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Featured App

Video Locker Pro

Today's roundup is sponsored by Handy Apps' newest addition to its privacy and security stable, Video Locker and Video Locker Pro.

The principle is the same as their Photo Locker apps featured in many of our previous roundups: protect the videos stored locally on your device with a PIN, and keep them away from prying eyes.

The protection goes beyond mere denial of access. Video Locker will not appear in your list of recent apps, and the Pro version has an option to hide it from your app drawer as well.

Should you choose to enable it, the only way to access Video Locker Pro will be via an inconspicuous calculator widget and your personal PIN code. Speaking of which, you can recover your PIN via email if you forget it in either version.

Other features include a tablet-friendly user interface, 128-bit AES encryption, bulk video hiding, and folder-level locking. The standard app is free, while Video Locker Pro is advertisement-free and hidden from your app drawer for a reasonable $2.99.


Magisto - Magical Video Editor

Android Police review: [Review] Magisto Is An Automatic Video Editor For Android That, Against All Odds, Doesn't Suck

Video editing is a process that doesn't lend itself well to automation - it's strenuous, detail-oriented, and time-consuming. Magisto isn't a replacement for a full-featured video editor, but it can make uploading more professional videos from your phone a lot easier. Shoot one or more videos and add music if you like, then automatically upload to YouTube.


Magisto is a fun and easy way to share your video memories with your friends.  Just shoot and upload your videos and Magisto turns them into beautifully edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.  Don’t miss out on sharing your best video moments...install Magisto now.

TabletSMS by DeskSMS

Android Police coverage: [New App] TabletSMS, From The Creator Of DeskSMS, Lets You Send SMS And MMS Messages From Your Tablet

Koushik Duttra, also known as "that guy who makes ClockworkMod Recovery," is something of a legend on the Android modding scene. But he's also been branching out into individual apps, the latest of which is TabletSMS. It's a mobile extension of his DeskSMS program, allowing you to use your phone number to send text messages from your tablet, even over WiFi.


TabletSMS by DeskSMS - Text from your tablet using your regular phone number. TabletSMS lets you text from your tablet using your regular phone number. TabletSMS is a tablet extension for DeskSMS. Setup is easy:

1) Install and log into the latest version of DeskSMS on your phone:
2) Install TabletSMS on your tablet.
3) You're done. Your messages will quickly show up on your tablet, and you can get to texting.

Unlike other solutions, you don't need to be on the same wifi network, or connect via bluetooth. It even works if you don't have your phone with you. Got an internet connection? TabletSMS will work.


Android Police coverage: Official Microsoft SkyDrive App Now Available For Android

You might be a regular user of Google Drive or Dropbox, but one good cloud service deserves another. Microsoft's own SkyDrive (which is surprisingly solid, by the way) now has an official Android client. Uploads and downloads are supported, along with a document and image viewer. Like the basic SkyDrive service itself, the app is free.


SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for Android, you can now easily access and share files on the go. You can also upload photos or videos from your phone to SkyDrive.

µTorrent Beta

Android Police coverage: [New App] µTorrent Releases Full-Function BitTorrent Beta Client For Android

µTorrent, or "MicroTorrent," is easily one of the most popular BitTorrent clients in the desktop world, and it's been officially absorbed by the BitTorrent company. They've released an official Android version, and though the free beta looks a lot like the standard version of BitTorrent, it's a welcome addition to the somewhat lacking torrent options in the Play Store.


Find torrents and download them directly to your smartphone or tablet - all with this handy torrent app from the team that invented the BitTorrent protocol over a decade ago. Subscribe to RSS feeds, play content and more. The first generation of this powerful new app is designed to be easy-to-use, super-fast, and make your Android device so much more fun. µTorrent for Android (Beta) is currently free, and best of all, there's no speed or size limits. To get the best performance and avoid running up your data charges, we recommend taking advantage of WiFi whenever possible.

Lyft: On-Demand Ridesharing

Android Police coverage: Official Lyft App Now Available For Android, Brings 'On-Demand Ridesharing' To San Francisco (For Now)

Lyft is a new service designed to easily transport urbanites around without having to hail a taxi or catch a bus. You can always call in or schedule a pickup online, but now there's an Android app to make it that much easier. So far the service is limited to the San Francisco Bay area, and the available rides are somewhat lacking.


Need a ride? Get a Lyft. We make sure you never get stranded in the city. Lyft is a sweet new on-demand ride service that's a fraction of the cost of a cab. Now available for Android, you can instantly request a pickup, and a safe, friendly driver will be there within minutes. We select awesome, trustworthy drivers from the community who swiftly get you to your destination (they’re background-checked AND personality-checked, too.). Lyft is currently available in San Francisco.

