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All Wi-Fi versions of Samsung's Galaxy Tab series should have ICS by now, but, as always, carrier connected versions of the devices are left out in the cold. T-Mobile is the only carrier thus far to break that mold when it updated the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus earlier this month.


In a move that should make other carriers feel bad about themselves, T-Mobile has now made available ICS for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as well. Just like the update for the 7.0 Plus, you can only pull it through Samsung's proprietary Kies software.

This brings the Tab 10.1 up to build UVLH6 with Android 4.0.4, as well as a new, more intuitive version of TouchWiz.

The update is available now, so fire up Kies and pull it down. Enjoy.


[T-Mobile Support]

Thanks for the screenshot, Robert!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Aaron E

    Still don't have ICS on my Canadian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi

  • jusatin

    gj getting ics to your tab, when I surf with jb ;) (TF300 (Y)) just another reason why not to choose samsung

  • Robert Patrick

    It may be worth noting there is an improved stability update today via OTA on the T859 as well.

  • Robert Patrick

    Actually the ICS update is pushing out OTA..received and installed;.

  • Alexandru Bajdechi

    Romania no ICS available (3G & Wi-Fi)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      This is for T-Mobile USA.

      • Alexandru Bajdechi

        All Wi-Fi versions of Samsung's Galaxy Tab series should have ICS by now"

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          You said "3G & Wi-Fi" which I assumed was talking about 1 device, not 2. You have 2 Tabs - a Wi-Fi one and a 3G one?

          • Alexandru Bajdechi

            I have Wi-Fi version but I have friends with 3G version, none of them received ICS update. Could Samsung Europe (Romania) delay update ? What reason would they have?

      • Tito73

        Just flash it with odin! You will not regret!

        • Buhaha

          Odin my ... i want the official update. Lucky for me i have an asus slider too. next time i buy a tab wont be samsung for sure

  • blacksheep1982

    I thankfully got ICS on my tab 10.1 last week but I'm on a Wifi only device and in the US. Still, outstanding upgrade for speed and stability, very happy with it.

  • dq

    Vodafone Germany provides Th ICS Update For tab 10.1 3G by usual system-update Service without any usage of Kies. Its simple ...

  • redfletcher

    i am with galaxy 10.1 tab for the rest of my life. it is simply the best. redfletcher.

  • Ali Ali