As football season gets underway, the annual tech upgrades start. What new toys do you have for getting sucked in to your favorite not-soccer sport? Well, one of the nicest ones this year might be NFL Game Rewind. The app, which requires an existing subscription to the streaming service of the same name, will allow viewers to watch games in their entirety after they air. No live shows, but they're available via On Demand. As a bonus, they'll even get access to special features like Coaches Films and All-22, a feature that allows a sports fan to see all 22 players position on the field simultaneously, not just following the ball. It's pretty impressive.

rewind1 rewind2 rewind4

The service, while not exactly cheap, sounds like a pretty good deal if you're a football fan. You can choose to follow just your team for $35, or all teams in the season for $40. Both of those packages are a little bit crippled, though. You don't get playoff games, the Super Bowl, and only some Coaches Film plays. For $70, you get access to all the games including the playoffs, Super Bowl, and unfettered access to the Coaches Film.

Once again, though, all of these games are post-air. Sorry, no live shows. What do you think, sports fans? Is the package worth the price now that you can watch on your tablet?

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • James Barr

    Honestly, I think $70 is a no-brainer price for it. I own it, and was getting nervous about the lack of an app on Android for it. $70 for 3 years of NFL games, just not live, with no commercials? Yes, please.

  • Phil V

    I have had the service for the past few years and it's great now that they have added Android support it's a slam dunk! Great service with great video and now tablet support!

  • http://twitter.com/Craaaig_ Craig Mack

    The not live part is killing me.

  • Honest John

    The app at Google play store for mobile devices is flawed, picture is choppy and I have 5 mbps for my wifi and it still has choppy video. Save your money if you are using any kind of tablet or phone for this service. Read all of the reviews at the play store for this app if you don't be live me

  • Tere333

    yea, i almost sure that You can find great sources on

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    • josh332

      there are few games sometimes if You have luck, thanks.

  • Psrr1

    I love it! Ravens 24/7 if I want!! Just wish they had an app for my note 3!!

  • James

    The app also works on my android phone...and my phone is a cheap android phone. So...This app NFL Game Rewind App for Android is great! Yes, the NFL sight only mentions tablets, but it works great on my android phone.