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Yesterday, Amazon made waves by announcing what experts are calling "a bajillion new Kindles." Pre-orders went live yesterday from Amazon, but if you'd rather pick yours up from a store like they used to do when your parents were kids, Best Buy is now offering you that chance. You will have to give up that cardboard grin, though:

All of the new Kindles will be available for pre-order, including the non-Androidy ones. Here's a list of which devices will be available when:

  • September 14: Kindle e-reader ($69), updated Kindle Fire ($159), 7" Kindle Fire HD ($199
  • October: Kindle Paperwhite ($119, $179 for 3G)
  • "Before Christmas": 8.9" Kindle Fire HD ($299), Kindle Fire HD LTE ($499)

It's a little unnerving that Best Buy is using the "before Christmas" language, when Amazon stated that orders would ship on November 20th for some of the late-bloomers among yesterday's announcements. It might mean that Best Buy will be getting shipments a little later than Amazon customers, but the gap between November 20th and Christmas is pretty narrow, and forcing an artificial delay to a retail partner during the holidays is pretty cruel. It's possible Amazon might make Best Buy customers wait, but we can't imagine it will be too long. If there's any delay at all.

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  • ari_free

    "but if you'd rather pick yours up from a store like they used to do when your parents were kids"

    People still do to see if the screen is as good as what they claim to be. I do admit I go to the stores to check things out and actually buy the item online. I don't believe in pre-ordering anything and it sort of bothers me that there are millions who will put down money on something they've never checked out for themselves.