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

Android Police coverage: [New App] Autodesk ForceEffect Motion – Create Fully Articulated, Movable Mechanical Designs From Your Mobile Device

Those of you who've spent time in the mathematics department know that AutoDesk is a powerful application for scientific computation. While the full version is still a bit much for mobile hardware, ForceEffect Motion will let you create simple physical models and simulations. Applications aren't all that apparent outside the physics department, but it's a free download.


Developing mechanical systems with moving parts is now easier than ever with Autodesk® ForceEffect Motion™. Autodesk® ForceEffect Motion™ brings engineering to the point of the problem with a mobile engineering app for simulating design concepts in the field, in the office or in the classroom. This purpose built tool allows users to develop functional moving mechanical systems right on their mobile devices. Unlike the traditional approach of using paper, pencil, and a calculator to develop equations for design options, Autodesk ForceEffect Motion does all the simulation and engineering calculations for you right on your mobile device, enabling you to quickly and easily simulate design options during the concept phase to determine the viability of a design.


Android Police coverage: [New App] SwatchMatic Creates Live, Automatic Color Swatches From Your Smartphone Camera - Plus Robots

Did you ever find that perfect shade of burnt umber on an aspen tree, and despaired that you'd never be able to create the perfect color theme based on it? As long as you've got an Android phone, you needn't worry. SwatchMatic creates automatic color themes for graphic and web designers, wrapped up in a swanky package. With robots. Output is in the standard formats, making it easy to import into your software of choice.


SwatchMatic, the point-and-shoot color palette maker . . . with robots. You need colors -- for your website, your company logo, your wedding, your kitchen makeover, whatever. Fortunately, they're everywhere, and SwatchMatic helps you artfully combine and share them. Point your mobile's camera at a color you like and it tells you the color's name and all the values you need to recreate it, plus it gives you five other colors that nicely match it.


Android Police coverage: [New App] Official TechCrunch App For Android Tablets Hits The Play Store

If you don't know TechCrunch, you haven't been following consumer technology news for long. The mostly accurate, sometimes infamous, and always opinionated home of Michael Arrington now has its own Android app. It looks pretty good, though it's designed exclusively for tablets. Try and install it on your smartphone and you'll get a lot of errors.


The beautifully designed, free, TechCrunch app brings you all the news from TechCrunch’s award-winning website and is fully integrated with CrunchBase—the industry leading startups, entrepreneurs and investors database. Meanwhile, the TechCrunch Trending list and TechTweets will quickly show you the stories and social updates currently keeping the tech world chatting.

tcr1 tcr2 tcr3

ESPN College Football

Android Police coverage: ESPN Bowl Bound App Becomes ESPN College Football, Tempts The Wrath Of NCAA Fans Everywhere

ESPN Bowl Bound is now ESPN College Football, complete with a spiffy new Holo UI. It gets you coverage of every major college team in the US, but not everyone is happy with this year's update: in order to keep track of your favorite teams, you'll need to create an ESPN account. Even so, with notifications for score changes and major news, it could be a useful addition to the college sports fan's playbook.


The new ESPN College Football App is the ultimate, year-round companion for every college football fan. Follow the nation's top stories with unprecedented coverage and watch in-progress highlights as big plays happen. Get breaking news and scoring alerts for your favorite teams’ and follow any game you care about with customizable scoreboards.

NFL Game Rewind

Android Police coverage: NFL Game Rewind Comes To Android, Lets Subscribers Watch Full Replays Of 2012 NFL Games On Your Tablet

You're not a real football fan until you've spent an hour arguing with your friends about the ref's goal-line call in the deep third quarter. With NFL Rewind, obsession becomes that much easier: you can re-watch every single NFL game from your smartphone or tablet, along with custom-edited 30 Minute Rewinds (for skipping all the beer and insurance commercials). A pricy subscription to the NFL service of the same name is required.


NFL Game Rewind lets fans living in the United States watch full replays of NFL games* And now for the first time ever, you can watch full replays of NFL games on demand on your tablet. **Requires a paid subscription to NFL Game Rewind.** Watch full replays of 2012 NFL games streaming on demand on your tablet with an NFL Game Rewind subscription. Coaches Film feature, Condensed Games, Big Play Markers, scores, schedules, stats, and full play-by-play analysis are all available for on-demand games. Everything you love about NFL Game Rewind, now available on your tablet device.

