• spydie

    If we don't get the quad-core with LTE (I heard they had finally perfected that) and if the wait is too long, I'll probably wait for the Note 1 to drop in price and pick one of those up. I imagine it will get a software update that will allow it to do most everything the Note 2 will do (the S Pen SDK version 2.2 with hover support and new brushes was just released to the public). I can live without the bigger battery and this way I can be sure my old accessories will fit it (I had the international version in the U.S. which never got ICS, so I sold it and would go buy the ATT version if Note 2 doesn't come to the U.S. sooner rather than later)

  • Abhinav

    have they released the pricing ?

  • arif


  • NemaCystX

    If it comes to the US, it will likely have an S4 or an S4 Pro, my money is on the S4 Pro since its a quad core, and with all the drawing you can do on the Note 2, it needs all that power, just like the Note 10.1 does. Also its a very good incentive to pick this up over the S3, so it would set them apart and make decisions easier to make on which to get, so less market confusion.

  • Eludium Q36

    Save your time, no value in signing up, they're not asking what carrier you're with so that's not going to help it come to yours any faster, they're just harvesting contact info to send info you're going to get first from tech sites like A/P anyhow.