There may have been a bit of a false start recently, when a Sprint employee took to the community forums to announce that the rollout of Jelly Bean for the Nexus S had begun. Maybe the rep confused the Nexus S for the Galaxy Nexus, as we hadn't heard any reports that users had received the OTA for the older of the two Nexii. Today, though, Sprint has posted in its forums details on the upgrade, including a release date of today, September 11th.


As previously reported, the build number will be JRO03R. The rollout should be beginning today. While we didn't have reason to doubt the veracity of the Sprint rep from a few days ago, this is even more solid info. It's possible that the JB upgrade was scheduled for release last week and got pushed back. Either way, it's on its way now. Sound off in the comments if your Nexus S receives another delicious treat.

Source: Sprint (1), (2)

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • James Luzbetak

    I got it this morning OTA.

  • http://danielmilner.com Daniel

    My phone received the update last night, but my wife's phone is still waiting.

  • oddfuzz

    Wasn't showing up on the manual 'system update recheck.' However I used the trick I was reading about for the Nexus and am downloading it now.

    Just go to system settings>apps then scroll to all. Select Google Services Framework then Force stop and Clear data. Next hit the back button twice to get to the main setting menu and head to 'About phone' then 'System updates' and recheck for updates.

    It did not work the first try, but I tried it immediately after the first and it worked.

    • Howard Finfer

      You did that on your NS4G and it worked?

      • oddfuzz

        Yeah, like I said, it took two tries, but yes!

        • Howard Finfer

          when you say 2 tries, did you stop & clear the Google Service Framework twice?

          • Howard Finfer

            Downloading now! :-) Thanks @7fdd2e1a3eb17b72698fb26b6def8ea9:disqus

          • http://twitter.com/OMGrant Grant Garrison

            Confirming. Took one try for me. Thanks for the epic tip!

          • Howard Finfer

            I had to do it like 4 or 5 times. Download is nearly complete over 3G :-)

      • oddfuzz

        Yes, it took two tries but it worked the second.

    • http://twitter.com/mrinterweb Sean McCleary

      My wife and I have the Nexus S 4G and that trick worked for my phone, but not for my wife's phone. She doesn't seem to get nearly as excited about OS updates as me so she doesn't seem to mind waiting.

  • Guest

    @7fdd2e1a3eb17b72698fb26b6def8ea9:disqus you did that method on your ns4g and it worked?

  • Cameron

    I did the clear framework / force close routine about 5 times before it worked. But it did work on my NG4G this morning..

    • Cameron

      To be more clear, clear framework / force close / check for update. It did take several tries, but it did work eventually!

  • http://twitter.com/Androidawg Woody Mahan

    Oh My Goodness. Clear Data on Google Services worked for me too. It took about 5 tries. This is on an NS 4G. No BS I swear.

  • ryleymiller21

    Worked for me too! it took about 6 tries

  • BangIShotYou

    Just wanted to point out that people have been reporting OTA updates since yesterday. I was lucky enough to have been on XDA around 4 PM or so and there was a bit of excitement over a bunch of us getting copies and manually installing the update (either through fastboot or ODIN). About half an hour later the first person who hadn't done things manually like the rest of us posted that they had just received the OTA update and put the link up.

    For those wanting it I highly suggest checking out XDA. No flashable zips just yet (for those with custom recoveries), but if you know how to use fastboot or ODIN (or prefer the Google supplied link) then you're set and no need to wait.

    Been rocking the official update since about 4:30 myself yesterday and it's nice. Missed the lack of backlight notifications, so threw on a different kernel and all has been smooth sailing since. Might see if that Quick Messaging apk from the CM team works though, that'd be a nice thing to have as well.

  • http://twitter.com/qu4ttr0 Drew

    anyone know if the below method will work for my Epic4G? I thought that it was out for my device already as well...

  • Sam

    Got it!! Cleared Framework then Force Close Check for updates, had to do it a couple times but finally got it!

  • spydie

    damn, all these phones and tablets getting JB and our flagship phone, the SGS3 still no word. Come on Samsung... wtf? And you want me to buy the new Note 2? It will never get Key Lime Pie if I buy a new phone... all the old ones are getting it, but not the latest ones. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Bob

    Wife got hers last night. No trickery involved.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Temitope-Ogungbadero/611003167 Temitope Ogungbadero

    Also did the clear framework / force close trick. Took all night, but after at least 30 tries, I got the update this morning. At long last.

  • Dennis

    Had to do the Google Service Framework -> Clear -> Force Close, back button 2 times, then select About Phone and Sprint Updates, then wait a minute then press check update. Did that 3 times total, but the Android 4.1.1 System Update is downloading now!

  • FFVII7

    gallery nor music that was already on sd card doesn't work on nexus s 4g jelly bean update