Now here's a novel idea - a carrier actually helping you save money on your bill. That's exactly what US Cellular is providing with a new app that just landed in the Play Store.

Basically, the app sits idly in the background, watching for "partner" Wi-Fi hotspots. Once it locates one, it automatically connects, which ultimately saves you, the customer, money on your bill (or at least conserves some data). Pretty rad, no?

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According to the Play Store listing, "WiFi hotspots are tested for functionality and quality service," so you can at least feel (somewhat) comfortable connecting to seemingly random networks.

This app is, of course, available only for US Cellular customers and is completely free. Get it!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

    How is this any better than setting your WiFi settings to connect to open networks?

    • IamTheFij

      There are secured networks that I believe it auto connects to if they are partners.

      • Asphyx

        But doesn't the standard WiFi automatically connect (if you set it to) to networks that you have accounts for anyway?
        I'm curious why you need this at all?

  • ProductFRED

    This is cool and all, but the reporting option basically tells me that partners includes "people with unsecured wifi routers." Not cool. This would be fine for Starbucks, McDonalds, Boingo, etc.

  • http://profiles.google.com/youngkwangk Young Kim

    I believe at&t have been doing the similar thing. The phone automatically connects to the wifi connection labeled "attwifi". I've seen it available in McDonalds and Starbucks

  • Martha

    A few answers... this product connects you to millions of hotspots, including big names like starbucks, mcdonalds, panera bread, walmart as well as your local library, and even your local wine bar or small business establishment that has provided open hotspots for you to connect to.... assuming the performance at all these locations is good. The product won't connect you to something that has poor performance. The ATT app someone mentioned earlier only connects you to ATT locations (roughly 30k starbucks). FInally, smartphones don't auto connect you to hotspots you haven't connect to before. This product will auto connect you to millions of locations that it knows about and knows are high quality.

  • duke69111

    how about the one at my local Buffalo Wild Wings. its called pubesinbmw or something like that.