RetailMeNot Coupons

Android Police coverage: Official RetailMeNot Coupons App Hits The Play Store – Search (And Use) An Endless Library Of Coupons On The Go

Coupon cutting is so 20th century. RetailMeNot has become one of the favorite destinations for digital penny-pinchers, and now you don't even need to print out the specials that the service offers for major US store chains. The official RetailMeNot app is finally available on Android, complete with Holo UI and a searchable database of deals.


The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save when you want, where you want at all your favorite stores. Search from hundreds of thousands of online and in-store coupons—whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your home. Browse the RetailMeNot Top Coupons, Popular Stores, Categories and Today’s Hot Deals. Save online with simple tap-to-use code redemption for a seamless mobile experience. Save in the store by presenting the coupon directly from your phone to your cashier. Not ready to make a purchase yet? It's easy to save your coupons for later.


Android Police Coverage: [New App] HandsonAR Uses Augmented Reality To Display How The Galaxy Note II, Optimus VU, Nexus 7, And More Will Look In Your Hands

Augmented reality is already pretty nerdy in and of itself. But to truly extend the geek factor, why not created an augmented reality phone with your phone? (Those of you preparing Xzibit jokes in the comments section: stop that right now.) HandsonAR creates virtual copies of popular Android devices like the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note II, Nexus 7, et cetera, and places them in your hand virtually through an augmented reality app on your phone. It's an ingenious way to get a "feel" for a new device without having to head to a retail store.


With the handsonAR App you can now view Galaxy Note 2 (and other devices) directly on your hand. All you need is to print this image marker on your printer (please don't scale the image) and run the application. DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THE MARKER HERE: http://www.brosvision.com/handsonar.png handsonAR uses augmented reality, will find the image marker and will display the mobile device instead.

Every device in application is fully 3D in actual size.

Currently, you can visualize these devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  • Asus Nexus 7
  • LG Optimus VU
  • Nokia Lumia 920

ar1 ar2 ar3

My Disney Experience - WDW

Android Police Coverage: [New App] Official My Disney Experience Guides You Around Walt Disney World With GPS Maps And Wait Times

Disney World is a big place - 30,000 acres, to be exact. To make getting around easier, Disney has released an official app with GPS-enabled maps, attraction listings, schedules, and even restaurant pages with reservations built right into the app. Best of all, there are approximate wait times for the popular rides, making it much less likely that you'll trek halfway across the Magic Kingdom just to get stuck in a two-hour line.


New GPS-enabled maps, official Disney wait times, dining reservations & more. Featuring brand-new Walt Disney World® maps, official Disney Parks-provided wait times, FASTPASS® return times, ability to book dining reservations, details about nearby Disney Characters, attractions, entertainment, park hours and schedules, and more. Take a sneak peek at Disney Park’s newest application optimized for mobile devices, and keep your eye out for updates as exciting new features continue to be added. My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World® is the very best way to plan your visit, navigate the park, and maximize the magic while enjoying all that Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando has to offer.

TV Show Favs 3.0 update

Android Police coverage: [Hands-On] TV Show Favs Is The First And Last App You Need To Keep Track Of All Your Shows

TV Show Favs just got a major update and a brand new interface, so if you're a TV lover but haven't checked it out due to the wonky UI, definitely do so now. You can find some more details in the hands-on we just posted (linked above).


TV Show Favs is your personal TV tracker. TV Show Favs allows you to keep track of more than 25,000 TV shows. Can't remember which episode you watched last or when the next episode of one of your favorite TV shows airs? Let TV Show Favs help you out.

TV Show Favs allows you to maintain a list of your favorite TV shows, as well as tag any TV show or episode with whatever tag you come up with. Create robust lists to help separate the shows you watch and make it easier to track them. Check out your schedule to see which shows have upcoming episodes, or see which shows had recent episodes you might have missed. Mark which episodes you have watched so you can keep track of the episodes you haven't. Use the to do list to see what your progress is for each show, and to easily see which episodes you need to watch. Check out the top favs among all users of TV Show Favs and even filter by date range, show status, classification and genre. Use the customizable home screen widget to see your next episode for your shows or upcoming or recent episodes at a glance, and even jump to the episode, show, or mark the episode as watched right from the widget.


Android Police coverage: Quora Brings Well-Designed, Functional Question-And-Answer App To Android

Ask Jeeves may be all but dead, but that doesn't mean the natural query search has gone the way of the dodo. Quora is halfway between a social network and a search engine, delivering answers from real people with relevant knowledge. The Quora app connects to your account and allows you to see new content via the homescreen widget. And in a surprising and welcome trend, the new app conforms to Holo UI standards.


Quora connects you to everything you want to know about. Quora for Android makes it easy to get the information you need, wherever you are. With your Quora account, you can ask and answer questions, connect with friends, and follow topics to get updates in your feed.

