Huawei's list of announcements for this year's IFA conference is busting at the seams with a whopping four phones and two tablets, all with different screen sizes, specs, and prices, all slated for a 2012 introduction to the German market, with launch in other markets to follow, though we aren't privy to specific dates for other regions.


Ascend D1 Quad XL

The lovingly named Ascend D1 Quad XL is by all accounts the leader of Huawei's new smartphone pack, packing a 4.5" with an extremely impressive 330ppi density (and unknown resolution), a 1.2GHz K3V2 ARM quad-core processor built by Huawei, a 2600mAh battery, 8MP camera with 1.3MP front shooter, and a microSD slot for an extra boost of internal memory.


The D1 Quad XL is expected to ring in at 499 Euros (which is about $624 for those in the US) at the end of October, and appears to be running a stock Android 4.0 experience (kudos to Huawei), with a promised upgrade to 4.1 coming at some point in the future.

Ascend G600

The Ascend G600 is one step down from the D1 Quad XL, offering a similarly-sized 4.5" IPS LCD display (though disappointingly pegged at qHD resolution), a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 768MB RAM, 4GB ROM, a similar 8MP camera setup, and a 1930mAh battery.


You may have noticed that this device is running a custom UI – that's Huawei's Emotion UI. It also features a totally different capacitive button layout, and a durable Gorilla Glass II display. The device is expected to cost 299 Euros ($374) off-contract when it launches in Germany this December. Huawei also said that the G600 will be available starting September in select markets.

Ascend G330

Next up is the Ascend G330 –  a slightly smaller, significantly less powerful offering aimed at the below-midrange market. On the surface, it's got a 4" WVGA display. Under the hood,  it has 512MB RAM, a dual-core 1GHz processor, 5MP camera, and a conservative 1500mAh battery pack.


This device also utilizes Huawei's Emotion UI, with a capacitive button layout reminiscent of the D1 Quad XL. It's going to launch at the price point of 199 Euros ($249) off contract in November.

Ascend Y201 Pro

Finally, we come to the last phone in Huawei's lineup – the very budget-conscious Ascent Y201. According to Cnet, this handset is aimed at younger customers, and its specs certainly reflect that – it's got an 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB onboard memory, a small 3.5" display at 320x480, 1400mAh battery, and 3.2MP camera.


This device is also running Huawei's emotion UI and introduces a third button configuration to the lineup. It's expected to launch in October for 129 Euros ($161 US).


On the tablet front, Huawei has introduced two new entries – a ten-inch tablet with an impressive high-res screen and the specs to back it up, and a seven-incher with lower specs that still has a chance to hold its own in the burgeoning 7-inch market.

MediaPad 10 FHD

First up is the high-end MediaPad 10 FHD. While we've known this device was coming for some time, today's official announcement confirmed all the details – this tablet will come with a 10-inch 1920x1200 display, a K3v2 Cortex-A9 1.4GHz quad-core processor (which CNET incorrectly reported as 1.2GHz), an impressive 6600mAh battery, a microSD slot, Wi-Fi connectivity, an impressive (if not totally necessary) 8MP rear camera with a 1.3MP camera up front, and a slender 8.8mm frame (which CNET incorrectly reported as 11.5mm).


The tablet is expected to cost 429 Euros ($536 US) and ship starting from September 2012.

MediaPad 7 Lite

Last but not least in Huawei's lineup, we come to the MediaPad 7 Lite. True to its name, this tablet carries a 7" WSVGA (1024x600) display, with a Cortex A8 1.2GHz single-core processor, a 4100mAh battery, microSD slot, ports for USB 2.0 and HDMI, a 3.2MP rear camera, and a 0.3MP front camera.


The MediaPad 7 Lite is expected to cost 249 Euros ($311) at launch.

And there you have it – Huawei's newly announced lineup of a half-dozen phones and tablets, sure to keep the Chinese manufacturer plenty busy in the coming months.

We'll keep you updated on any further developments (including expanded availability). In the meantime, get more photos and information on each of the devices by simply hitting the links below.

Via Cnet (announcement gallery), AndroidPit

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  • Logan Yerbey

    Well according to this, the 10 in. and the 7 in. will both cost the same. I'm assuming that's a mistake. $311 sounds too damn good to be true.

    • http://profiles.google.com/liamname Liam Spradlin

      Indeed it is too good to be true, that was a typo on my part. The post has been updated with accurate prices.

  • Klugschwätzer

    Both MediaPads are supposed to cost 250 EUR? That can't be true ...

  • nwd1911

    Perhaps I'm missing something, but the 10" and 7" tablets will cost the same?

  • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

    Ironic, each and ever one of these phones and tablets look like Samsung devices. The industrial design is extremely similar. The first one like the Galaxy S2 and the tablet like the Galaxy Tab 10, even the rear design is similar. Who'd a thunkit? Either way, Huawei stated they wanted to be No.3 some day, so this could be there initial shot across the bows...

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=714859472 Rajvir Singh

      I was about to type a similar comment, But don't expect Samsung to file a lawsuit..They act like grown men and know how to compete in the market.. Unlike the tooty fruity company,,

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ray-Sunghwa-Woo/542631978 Ray Sunghwa Woo

    Looking all good but I still have Verizon :(

  • spydie

    I just can't get excited about phones with less than 5" screens. I gave up my international G-Note (because it was never going to get ICS here in the U.S.) for the SGS3, and while it's a nice phone, I miss my Note and am selling this and getting another one. I love the real estate.

    • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

      Ditto. Had a Galaxy Nexus (nice, but speaker too quiet), swapped for a Note (1) and loved it. Heard of Note 2, so sold that and whilst waiting now using a Sony Xperia Pro (with slide out keyboard), the keyboard and features are great, but oh how limiting a small display is after a Note! If only a major player would have the confidence to create something that combined the Note's display and stylus input with a keyboard. Best of all worlds!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1849765376 Jordan Rushing

        Galaxy Note 10.1 with a keyboard dock.

        • http://profiles.google.com/dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile


          Or an Apple wireless keyboard... sacrilege, but nice.

  • Tito73

    the seven inch. is single core and for less you can get Asus nexus 7 quadcore with JBean and 2years of updates!

  • Tyler Chappell

    man, that 7" tablet is basically a scam

  • http://profiles.google.com/dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile

    So the 7" is going to likely cost $100 USD _MORE_ than the 7" Nexus tab, but only have 1 core? That's crazy talk.

  • http://twitter.com/jfgen Jorge Encarnação

    I see people commenting about Huawei just releasing overpriced devices, but on this list the only product that where I don't see value for the price is the 7'' tablet, and that is greatly due to the Nexus 7.

  • jusatin

    Why they couldn't give the high end phone the looks of the 2nd best? Would be a real killer :P