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RetailMeNot, the incredibly popular coupon site, has just come to the mobile world, hitting the Play Store with WhaleShark Media's official RetailMeNot Coupons app. The app, as you may expect, functions much like its online counterpart, with added functionality to make navigation and use on a mobile device an absolute breeze.

As described in the promo video above, the RetailMeNot app not only comes with a full feature set, but is extremely easy to use. With a stylized yet guidelines-adherent UI and a unique system whereby users can shop from within the app's embedded browser, RetailMeNot makes it almost too easy to search for coupons, deals, and other means of avoiding retail prices. Another great thing about the app is that users can find coupons on the go for brick-and-mortar stores, which clerks can scan directly from a smartphone screen.

In our tests, the app did crash while trying to select coupons above the embedded browser (which Artem reported to the developers), but we're hoping the crash will get a quick fix. Another obvious flaw was the lack of pinch-to-zoom in the aforementioned browser, which will hopefully be added as well.

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Whether you're a long-time user of RetailMeNot's web presence, or just a customer looking to never pay full price again, RetailMeNot Coupons for Android is definitely worth checking out. Hit the widget below to grab the download.

Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • Akbar

    Unfortunately not of much use in Canada :(

  • NoreenD

    Thanks Liam! This app will be very useful. I've just downloaded it and shared the news.

  • Sorian

    I know this app has support for using coupons for brick-and-mortar stores, but most of them will only accept physical coupons. Rational being that then you can't "turn around and use it again". Is there something in the app that will work on the same principal (once you click on use coupon, you can only use once)?

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      I'm not sure about your questions about this app, but I've noticed a lot more B&M stores accepting on-device coupons. They'll just scan the barcode from your device's screen. The stipulation is usually that it has to be a printable coupon rather than an online code.

      • Blaine Magee

        I used to work Customer Service at Kohl's and as long as it was printable we'd accept it.

      • Sorian

        I remembered when on-device coupons were first started and it caused more headache for costumers and retailers because they couldn't control how often a coupon was used.

        Scenario: I get a coupon via mail/email that is a one time use coupon, cannot be used by another family member/Household. At the time of use, I hand said coupon to the cashier, surrendering its use by someone else.

        With it being on-device, how are the retailers going to control how many time that one coupons is used?

        • JirafaBo

          Who cares if you use it 50 times? The whole point of the coupon is to get you to buy something. They can still limit you to one use per visit, in my opinion that should be enough. If you're willing to go in and come out a different time to get a different cashier then shucks, they beat ya! Yet they still bought from you again.

          Put an expiration date on it and let consumers consume! I get pissed when I have to print a coupon and waste ink and paper when I could just show my phone. This is one aspect retail really needs to catch up on.

  • jammer

    Meh, slickdeals.net should be everyone's first stop when shopping.

    • JirafaBo

      Except the android app just links to the website instead of the mobile layout. Otherwise it'd be a great app.

  • Matthew Fry

    Why would they add pinch to zoom? They don't want to get busted by Apple.

    This will never get old. Apple, you suck.

  • JirafaBo

    The reviews look pretty bad already.

  • http://dennisbareis.com/ Dennis Bareis

    It doesn't support my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1.1)

  • Ayaz Ahmad

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