Atrix HD owners, it's time to hit the "check update" button - a new software update (build 77.12.22) is currently rolling out to your device. The OTA brings quite a few bug fixes and the like:


  • Improvements in WI-FI to allow for stronger connections in more places.


  • Optimized Battery performance and metering for longer battery life


  • The camera changes include improvements for low light performance, reduced blurriness, and better color accuracy.
  • Bar code scanning applications like AT&T code scanner will have a higher rate of accuracy on 1st scan.


  • Optimized EA/Gameloft games performance.
  • With Spotify Market Application, when skipping to the next song, the player will no longer pause.


  • Optimized playback of Widevine streaming content which does not impact most of the streaming content available today.

Live Wallpaper

  • Removed Not Supported Live Wallpaper 1) Color Bands, 2) Forest 3)Triangulations.
  • Software update will revert to Factory default Wallpaper if one of the above three is user selected prior to the update.


  • Corrected functionality for Fixed pictures being Geo Tagged when settings has it disabled.

New and Updated Apps

  • Added latest versions of AT&T apps (Smart Wi-Fi, YPmobile), Pre Loaded apps (Quickoffice), and Google apps (Chrome, Google+, Maps, Gmail, Play Store, Street View).


  • Implemented Latest Google Security Patches.

The update should be available now for all users. You can pull it by heading into Settings > About phone > System updates. After that, the update should download and automatically install.


[Motorola; Thanks, kulowlaptop!]

Cameron Summerson
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  • torrey

    Dont do updates if you want to be able to print to your own printer. The updatedeletes your printer settings and will only search for retail locations. Tech says no fix and the update notifies you cant uninstall update

  • mgamerz

    I like how they remove features that didn't work.
    Also, my atrix is still being neglected.

  • alex

    the update crash my atrix

  • yarrellray

    Apple iphone 5 is useless and boring. Enjoy the video it's priceless.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u28sTUxk3jw&feature=youtube_gdata_player