Last Updated: September 8th, 2012

Earlier today, Amazon announced a slew of new Kindle products: a refreshed 8GB Fire, brand new 16/32GB Fire HD 7" and 16/32GB Fire HD 8.9", including 32/64GB LTE-enabled variants, and a Kindle Paperwhite which doesn't run Android. The pre-order links weren't working right away, but they've just gone live, and I have them all for you right here.

Kindle Fire (2012 Refresh)

kf kf[3] kf[5]

8GB - $159 (September 14th release date) - Pre-order link

Kindle Fire HD 7"

kfhd7 kfhd7[3] kfhd7[5]

16GB - $199 (September 14th release date) - Pre-order link

32GB - $249 (October 25th release date) - Pre-order link

Kindle Fire HD 8.9"

kfhd89 kfhd89[3] kfhd89[5]

16GB - $299 (November 20th release date) - Pre-order link

32GB - $369 (November 20th release date) - Pre-order link

Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G-LTE

kfhd89lte kfhd89lte[5] kfhd89lte[3]

32GB - $499 (November 20th release date) - Pre-order link

64GB - $599 (November 20th release date) - Pre-order link

Kindle Paperwhite

Repeat after me - "paperwhite." Not "paperweight." Amazon didn't think this one through, did it?

kindlepaper kindlepaper[3] kindlepaper[5]

Wi-Fi - $119/$139 (October 1st release date) - Pre-order link

3G - $179/$199 (October 1st release date) - Pre-order link

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  • Perry Ahern

    Is it just me or is it odd that it costs $50 to add 16 GB on the 7" but it's $70 to do the same on the 8.9"?

    Overall they're interesting tablets with some cool new features, but I wouldn't trade my Nexus 7 for one.

    • Tyler Chappell

      Nope, you're absolutely right. It's a total cash grab. As we learned from the Nexus 7, adding an additional 8GB of storage only costs $7.50 in reality, and so adding another 16GB should cost no more than $15, $25 if you want to be super incredibly generous.

  • Zero

    OH MY GOOOD. Thatcher totally looks like an iPad but mich cheaper! Apple to the rescue!

  • ChrisLH

    I'm saddened that Amazon has completely adopted Apple's completely lack of customization options for the user interface. With the iPad, etc., you have rows and rows of icons. A terrible waste of space. Here, you have the carousel. Completely different look, but still just as useless. Apple increases the screen size of the iPhone/iPod and makes the iPad and you just get more icons to look at. Amazon increases from 7" to 9" and you just get a bigger carousel.

    From the liveblogs, it sounds like Bezos said something along the lines of people don't want gadgets anymore, they want access to content. I disagree with that completely, especially with respect to people interested in an Android tablet. They want the customization options, the added functionality, the ability to make the device their own and not what Steve Jobs wants or Jeff Bezos wants. People want the ability to choose how they access their content, they don't want that dictated to them. These are people who don't want an iPad for these very reasons, yet Amazon has gone down the same path basically removed themselves from consideration for a significant portion of Android users looking to buy a tablet.

    I love Amazon, I have a Prime membership, I buy tons of stuff from Amazon, I make almost all of my "content" purchases through Amazon and I have the original Fire. These new tablets look to have some incredible new features, especially for the price, but without the ability to make that device my own there's no way I'm dropping $200 to $500 on any of them. Being able to tweak and play and customize the device is half the fun of getting it in the first place.

    • Himmat Singh

      Sadly, most people don't bother to customize their Android experience. Those who take a passion probably make up around 3-4% of the total Android user population. Most people just want things ready-made for them - that's where Apple has a huge advantage and Amazon is following suit.

      Case in Point: Do you think business execs care about customizing anything on Android? No.

      • ChrisLH

        I disagree with your percentages, but its probably because we aren't talking about the same level of customization. I'm not talking about heavy customization here. No rooting, not even using alternative launchers. I'm talking about simple things like changing the background/wallpaper, adding useful widgets that show me the information I want at a glance (weather, stocks, email, etc), having folders for similar apps I use regularly. I think most people who get an Android phone do those things and that sort of flexibility one of the great things about the OS compared to iOS. The Fire doesn't allow any of this stuff.

        I have the original Fire. It's boring and I never use it unless I'm specifically watching Amazon content. For everything else I just use my phone. I was hoping that Amazon would extend the functionality some with the newest lineup but that isn't the case.

    • UniBroW

      I'm confused, this runs Android so why exactly can you not customize your experience. Their launcher is no different than any other manufactures launcher in relation to being able to easily replace it with another launcher. Sounds to me that you'd be able to load up Nova launcher or whatever else you want on there easily enough. Now if Amazon locked that down somehow and disabled side loading, well then that's something entirely different but I doubt they did anything like that.

      • ChrisLH

        It runs a heavily customized version of Android. There is no "homescreen," no wallpaper/background, no widgets, etc. Sure, it can be rooted and run pretty much anything you want, but why should I need to do that in order to make the device look how I want it to look and work like I want it to work? Android, in and of itself, is a very flexible and functional OS. Amazon has done away with that and basically forces you to either use it like they want you to use it or root it in order to get the functionality you want. That's very Apple-like. I hate Apple products for the exact same reason.

        • UniBroW

          My son has a original kindle fire and all I did was load a different launcher on there, no hacking needed. Have since gone back to their default launcher though and since then rooted and loaded google play on it.

          Up until then I just side loaded apps from my phone but not everything worked because of drm. Again, wasn't locked down as all I had to do was download an apk from my dropbox.

          Sent from my Asus Transformer Infinity

  • Simon Belmont

    Google needs to drop the prices of its Nexus 7 line. Also, add a 32GB option for $249.

    The $249 price for the 32GB Kindle HD 7" is almost unbelievably good. Just root and ROM that sucker, haha.

    • JG

      I read somewhere (not sure if it's 100% legit) that Google was only going to be releasing the 16GB version of the Nexus 7 to whatever countries (Africa maybe, or some of the as-of-yet non-Nexus Europe) since it seems to be the only one people were ordering. I'm kind of hoping Google takes the hint & with their next gen tablet (the 7S or 10 or whatever) they up the storage to 16 or 32GBs (& preferably keep the same price structure, or at least close to - ex $250 and $300) (or at least inc. a SD card slot). Or if they could set up a deal like with their Chromebooks - 250MB/month of 3G for free for a year... Streaming is great, so long as the places you go have wifi (and unfourt' here its either home, the hospital, a gas station, or McDs - all places I try to spend as little time as possible at)...

      As far as the Kindle... I was actually thinking about maybe asking for the 64GB LTE version for a combo birthday/Christmas present... Then, as you suggest, flash CM10 onto it... Though I think it'll depend on how much the 3GB plans cost. I only use 250-500MB of 3G on the phone and my N7 doesn't come out as much as the phone, so I probably could get away with the basic plan... But I'm thinking with an always on connection I'll probably take it out more often, and if it's not all that much more, I'd rather have the extra bandwidth and not need it, than run out on the 4th and not be able to get online the rest of the month....

  • TechGuy

    I see that GPS is not mentioned in the specs.

  • Alan

    Nice to see the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD up for Pre-Order in the UK at last.

    £129 for the Kindle Fire, £159 for the 16GB or £199 for the 32GB Kindle Fire HD.

  • Ping Ling

    And of course the Paperwhite Kindles are US-only.