We're getting closer and closer to Gameloft's newest release title, Wild Blood. We've seen teasers and trailers for the game leading up to this point. Finally, though, we've gotten something resembling a release date and you're in it. Wild Blood will land on the Play Store "in September," so you can expect it anytime between the end of the month and right now!

...Okay, maybe not right now. But soon!

The trailer shows us more gameplay and a bit of the plot. It seems Sir Lancelot is making an appearance in a story that doesn't sound enough like Diablo III to warrant any accusations, but definitely has a similar feel. Also, "my Excalibur sword" makes an appearance, presumably being held by King Arthur, back when he still fought things.

We'll let you know as soon as the game lands. So, after seeing all the trailers, are you excited?

Source: YouTube

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Dan r. Maor

    Gameloft has officially tarnished the Unreal engine. Bravo.
    September 8th for iDevices, September 28th (or 38th if that was possible) for Androids. And for some reason, I couldn't care less. I'm off playing Horn.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      How did they tarnish it?

      • Dan r. Maor

        By pretty much lazy-coding. The trailer's graphics level looks like a slightly better-textured Backstab, and if these are the samples chosen to highlight the game, I suspect it is going to be a massive flop.

        For starters there's mouth speech syncing. Unlike Backstab, the mouth can actually move! However, it's movements have absolutely nothing to do with the poorly acted spoken words.

        And then there's the graphics, which is really where I take offense. Every single texture is flat, the character models par with those of the original Max Payne rather than a game based on Unreal. For how to properly implement Unreal on mobile platforms, have a look at Horn (which I have mentioned earlier).

        At least some of the fire effects look slightly convincing, although I can't quite remember where have I seen these before (my dusty copy of God of War stares back at me).

        • krazyfrog

          Looks like a worse looking Infinity Blade to me.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        Because it's Gameloft? Idk. Personally, they seem to release decent stuff.

        If anything, I'd say it tarnishes the Arthurian legends. I totally did not know this was an Arthur/Lancelot game until now, and definitely would not have guessed it. Although, I have been watching the Merlin BBC series lately, which is a quite a bit different.

    • http://twitter.com/pjwarner Paul J Warner

      Yeah because Zynga hasn't tarnished anything lately.

      • Dan r. Maor

        Zynga sucks, and Horn isn't theirs to be proud of. Phosphor are the developers, Zynga only published it.

  • jonathan3579

    I hope this isn't one of those IAP games. That's the fastest way to keep me from being a player..

  • PINJ

    The Music Sucks

  • Jon Garrett

    Sweet !!!

  • Slayer26

    Agreed with Pinj, music sucks royally.

  • kelvin

    Gameloft does not announce that the wild blood game will launch on android, all the rumors are not real, if not why the game release until now