• Find an answer right away with fast, voice-enabled search
• Add Quora to your phone search for integrated results
• Stay up-to-date with rich push notifications
• Install the widget to see a feed of the best answers on Quora right now
• Share interesting Quora content with friends on any social service you use


Android Police coverage: [New App] DayFrame From Developer Of HD Widgets Cloud.TV Is A Cool Voice-Enabled Slideshow Dock App

HD Widgets is one of the most consistently popular apps on the Google Play Store, and developer Cloud.TV is ready to expand its presence. Their latest app, DayFrame, is a combination photo browser and dock specifically designed for tablets. You can import photo streams from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter into its appropriately beautiful interface. Commenting on photos is done automatically via Google's voice recognition service. The app is currently in alpha.


DayFrame is a photo frame / dock app with a focus on voice commands. It's a simple idea brought up to date with the latest in social photos and JellyBean's awesome voice recognition. DayFrame's outstanding feature is an always up-to-date photostream of friends, family, and interests gathered together from your favorite social networks. Spend less time flipping through apps and enjoy pictures in your real world. DayFrame pulls from several sources, mixing personal moments with shared art and memes so it's always fresh and interesting. But the KILLER difference is voice-command button on the front of the slideshow. Need to look something up? Send a message? Now just tap and say it. Want to comment on a friend's picture? No problem - speak and send. Now that's a dock app.

Sleep Time - Alarm Clock

Android Police coverage: [New App] Sleep Time Alarm Clock Sees You When You're Sleeping, Knows When You Should Wake Up

There are plenty of alarm clocks available for Android, but this one does something unique: analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most appropriate time in your Circadian cycle. Sleep Time Alarm Clock is also pretty slick, with a time setting that uses a clock gesture instead of the old buttons or rollers.


Introducing Sleep Time by Azumio, the next generation sleep cycle alarm clock that will leave you feeling rested after every night's sleep. Sleep Time uses the sensitive accelerometer in your Android to detect movements during the night. Our advanced algorithm determines your phase of sleep, and sets off the alarm at the perfect moment. You will never wake up from a deep sleep feeling groggy again. Find out why over 30 MILLION users love our apps.


Android Police coverage: Chestburster Arrives On Android, Lets A Baby Alien Violently Emerge From Your Chest Cavity With Augmented Reality

If you're one of those people who've always wanted to have breakfast on the Nostromo, this app is for you. Point your device toward a "friend" wearing the special Chestburser T-Shirt, and you can see a 3D Xenomorph busting out of his or her torso just like poor old Kane.


Updated with ability to save screen shot to Gallery. Amazing augmented reality t-shirt app. Learn more at http://www.fingerfunk.se/ARCB, or even better, order the t-shirt at http://www.printfection.com/fingerfunk Watch the alien creature emerge from your heroic chest.

29945dd57b11b822232c98efed193198 96b3febaad5204fc1e885d33fb895eca


Music players are a dime a dozen on the Play Store, so when a new one comes along with a unique user interface, we tend to take notice. With a radial player design, XenoAmp got our attention, but it's more than just a pretty face. All the standard features are there, including a built-in equalizer. XenoAmp is in "unfinished beta," so expect some quirks in the early build.


Why try another music player when you've seen them all, and you use a better one anyway? Well - you haven't seen a music player like this. And believe me - mine's much bigger than yours. Forget screenshots, watch it move.

Sonar: Friends Nearby

Find friends and like-minded people nearby. Have more fun navigating the world. The best way to connect and share with friends and like-minded people nearby, Sonar has been called a “Must-Have” by CNN and an “Essential Tool” by WIRED Magazine. By alerting you to friends nearby and other interesting people, Sonar reveals small world moments you’d have otherwise missed.

✓ Connect your social networks to find friends nearby
✓ Integrates Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Foursquare
✓ Find out what you have in common with interesting people nearby
✓ Set your status, share what you’re up to
✓ New status sends a ping--like a local tweet--to friends nearby
✓ Chat with other Sonar users
✓ Background sharing - no need to check in
✓ You’re in control - pause anytime.


We know a lot of our readers (and writers, and editors) are regular Reddit users. Those of you with tablets may want to try out Focuser, an interesting new take on the social bookmarking service. Focuser allows users to zoom through Reddit's current stories, with more popular stories featured in larger text.


Visualisation of Reddit top news using zoomable treemap. Reddit news reader. News are represented in zoomable treemap view where you can navigate news and images just like geographical map.


