You likely noticed our coverage regarding the arrival of official CyanogenMod (experimental) nightly builds for, among other devices,  HTC's EVO 4G LTE. As someone who's lived with the EVO LTE for several months now, this was big news.

Normally, we steer clear of covering the majority of custom ROMs, as development for many Android devices runs at a fast and furious pace, and coverage can quickly become dated. The improvements CyanogenMod 10 offers, though, especially over Sense on the EVO LTE, are certainly worth coverage. In this post, we'll take a quick look at CM10 for the EVO, how it changes the device's overall experience, and why, if your EVO is not running Jelly Bean yet, you're missing out.


The Problem(s) With Sense

The big, obvious improvement offered by CM10 is performance. It's no secret that HTC's latest iteration of Sense has a laundry list of issues, from bugs to performance issues to things that technically aren't bugs, but which make so little sense that they may as well be.

To see the ways in which CM10 effectively "fixes" the EVO LTE in terms of both performance and usability, we'll first take a look at just what's wrong with Sense on the EVO in the first place.


One of my biggest gripes with Sense 4 is its multitasking, something that HTC has officially stated is working just fine, thank you. This is one of those "features" I mentioned that should actually be in the "bugs" category – multitasking on the EVO LTE (and ostensibly every Sense 4 device) is dead. The issue, besides HTC's strange interface design choice, lies in the fact that Sense actively, aggressively kills tasks and apps running in the background, sometimes upon exit. Of course, there is the stock menu under "Developer Options" that allows users to increase the maximum number of processes allowed to stay alive, but the options top out at four processes.

Normally, "Standard Limit" would allow the OS to decide how many processes get to survive in the background, and numbered limits would lower that number forcibly. In Sense's case though, it seems that choosing 4 processes actually increases the number Sense would otherwise keep alive. So, if you plan on doing five or more things with your phone each day running Sense, you'll be faced with constant webpage reloads, app restarts, etc. each time you switch between tasks.


This is some kind of cruel joke, right?

The Menu Bar

Another big complaint is the menu bar. The menu bar on HTC's One line of phones (and the EVO) represents the consequence of choosing Back, Home, and Multitask capacitive keys. When it came time to decide whether to include hardware keys and which ones to include, HTC could have either included a hard menu key (which ostensibly zaps the "action overflow" button out of existence on most apps, destroying discoverability of extra menus), or opted for Back, Home, and Multitask, hoping that third-party apps would opt to follow Android's design suggestions and include an overflow key. The latter has not happened, and so users – until recently – have been stuck with a giant ugly menu bar.


Of course, HTC has remedied this situation with both the One X and the EVO as of today, but frankly the fix seems like an afterthought, and the remaining issue (in my opinion) is that the menu bar should not be part of the unaltered stock experience in the first place. The less users have to change about an interface off the bat to make it more usable, the better.

App Associations

Readers probably remember back in May when many of HTC's handsets were stopped at customs over alleged infringement of an Apple patent. In an apparent effort to remedy this situation, HTC made some hasty changes to Sense 4's app association policies, effectively linking apps to certain actions (and actionable links) without allowing users to choose defaults in context themselves. Instead of Android's usual "default app picker" behavior, we got this:

Screenshot_2012-07-25-14-52-02 Screenshot_2012-07-25-14-50-53

While only marginally less convenient for most users, it's another example of Android functionality that's been changed for the worse in Sense, and which can be infinitely improved by simply switching to an AOSP-based experience.


Besides those two complaints, Sense has a host of other bugs that have yet to be fixed. Occasionally, the SMS app forgets your contacts' names, Sense's camera has a tendency to refocus constantly (even while recording video), T9 contact search mysteriously fails, and users are confronted with Sense reloads far too often.


Bugs and other issues aside, the EVO's stock experience feels downright hampered compared to running AOSP. While Sense's performance isn't sluggish by any stretch of the imagination, you will notice a huge different in speed and responsiveness when switching to CM10.

