Just earlier today, we found Sprint documents that confirmed the Galaxy Nexus variant on the Now Network would be receiving Jelly Bean today. Now, a Sprint employee has confirmed on its community message board that the Nexus S rollout will begin today. As with the GNex update, this will be an OTA, so no, refreshing over and over won't get it to you any faster.


Of course, it's still a reminder that CDMA Nexii get the short end of the stick. Not too short, mind you, as both of these phones will get Jelly Bean long before most devices from other manufacturers. However, it's still been a couple months since Jelly Bean first landed. It's not the longest wait in the world, but it does remind us that, at least for now, GSM is the way to go for timely updates.

Source: Sprint

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Pretty impressive, considering Verizon is still dragging its feet, as expected, while Sprint is rolling out JB on both Nexuses. Not a bad turnaround at all.

  • MJ

    Next : S3 please!

  • smw

    i have nexus s 4g on sprint , no JB update yet

  • http://profiles.google.com/dwreck420 derk p

    ive been on cm10 for a long time already. ns4g on sprint :)

    • onpoint G

      HEY..nice rubbing it in Guy lol

    • sam

      I know know body cares if you were on a custom rom.

  • Fabrice Sherif

    still clicking update and nothing yet....my fingers hurt form pressing update all day...

  • Fabrice Sherif

    lies.........all lies

  • felix zhang

    New york , no update for ns4g yet...still clicking..

  • ryleymiller21

    does anybody in the world have the official update yet?

    • Mike

      I really don't think so. Its been almost 3 days after the rollout began and so far nothing for my Galaxy Nexus.