No, it's not an Evo. Don't let your eyes deceive you. What you're looking at are leaked pictures of an in-development HTC device. We don't know much about this one just yet. The phone lacks any carrier-specific branding, though the red accents are pretty typical of Verizon color schemes, such as the Droid Incredible.

htcunnamed1 htcunnamed2

The site that posted these photos originally, PhoneHK, makes mention of this being a 5" device. Combined with the Verizon-ish color scheme, one might be tempted to believe that this is an early look at the Note-like device we've heard about previously. That HTC phone was rumored to have a full 1080p display, with a quad-core Krait-based S4. The one detail that doesn't quite fit is that, if this is that phone, the resolution is said to be 1794x1080. We hypothesized that this odd resolution might be due to shaving off a few lines for software buttons (1794 + 126 = 1920). However, this device appears to have capacitive buttons. Of course, it could be that this phone just has an odd resolution.

The other theory is that this is really the HTC One X+. Unrelated rumors are that the Taiwanese manufacturer is planning a spec boost for the One X, to a 1.7GHz Tegra 3 processor, and that the new version will ship with Jelly Bean. Of course, if this thing does pack a T3, chances are very low that it will be coming to any US carrier with LTE (like Verizon). Sprint and Verizon certainly don't have a monopoly on black phones with red trim, so it's certainly possible that this is an international device with beefier specs. Hopefully we'll see before too long.

Source: PhoneHK via The Verge

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  • Enchante Chang

    Watch out, rectangular with rounded corners...Apple is waiting!

    • krazyfrog

      Congratulations on being the one billionth person to make that joke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421228703 Anjie Cai

    their retarded menu bar thingy. is that it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/benmarvin Ben Marvin

    If Verizon wasn't mentioned, I would have thought Sprint in the style of the Evo 4G and Evo LTE. But the red tints do scream Verizon. Now how about a GSM version.

    • yarrellray

      Yeah possibly the Htc One X + for Tmobile that's due September 26th. It's possible to that it could be the Note 2 competitor Verizon.. Either way Samsung get my Galaxy Note 2 out and ready on Tmobil.

  • Jays2Kings

    I'm guessing the benchmark app used was under ICS's API, so the Sense's menu button was shown, thus giving it that odd resolution.

  • cody kain

    I wouldn't mind getting this if I didn't already have my EVO lte

  • Dima Aryeh

    Actually, remember NVIDIA buying the chipmaker of LTE radios? This was to include LTE in their next generation of Tegra phones, but instead of onboard LTE, they will have a dedicated LTE radio (a la Galaxy S III LTE in Korea, with LTE and a quad core Exynos with the added bulk of an extra radio). This could very well be the next generation of Tegra devices (revised Tegra 3) with LTE for Verizon, looking at the color scheme. DROID *insert not so clever name here* 4G anyone?
    EDIT: Icera is the name!

  • Rod

    I was told by a Verizon employee that they was getting another HTC phone this fall and it would be around 5".

  • Pyrex

    is this HTC device comes to Verizon in the fall, i will definitely ditch the iPhone 5 for this in a heartbeat. looking at the red color of the side of the phone, its probably heading to verizon and i really hope it does because i love Sense UI and HTC phones all together.

    • chris125

      Same. I have been waiting for a real high end htc device on verizon that wasn't a brick. This looks amazing.

  • AndreGSNE

    When will they change the unibody design...it's good but...All designs become stale after a while(iOS...)

  • Freak4Dell

    Sigh...so much for fewer devices.

    • leoingle

      Yeah, because having options sucks. Huh?

  • Nurdyboy

    The Evo 4G LTE has the same red branding. I would not be surprised if this is another HTC all carrier phone like the OneX, Evo, OneS..... Ex.... But in a monster 5in Screen

  • jose

    So tired of htc phone design. They all look the same. Tired of it.

    • grnlantern

      And the last 3 galaxy from Samsung haven't looked almost identical, and the last Droids from Motorola Rzar, Droid 4, Maxx, HD..... they find something that works till it doesn't.

  • Craig Nelson

    Damn I just bought a Galaxy s3

    • IncCo

      There is always something "just around the corner"

    • chris125

      such is the case with android. Choice is a double edge sword. Good at times and bad at times for some.

      • http://twitter.com/fightcrazy Vinny

        Choice is always a good thing.

    • oneillperson

      And I'm still stuck with a DInc, so be happy with your brand new S3.

  • oneillperson

    I really hope they made the camera flush with the back panel this time.