The slew of deals coming out today just isn't stopping. Besides Google's coordinated End of Summer Sale, BeyondPod, an extremely popular podcast manager, is offering its full version unlock key for $1.99, down from the normal $6.99. A handy price drop after Listen was abruptly pulled from the Play Store. The key works for both the regular and tablet-oriented versions. This app is one of the more powerful podcast managers and is able to run on a wide selection of devices, including many Google TV boxes.


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The normal version only lasts for seven days before you'll be prompted to buy the unlock key. At $7, it can be pretty pricey to upgrade, especially if you only listen to one or two podcasts (though if you need more to listen to, check out our shameless plug). At $2, however, the price tag is much easier to swallow. But...don't swallow price tags. You could choke.

The unlock key, as well as the main and tablet versions of the app, are available from their respective widgets below. Remember, the unlock key isn't the app itself. You still need to install one of the two full versions first to use it.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Outrager

    The short time I had my Nexus 7, I found that BeyondPod was my favorite podcast manager of all the ones that had free trials to let me test.
    I liked how it let me keep podcasts in my list, but not download them so I could listen to them at a later time. (Useful for podcasts that have movie spoilers that you want to keep, but not download since you don't want to listen to them until you watch the movie and you don't want it taking up storage space until then.)
    If I still had my Nexus 7 I would definitely get this. Too bad it had so many hardware defects.


      I was actually going to get a Nexus 7, but the hardware defects have turned me off.

      • Outrager

        I bought 2 16GB versions and returned both before the screen was lifting up.
        My friend bought one that had no problems, but it was the 8GB version.
        But there's just something about that screen that makes it have very noticeable flickering that turned me off. Also, it was way too bright even at the lowest setting which made it hard to use at night right before bed. (Like to read a book or some website articles)

  • daveloft

    This is definitely my favorite podcast app and I've purchased and tried many others, including Dogcatcher and Pocket Cast, but they were all missing something.

    BeyondPod is great on my Galaxy Nexus and my ASUS Transformer. But with the Nexus 7, it just looks weird as it's loading the phone version and it doesn't scale well to the larger screen.

    I wish developers would stop approaching Android like iOS by building a phone version and a tablet version. They should instead build a version that scales to all the different sized Android devices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rmkattan Rami Kattan

    This was one of the apps that made me create AppFeed.net.

  • JG

    How does Google handle multiple devices? If I buy the key, will I be able to install it on both the phone & tablet without having to pay twice? And then later, when I get a new phone, can I install the key onto it (while keeping it active on the tablet & my old phone/new iTouch-like device)?

  • Andrew

    Sweet! I had been holding off purchasing this app due to the higher price, but I'm buying it now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Kehrl/54303073 Jason Kehrl

    the sale is over :(