  • Zoom news : touch the screen and move left/right and up/down.
  • Open category : touch the category title.
  • Show/hide images for category : touch the category and wait for 5 seconds.
  • Open news site : touch the screen in the news area.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC's former Olympics app has shifted to become Sports Live Extra. It's an extension of NBC's various US-based sports coverage, across football, baseball, basketball, et cetera, including the NBC Sports Network and the Golf Channel. The app still includes video... and it's still restricted (for the most part) to cable and satellite subscribers. Bummer.


Get to ready to watch more than 400 events LIVE for FREE with the NBC Sports Live Extra app. You can follow your favorite events and sports, and receive push notifications for event start times. Download now on your Android handheld and tablet device to prepare for the start of the Notre Dame Football season, and take a look back at the best of the London Olympics. The app will live stream an abundance of live sporting events that air on NBC, NBC Sports Network and the Golf Channel, including MLS, NHL, Notre Dame Football, PGA TOUR, Ryder Cup and more.

nbc1 nbc2 nbc3 nbc4

Weather HD

Say what you will about the current state of the Android app marketplace, but there's no denying we could use more visually appealing apps. Enter Weather HD, easily one of the prettiest apps of its kind. The background changes scenes based on the current weather at your location, or at any of the unlimited cities in the database.


Weather HD is the most beautiful way to check for weather information on your phone or tablet. See the weather in stunning high-definition videos, get accurate weather forecasts all around the world, with 7-day and hourly forecasts, and use an on-screen clock.


• Works on all Android phones and tablets.
• Gorgeous animations depicting the current weather.
• Add an unlimited number of cities.
• 7-day and hourly forecast.
• Swipe the screen to switch between your cities.
• Enable from Settings: Precipitation, Heat Index, Pressure, Dew Point, Wind Chill and Visibility.


I'm no fan of Instagram - the filters in that over-hyped app tend to make photos look worse, not better. But there's a new app out there that adds some interesting effects that you can't find even on desktop-class image editors. Lithic takes your photos and makes vector-based, black-and-white lithographs that are undeniably interesting. You'll need a photo with just the right contrast to get the effect right, but the results are striking when it works.


Lithic transforms your photos into realistic mini comic book / graphic novels providing customizations for layout, captions and more. Its state of the art filter creates effects from Van Gogh's painterly style to the harsh and gritty film noir look of Frank Miller. New features and improvements are in the works so keep watching this space. As always we love to hear what our users think. Please feel free to contact us with ideas and comments. We value your feedback.

Ad Hawk

If you're the kind of newshound who obsesses over the various political campaigns leading up to the November election... well, you probably need a new hobby. Like yarn cataloging. But if you must, Ad Hawk (clever) identifies the ad and tells you exactly who's funding it, so you can gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, and perhaps make a more informed decision about the validity of their claims.


Identify election ads as they air and learn about who is behind them immediately on your mobile device. Ad Hawk was produced by the nonpartisan nonprofit Sunlight Foundation. The app helps Americans know who spends money to influence their votes by providing valuable contextual information about the TV and radio ads they see during the 2012 elections. We ask for permission to access your location because we collect anonymous location information with one-mile accuracy to improve our database of where political ads are airing and to identify slight variations across media markets. This is on by default, and can easily be disabled at any time in the app's settings. Your contributions help improve the database for everyone. Thanks.


Muzy is a strange mix between online photo editor and Tumblr-style blogging platform. The new Android app takes several steps out of the process, allowing you to take photos from your phone or tablet, edit them, upload them, and annotate them without ever leaving the app. Muzy is free, but several early users are reporting stability issues.


Over 10 million people use Muzy. It's the free, all-in-one way to edit photos, make collages, and more. Instantly share to Facebook or just save it for later. Muzy combines your favorite creative tools for photos, collages, status messages, and more:

• Collage photos from Facebook, your camera roll, and the Internet together with text and backgrounds
• Frame your pics with dozens of classic layouts
• Add gorgeous effects to any photo to make them vintage, sepia, black and white, and more
• Write a status message with custom fonts


Tweetification does just one thing: detects incoming SMS messages from Twitter and displays them as a notification. Simple, useful, (assuming you still use text alerts from Twitter) and customizable.


Tweetification is a small app that intercepts a SMS notification message from Twitter and displays it as a system notification. ** You need to setup Twitter SMS notification for this app to work ** You can customize which application launches when touched. 3rd party Twitter applications are not being granted push notification access from Twitter at the moment. Poll notifications waste your battery.

