One of the highlights of Samsung's Galaxy Note II announcement at IFA yesterday was the increased functionality carried by the device's hallmark S Pen stylus. The Note II's version of the Pen, besides being "ergonomically designed for the perfect grip," allows users to quickly clip, crop, and edit screen content, adding further illustration and handwritten keyword recognition. The Pen now also features a unique "hover" functionality, whereby an app can recognize that the Pen is near the screen and react accordingly with contextual menus or other activities.

Looking to put the power of the S Pen to use in more than just Sammy's own apps, the manufacturer has posted the updated S Pen SDK version 2.2 with all of the Pen's new features. Here's a full look:

New/Updated in S Pen SDK 2.2

NEW UX Scenario: Let your app interact with the S Pen while hovering over the GALAXY Note

  • Updated SPenEventLibrary enables S Pen recognition with no physical contact (Hovering).
  • S Pen can call Hover Pointer Icon (i.e. Pen, Text, Color Picker, Color filing) with preset.

Context Awareness: Launch pre-defined features while the S Pen/Earphone is used.

  • The package information of the apps used can be recognized while the S Pen is detached or the Earphone is attached to the device.
  • A newly added SPenDetachmentListener, recognizes when the S Pen is detached. Note: This listener does not support the original GALAXY Note

Easier & Expanded Drawing: Advanced features for your creative apps

  • ‘Calligraphy Brush’ has been added to pen input; 5 brushes in total.
  • Color filling features enable users to fill with the color selected at SettingView.
  • Improved SettingView function and UI; More Pen presets, New Fonts, Mini SettingView
  • Special Effects; 33 types of Image Effects including the Scratch Effect
  • Images from SCanvasView can be cut/copied/pasted using Clipboard

Besides enticing developers with the S Pen's new features, Samsung also reminds readers that their Smart App Challenge, an app-creating contest with prizes up to $200,000, is still open for entries until September 30th. For more information and to download the new SDK, just hit the link below.

Source: Samsung Developer Blog

Liam Spradlin
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  • Sven Enterlein

    I sometimes wish for an S-Pen-like solution for my TF101. But I couldn't get used to a phone that's bigger than 4.5-4.7"... I suppose the screen also has to be reactive enough to catch quick movements. I definitely think that a stylus is not just a gadget from the 90s but can be extremely useful.

    • spydie

      I had an international note which I sold because we in the US never got the ICS update on an international model. But I can tell you, you CAN get used to a 5.5-5.5" screen and now that I have the SGS3, I really miss it and am going back to note as soon as I can. Once you've had the larger screen, the others all seem like postage stamps.

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    I've never used their SDK, the S-Pen sends the ACTION_HOVER_MOVE motion event, available in the Android 4.0 SDK, starting with the ICS build of the old Galaxy Note, and that's all you really need for a game.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Олег-Цой/100002515142603 Олег Цой

    I am a designer and use s-pen all the time. from quick sketches and taking wall dimensions down to doodling for fun and writing short notes.

  • Pradip Gagiya

    From last some days I had experienced the hovering of pen and you know what sometimes I got successful in clicking without any physical touch of s-pen but you can say it's 20 vs 1 time success so it's difficult to learn it well

  • Nosbic

    Forgive my ignorance but can these new features be used on the Note or is it only for The new Note2?