Well, look what we have here. It appears an observant shopper got in touch with Android Central this morning with a link to a piece of evidence that is so random it must be real.

A British online phone store called phones4u (shudder) put up some product images for its Xperia T page. What it didn't notice, apparently, was that at least one of the images Sony sent along was for the wrong phone. It's still an Xperia T, but "oops" is probably the best way to describe this leak:


Now, look carefully. Yeah, that's an AT&T logo on the front. Oops. The person providing the images to phones4u probably didn't even notice (nor, likely, did phones4u) - it is definitely a subtle detail that one might overlook. But it's also one that pretty much guarantees we'll be seeing the decidedly awesome (on paper) Xperia T stateside soon enough.

The Xperia T was announced last week at IFA as Sony's new flagship handset. It's sporting a 4.6" 720p display and all the Mobile BRAVIA goodies, as well as a pretty damn impressive 13MP rear camera with a hardware camera button that promises to go from "sleep to snap" in just over a second. A 1.5GHz dual-core processor is under the hood, most likely Qualcomm's near-ubiquitous MSM8960 Snapdragon. Oh, and it has on-screen buttons, which is always awesome. While the T will ship with Android 4.0.4, Sony is promising a Jelly Bean update relatively shortly after launch. And given Sony's apparent commitment to all things Android, we're hoping that actually means shortly after launch.

All in all, Sony appears to finally be hitting its stride with smartphones. I can't say I would be disappointed to have the Xperia T land in my lap.

Hopefully the wait won't be long.

phones4u via AndroidCentral

David Ruddock
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  • http://androidforums.com/members/spartoi.html Spartoi

    What a hideous place to but the AT&T logo.

    Still waiting on the Xperia Nexus.

    • Abhinav

      yup ... Xperia Nexus would be really great *fingers crossed*

  • Cheeseball

    So this would be the successor to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. It looks very similar, just without the full hardware buttons.

  • James King

    First week of November.

  • ericl5112

    Still with the Sony Ericcson logo? I thought that was done with.

  • Dan

    I call shenanigans. I don't believe that pic was provided by Sony or their marketing company if they have an outside company. Go to the Sony Mobile site, pic any phone, and click on the "Gallery" link for that phone.

    First problem: In every case, the real product pics from Sony meet one of these two criteria.

    1) the front image and the rear/side image(s) are exactly the same height and vertically aligned perfectly with each other

    2) the front image is taller than the rear/side image(s) and the images are vertically aligned so that the bottom of the front image extends below the bottom of the rear/side image(s) AND the top of the front image extends above the top of the rear/side image(s).

    The AND in #2 is the important part. Across eight different phones, there's not one example that matches the pic above. Specifically, in this pic, the front image is taller than the rear image, but the bottoms of the two images are exactly aligned vertically. Sony doesn't do that because it looks stupid. It screws up the implied perspective of one image being "behind" the other. If you think I'm making a silly point, then you don't realize how much money is spent on marketing departments and how many hundreds of pages of documentation they produce to specify exactly that sort of detail for marketing materials.

    Second problem: Look at the shadows in this pic. They suck. Now go look at the shadows in every image in every one of the 8 Sony phone galleries. In some pics, the Sony images have horizontal shadows, and in some pics, the Sony images have diagonal shadows. In every pic, the Sony images have shadows which are consistent within the pic and distinct for each phone image. None of them have the amorphous blob shadow that you see in this pic.

    The shadows are even perfect in the promo pic on the phones4u (that IS creepy to type) web site showing the phone and the smart-watch together.

    I'll bet you a burger that image didn't come from Sony.

    • Freak4Dell

      I completely agree with your analysis. The image is completely wrong, and looks like it was made by an inexperienced Photoshop user. I wouldn't say the shadows are perfect in any of the phones4u pictures, though. Sony's shadows are much thinner and more well defined. The shadow in the second phones4u picture is a bit off and leaves a gap under the phone, which looks strange. That being said, I just have to wonder why phones4u would use this picture when they could have just used one of the ones from Sony. It's pretty clear they didn't make it themselves, since they wouldn't have put the AT&T logo on it. The only thing I can think of is that they Googled the phone and just used random images or something.

      By the way, the Xperia on the bottom looks so much better than the AT&T logo on the bottom. The AT&T logo looks like a button, or a trackball or something. Which brings me to another point...most of AT&T's smartphones that have their logo on it have the full logo, including the AT&T typography. I won't say they've never done just the ball alone, because the Atrix HD has just that, but it's very rare.