Hooha for App.net

The future of paid social network App.net is still very much in the air, but they've got at least one thing right: APIs for developers. One of the first App.net clients for Android is the oddly-named Hooha, which integrates with your stream and allows you to post and share in the standard way. It's got impressive Holo UI integration, putting it one step above the likes of the official apps from Twitter and Facebook.


Say hello to Hooha (formally Jive), a new App.net client built for the community from the ground up. Hooha is a simple, clean and minimalistic app that is designed for readability. It makes reading, posting and sharing on App.net from your Android device a breeze. What's App.net? It's a different kind of social platform. A real-time social service where users and developers come first, not advertisers. Hooha requires an App.net account. Don't have one? https://join.app.net/

Norton Spot Ad Detector

Norton's got its fair share of detractors, but we can all agree that spam and adware are even worse. The new Spot Ad Detector aims to locate and pinpoint adware on your device, making it easy to remove. Can't figure out which of the half-dozen new apps on your phone is spamming your notification area? Give Norton Spot Ad Detector a try.


Norton Spot is an ad detector and scanner of advertising networks that can spam your device via apps you install. Identify apps that don't respect your privacy and remove them. Monitor for intrusive alerts and block aggressive mobile advertising (madware) practices, including apps that constantly push ads to your notification bar, create unauthorized desktop shortcuts, and secretly collect your personal information. We spot the madware, you decide whether to keep it. It's your device. Take back control with Norton Spot.

Ceton Companion | Media Center

Windows Media Center is for the kind of people that love to build their own TiVos. If you're looking for a solid WiFi remote, then look no further than Ceton Companion. It incorporates not only a standard remote, but a database of the videos stored locally and a TV schedule, allowing you to set up your recording in advance. You can even manage which television or PC to play back video on.


Manage and control your Windows Media Center experience on your phone or tablet. If you love Windows Media Center you’ll REALLY love the Ceton Companion. Manage and control your Media Center experience from your Android phone or tablet, whether you’re inside or outside the house. Requires Ceton Companion Services (free, Windows 7 only) to be installed on your PC. Please visit http://www.CetonCorp.com/Companion


We all know that using the same password for everything makes for incredibly poor security, but all too many of us do it anyway. If you're looking for more security without beating your brains out, Dashlane may be a good choice. Industry-standard AES-256 encryption keeps your information safe behind a master password or PIN number, synced back to Dashlane on your desktop.


The most secure password manager and personal data vault on the planet. Simplify and secure your life with Dashlane, the most secure password manager and personal data vault available. All the data you store on Dashlane, be it on your Android phone and other synced devices, are locally-encrypted with AES-256, a military-grade encryption which can only be unlocked with your master password which isn't stored anywhere. This Android app is the companion to the Dashlane desktop app which allows you to manage all your passwords, generate super-secure ones, and store all your sensitive info like ID's and credit cards in one place — and then automatically fill all the forms that require this information, enabling instant logins and checkouts universally across the web.

Audiobooks for Android

Audible has a lot of fans, but there are plenty who don't like its credit system and limited downloads. If you want a catalog of audiobooks in an independent market, give Audiobooks for Android a try. It ties into the Audiobooks.com database for content. You can stream purchased books over any connection, but unfortunately downloads are limited to WiFi.


Listen to audiobooks on your Android phone or tablet with our free app. Download up to 2 audiobooks at a time over wi-fi for offline listening or stream audiobooks instantly from our library of more than 15,000 bestsellers and new releases.

  • Download audiobooks (up to 2 at a time) to your Android phone or tablet
  • Stream audiobooks instantly
  • Customize your settings to automatically stream or download books over wi-fi or cellular networks
  • 15,000+ best sellers, new releases and audiobooks for kids – and we’re adding more titles all the time
  • Automatic bookmarking means you never lose your place
  • Full-featured audiobook player integrates with native Android functionality to automatically pause when your listening is interrupted by a phone call
  • Save books to your personal reading list so you always know your next listen


Brits have long enjoyed live video streaming of various over-the-air channels, something that's escaped US viewers. TV Catchup allows UK Android users to stream live channels with an interesting UI. Stability and quality can be an issue for some, but it's hard to argue with free.


Watch free to air TV live on the move, never miss a show again. TVCatchup enables you to watch FREE live UK TV on the move. Join over 7.3 Million users who enjoy:

  • Over 50 Channels - Including BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Dave, CBeebies, 4Music, movies4men and Film4.
  • Optimised Adaptive Streaming compatible with cellular networks and wifi
  • Free of Charge
  • What's on Now and Next
  • High quality streams
  • TV Out support (May Require Cable Adaptor)
  • Share your thoughts with Twitter and Email


Anybody tired of "social" apps yet? Telly is yet another social network designed exclusively around video - think of it as an Instagram for moving pictures. Shoot videos, add music from your local storage, post them to the Telly website, and if you're really desperate for attention, cross-post to Twitter and Facebook. Happy shooting.


