trip Back To Memory Lane. The Price Is Right Decades retains all of the treasured game play elements found in previous The Price Is Right games, including classics such as ‘Plinko,’ ‘The Big Wheel’ and the popular ‘Showcases,’ but also features never-seen before pricing games. Additionally, a new twist awaits all players: you will have to guess the non-adjusted pricing of randomly selected items from different decades.


Imagine G-Jump as a more complicated version of the old marble games you used to play in the car. Guide the ball through the levels with a simple flick or use various gravity modifiers to get the job done.


Get the ball to the finish in as few G-Jumps as possible.Guide the ball through each and every single level of G-Jump as best as you can. Get Ready, Aim, Jump. It's as simple as that... Or is it not?. Finishing the levels is the easy part, but can you Perfect them all? Plus, will you be able to unlock the special achievements? Plus, will you.... no, I'll leave that one to myself. Four special achievements and over eighty unique levels with more on the way. Gravity, Teleport, Mirror wall, Zero-gravity field... That's just a few things you'll encounter in this simple, yet challenging jumping puzzler.

Paddletronic Duel

What could be simpler than Pong (aside from Breakout?)? Certainly not Paddletronic Duel, which takes the classic formula and adds in obstacles that will alter the ball's path in unpredictable ways. Special modified paddles, power-ups, and other goodies will keep things interesting. This one's definitely designed for tablets.


Two goals, two paddles, one ball.Paddletronic Duel is a brand new break-through tablet game that has reinvented and futurized the classic arcade game Pong, taking it to an entirely new level. In this game, players battle back and forth in the midst of dynamic obstacles and electrifying challenges. With specialized paddles, players can experiment with a variety of game strategies - throw shurikens at your enemy with the Ninja paddle, or smash the ball with full force as a Tank. And for the nostalgic players? Go old-school with the Classic Paddle.


Turn-based strategy returns to Android with the appropriately-titled Slay. Conquer a hexagonal island with a combination of resource gathering, unit creation, and strategy. There are dozens of maps to conquer, even if they are a little simple, but you'll need excellent troop placement and a good understanding of the flat terrain to make it past the first few levels.


Slay is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided up between the six players, and you must try to capture your enemies' land and link up your own territories to create larger and stronger ones. You begin capturing land by attacking with your peasants. Once your territories become richer you can combine peasants to make stronger and stronger people (Spearmen, Knights and then Barons) who can kill weaker enemy troops, or knock down their castles. Just be careful that you don't create too many expensive men or the territory will go bankrupt.

To-Fu 2

Breakout with added Hong Kong Phooey. That's the basis behind To-Fu and its new sequel, which lets you smash the title character through various levels and obstacles with power-ups, upgrades, and strategy. With 115 levels, it should make a decent addition to any physics fan's folder.


Introducing To-Fu 2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit, To-Fu: The Trials of Chi. Reunite with To-Fu and harness the power of Chi. Get ready to smash through objects with the all-new Super Ping move and be prepared for many new obstacles and challenges. Ping around corners with 45 degree blocks & ricochet off rebound blocks across 115 all-new, brain-bending levels. The newly added Time Trial mode tasks you with collecting as much Chi as you can within the time limit. To-Fu 2 also features a brand new store than enables you to purchase extravagant costumes for your favorite soy hero and many other helpful goodies. To-Fu's back, and he's stretchier than ever.

Space Off

Speaking of Breakout, Space Off combines it with the classic Pong multiplayer style and a top-down space shooter. It's a unique concept: use your ship to wear down your opponent's defenses before they can do the same to you. Some interestingly shifted levels should keep things fresh from a gameplay perspective.


Get ready for explosive arcade action .... Challenge your friends to insane head-to-head battles or compete against evil AI opponents in SpaceOff, the unique physics based shooter. Blast the asteroid over your opponent's screen edge to win but be sure he does not do the same to you.

The Curse

The Wario Ware variety-style game seems to be making a big splash on mobile. The latest is The Curse, a collection of mini-games with a vaudeville style theme and a story about getting a cunning old trickster back into his cursed book. Finish the puzzles and he'll be banished. Fail... and who knows what he'll do.


A puzzle/strategy game with 100 puzzles that must be solved to defeat The Curse.The mysterious figure appears from behind a burst of smoke, his voice deep and taunting. "I must say, I can't thank you enough for your generous gift of freedom. I've been hidden away for so long " The realization of what you've done suddenly hits. Upon activating the book you've unleashed an ancient curse and unwittingly released the Mannequin: a mischievous adversary who lays a challenge before you.


Stunt Bunnies Circus

Animal abuse is never funny. Except when the animals in question are this adorable. As a rogue Stunt Bunny, you'll have to canon through the air to rescue your comrades who are falling from the tightrope. Dodge flame jugglers and lions to keep your friends from becoming very flat, squishy patches in the center ring.


The Stunt Bunnies Circus is in town and the Ringmaster Fox, Claude Reynard, orders his Stunt Bunnies to perform increasingly dangerous routines, involving cannons, tight ropes, flaming torches, hungry lions and an extended side-cast of funny performing rabbits with different behaviours. You must send Jet Bunny flying through the air to save his falling furry long-eared friends from certain doom. Chain ‘saves’ together to score more points and land safely to earn your coins. There are unlockable power ups that can make Jet Bunny's job easier: Crash mats, Fire jackets, Rocket fuel and the magical 'bullet-time' green carrot.


Points for originality: Jellyflug is a side-scrolling platformer starring Grash the bacteria, as he journeys through his petri dish of a world. There's also a considerable amount of physics, as you'll have to use the environment to create pathways and get through the levels. The style reminds me a lot of the old Earthworm Jim console games.


Welcome to Jellyflug. Explore the micro world in this infectious platformer. Run, jump and battle your way through the micro-world of bacteria. Meet Grash as he explores the immense landscapes of kitchen sinks, floors, cutting boards from a completely new perspective; through the eyes of a bacterium.

House Pest: Fiasco the Cat

If you've been unwise enough to choose a cat for your household pet, you know that they're equipped with limitless creativity when it comes to messes. House Pest: Fiasco the Cat asks you to clean them up, along with a few extra mini-games. The full version features more levels and achievements.


Race to fix Fiasco the Cat’s latest disaster before you nosy neighbor arrives. Meet Fiasco the Cat™. Your new feline friend is curious, adorable and a tad mischievous, which means your living room could become a complete wreck. Race the clock to fix Fiasco’s latest disaster before your nosy neighbor arrives. Want more Fiasco? This cat really makes a scene in the full version, which includes 6 additional rooms, 45 total games, and 2 difficulty levels. These exciting challenges and hilarious hijinks await for only $2.99.

Demolition Dash

Any fan of Rampage has a place in his heart for mercilessly destructive gigantic monsters. That place might be filled by Demolition Dash, a platformer that takes the old destruction formula and adds some impressive graphics and varied level mechanics. This one isn't out on the Google Play Store yet - you'll have to venture to the Amazon Appstore for the $1.99 download.


Demolition Dash is a unique platformer with stunning new gameplay features. Take control of the tiny monster Zilla and annihilate everything in sight on your way through eight famous cities. Avoid dangerous obstacles by jumping, and destroy all objects and enemies around you with Zilla's mighty roar. Get Zilla on your Mac and let your destructive urges run wild!

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Demolition Dash - Amazon Appstore

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