Remember yesterday when I said some games go beyond description? This is more what I was talking about. McPixel is a game in which things explode...or sometimes a volcano erupts? And you're a person (I think) that has to defuse bombs. Or put them places. Or make statues sneeze. It's really very confusing, in the best way. The objective is to stop things from exploding by doing things. Which may include stealing an old person's dentures, setting monks on fire, and kicking flashers. All very effective bomb disposal techniques.

The game functions very much like the adventure games of old. Only instead of typing commands, you simply tap on the objects you want to interact with. Besides that, you're given no instruction or indication on how to proceed through the game at all. Oh, and you have twenty seconds to get rid of the bomb. Or, in some cases, violate a cow with a bone, for some reason. There also appears to be a rating system of some sort that measures how many levels you can beat in a row, or possibly how efficiently you beat them. It's unclear.

mcpixel1 mcpixel2 mcpixel3

The game is actually very fun, at least in that it's entertaining to see just what your character will do. While one might expect tapping on a ketchup bottle would result in you picking up the bottle, instead, our hero squirts ketchup on his face and then the island explodes. You lose! It almost feels like playing Mao, only with fewer cards and more bombs.

The game is free on the Play Store so go watch the video first, then download it. For fun and for awesome. A paid version is also available that offers Story Mode and Endless Mode play options for $1.99. Oh, and maybe don't let your kids play this?