Telly is a Social Video Network. It is a simple and fun way to create and discover amazing videos. It lets you capture, add music, and share your best videos, is also a place to discover what to watch through your social connections, personal interests, and also simply through what's trending. Easily share your creations with friends on Telly, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or privately through email and SMS. Telly helps you discover awesome videos to watch on the go. See a feed of videos taken by friends, influencers and celebrities, as well as a stream of today's most viral videos from across the web.


Welcome to yet another "kid mode": KinderPhone allows you to hand your phone or tablet to your child without worrying that they'll open something they shouldn't. Of course, that's assuming that you trust your child with your multi-hundred-dollar gadget. KinderPhone is designed for younger kids, with big, friendly contact photos for important contacts like mom and dad.


With Kinder Phone app you can turn any Android device into your kid's first smart phone: safe, friendly and fun. KinderPhone provides kid's friendly interface and ability for parents to manage contacts, apps and media access. KinderPhone also provides a secured communication between family members including locations and quick check-ins.


There have been a lot of attempts to create a fusion between the most popular social networks, but Via.Me is more targeted. It combines the similar features of Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr to provide an all-in-one app for some of the most popular photo sharing services out there. You can even post photos with Instagram-style filters (ugh) to the service of your choice.


Via.Me is Your Social Storyboard. Via.Me lets you share your stories in pictures, video, sound and text. Use Via.Me to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, while hosting it all on your Via.Me social storyboard. It’s never been easier to capture your most memorable moments and share them with all your friends. Everyone is raving about Via.Me’s app and online profile. Try it now.

Coach's Eye by TechSmith

Need to work on your team's pitching mechanics? How about your tennis student's swing? Coach's Eye is a unique app which allows you to film sports and annotate the video with basic drawing skills, John Madden-style. It's a well thought out solution for coaches who want to teach the fine detail of sports mechanics to their pupils, no matter what the game. Sharing via email or text message makes getting a copy to your team members easy.


You can’t fix what you can’t see. Coach's Eye provides video capture with slow-motion review, drawing tools, and simple sharing. Coach’s Eye provides the most effective way for anyone to coach or learn form and technique. Improve your pitcher's fastball, straighten your golf swing, easily break down a volleyball serve, improve soccer skills, or even demonstrate weightlifting form. Every coach, parent and athlete needs an edge and Coach's Eye delivers. Coach’s Eye is the easiest to use video analysis software ever made and it’s packed with amazing capabilities. Neither you nor your athletes will be disappointed.

Popcorn Player

Tablets are great for multitasking... but most Android devices aren't set up to properly take advantage of it. PopCorn Player is a small but valuable step in the right direction, allowing users to keep a local video playing over standard video apps. Honeycomb or later is required.


PopCorn Player (Alpha) is a minimalistic and simple pop up player for Phones and Tablets with Android 3.0 and above. Free pop up video player with realtime re-size (pinch and spread gestures), full screen, hover window, two multi window play back. PopCorn is an innovative video playback app for Android. It is a pop up or floating app that plays videos on the top of your screen, above your other apps. PopCorn Player also supports multi window play back. And best of all, it's AD-FREE and completely FREE.

2XL Trigger Happy

Some first-person-shooter players get so into their games that they literally dream with a high-powered rifle in the lower right corner of their vision. (Not that I'd know anything about that - for me it's the Spy's Ambassador.) 2XL Trigger Happy lets you take out the middle man, overlaying a digital FPS weapon onto video taken from your smartphone. Those Counter-Strike Live videos from YouTube just got a whole lot easier to make.


Become the star of your own First Person Shooter action movie. 2XL Trigger Happy combines augmented reality technology with the video camera allowing you to produce your own military simulation videos. High quality 3D weapons systems are rendered in real time as you film. Physics-based weapons respond to your motion as you move around in the real world. Authentic, high-quality audio recordings all guns firing, shell casings and reloading are provided for each weapon.

Gojee - Food & Drink Recipes

Gastronomic artists, meet your new palette. Gojee is a recipe database hidden behind a gallery app: the food is placed first and foremost in an admirably visual layout, allowing you to get a quick look at dozens of meals and desserts without digging through lists or searches.


Gojee recommends top quality, hand curated FOOD and DRINK recipes from over 200 of the world’s best bloggers. Recommendations are personalized to you — just tell us what you Crave, Have, or Dislike.

Paprika Recipe Manager

For those with more traditional recipe needs, there's Paprika Recipe Manager. Designed for tablets (presumably with a splash-proof guard on them), Paprika manages your own recipes and imports new ones with a cut-and-paste function from its built-in browser.


Delightfully simple recipe management for everyone: from aspiring cooks to professional chefs. With ingredient scaling, grocery lists and meal planning, Paprika is the perfect kitchen companion. If you love to cook, Paprika will be most useful app you've ever downloaded.


NeatCloud is an accountant's dream: a cloud service designed specifically to organize scanned files. While mobile cameras still aren't ideal for the task, users can upload receipts and the like to NeatCloud via the official app, with optical character recognition included. A subscription to the service is required to use the app.


Your digital filing system, everywhere. Try NeatCloud free - neat.com/neatcloud This app is for NeatCloud® subscribers. Try NeatCloud free for 30 days - visit http://www.neat.com/neatcloud. Neat is a digital filing system that helps you transform, organize, and access your important information across all the devices you use. With the Neat app, you can access your important files anywhere, anytime. You can even scan in receipts, business cards, or any other type of document using the camera on your device.

Live Wallpapers

Ocean HD by DualBoot Games

Android Police coverage: DualBoot Games Releases Ocean HD, Its Latest Live Wallpaper To Hit The Play Store

Explore exotic sea life at the depths of the ocean - in true 3D. Dive down and immerse yourself in your own underwater world every time you use your device. Explore the pristine waters of a deep ocean environment teeming with exotic sea life. Discover a sunken ship, coral reef, and more as sunlight glints off hidden treasure. Schools of fish swim past you while a manta ray glides overhead. Or, dive into shallow seas and drift in azure blue waters - it's all up to you. Watch closely and you may even see a shark in the distance.

Power of Life by maxelus

Life must be everywhere . We just need to find a trace of his ... Each of our piece was created in the depths of Galactic Space. In the core of the stars. How did this happen? What is life? Where did we come? Why do we ask? We're curious ... On some planets from the Planets Pack, something started to happen. ... maybe this is a 'Power of life' or 'Spirit of Life'?. Life must be everywhere .  We just need to find a trace of his ... This wallpaper is a small portion of life :)  See what happens on planets from Planetsspot.

Pack. There are many options, colors, behaviors of life ... Works on phones and tablets.


Solar Power

Power the sun with your phone. Command the power of Apollo and ignite an explosive, volatile, torrid storm of searing plasma eruptions, blow outs and flares. All with the touch of a finger, and all without the deadly radiation, vacuum of space, billions of dollars, or searing your eyeballs. Float in space among stars and asteroids while feasting your eyes on beautiful, mesmerizing solar storms. Select different view options to fly around this completely 3D stunning sun.

WTF Apps Of The Week

Watch With Mother

Watch with Mother is something new: a horror gallery television show delivered as an Android app. Choosing to distribute a TV show through an app is strange, but not nearly as strange as some of the things you'll find inside. Check out the video for more - just don't do it on a full stomach. The thing that really freaks me out about this is the title: Watch With Mother?


The Glue Society presents Watch With Mother: a sketch horror show. Most sketch shows feature comic characters, but Watch With Mother takes us behind closed doors into a distinctly dark world. Each episode features an array of creepy and disturbing personalities which will challenge and delight depending on where you draw the line. The app includes all six episodes, galleries and behind the scenes interviews with cast and crew. Viewing modes include Sketch Mode and Shuffle Mode, with other interactive elements built in.

Farts vs Zombies

Android Police coverage: [New Game] Farts Vs Zombies Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, Plus Unicorns For Some Reason

Methods of zombie extermination are many: shotguns, rifles, chainsaws, samurai swords. But until now, I'd never thought of methane gas. In a less than subtle combination of two of the biggest trends in app stores, Farts vs Zombies gets points for execution, if not originality.


Fart to kill Zombies. Colonel John Farter, an American officer who has spent seven years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, has just returned to discover his hometown full of zombies. And his only weapon against them is his ass. Join Farter as he join his old friend Banana Max and, together, free the town from The Evil Unicorn and his army of zombies.


Android Police coverage: [New Game] McPixel Is... I Don't Even Know What... Except It's A Raunchy Game Where Things Explode

Think of Wario Ware for the adult crowd (with "adult" being a very loose term) and you've got McPixel. An ingenious and stylish collection of short mini-games has you "saving the world" via various methods, achieved through the old point-and-click style gameplay of adventure titles gone by. Don't say we didn't warn you: this one is absolutely not for kids.


Saving the day the McPixel way. McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools. You have only 20 seconds to save the day. Think quick.

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