CM10's quickness and fluidity, thanks in large part to Jelly Bean's Project Butter, is a breath of fresh air for the EVO, and since CM is based on AOSP, it inherently lacks all of the bugs and problems associated with Sense. Besides that, CyanogenMod 10 offers its own set of enhancements over even stock Android.

CyanogenMod Enhancements

The list of CM-specific features is long, so we'll only take a quick look, but they enhance the stock experience in a number of ways. Many of these enhancements (that aren't behind the scenes) lie waiting for use in the device's Settings menu. For starters, CM adds an entire "Interface" section to the Settings list, giving quick access to amazingly detailed options for customizing your device's Launcher, Lock Screen, theming options, and even the notification bar.

Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-46-18 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-47-50 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-41-54 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-42-01 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-42-08


CM10's Launcher options include high-level customizations primarily for the home screen and app drawer. Users can change the home screen's grid size, number of screens (a feature also present in Sense), padding, the persistent Search bar, and other customizations you'd expect from a custom launcher like Nova or Apex. The app drawer can be lightly tinkered with, giving users the option to separate the widget list, and adjust the drawer's page indicator.

Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-41-35 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-41-42

Lock Screen

Lock screen enhancements (which are at a premium in Sense) shine in CM10, allowing for custom backgrounds, battery status, owner information, weather, calendars, and up to five slider shortcuts.

Of course Sense offers these features individually, and allows users to quickly access docked apps, but the option to combine features (along with the beauty of Jelly Bean's lock screen) really make CM's lock screen options stand out.

Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-41-54 Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-58-50

Besides its customization potential, CM's lock screen has another leg up over Sense's equivalent – no double locks when choosing alternate security methods. In HTC Sense, if a user chooses to enable a pattern or combination lock, they will be required to perform that action and pull the usual ring lock, which wastes time and quickly grows old.


Theming options are just what you'd expect from CyanogenMod – a simple interface for choosing between and applying themes. It's one easy screen, and that's all.


The "System" section offers another set of customizations that really stand out – it allows for status bar, notification drawer, and other adjustments that will even further increase your device's usability.

Screenshot_2012-08-29-19-42-08 Screenshot_2012-08-29-20-09-28 Screenshot_2012-08-29-20-09-33 Screenshot_2012-08-29-20-09-42 Screenshot_2012-08-29-20-09-54

CM's status bar options allow for unread counts, clock and battery adjustments, and even the ability to tweak signal indicators.


The notification drawer can be customized with a scrollable power widget that Sense so desperately needs, with options for power drawer behavior as well.


Once you've chosen your power widget buttons, the bar floats at the top of the notification tray, and is easily scrollable. This saves a heap of time in adjusting settings on the fly, and even offers functions like flashlight mode and Wi-Fi hotspot.


Of course the "wallpaper" and "font size" sections are exactly what you'd expect. The "Power menu" section allows for the adjustment of power options (reboot, recovery, etc.), and the "Hardware keys" list allows for even more detailed button remapping than HTC's solution.

Battery Life

One of the biggest things I looked forward to when upgrading from the original EVO 4G to the LTE was a bigger, beefier battery. Of course when switching out OS's, the preservation of long battery life is important and, so far, CM10 has not disappointed.


My use pattern is fairly modest (having the screen on for maybe 2 hours total per day) but, even so, I've squeezed up to 2 full days of life out of a single charge (that drop in the middle of the chart represents some tinkering in recovery), even with my device inexplicably waking up so often (something that will likely be worked out in the future).

Other Enhancements

CyanogenMod 10, besides its outward customization and other enhancements, has a few other tricks up its sleeve. One of the biggies is Wi-Fi tethering that actually works. For whatever reason, HTC's stock kernel doesn't allow Wi-Fi tethering to function properly, but with CM10, it's no problem.


Bugs and Problems

Despite the smoothness of CyanogenMod 10, there are still some kinks to be worked out. Since the EVO is now privy to CM10 nightlies, many of these bugs are undoubtedly on their way to being fixed, but in the interest of disclosure, they're important to discuss. We'll touch on all the obvious bugs present at the time of writing.

The first issue you'll encounter with CM10 is an ANR message for Android's phone process upon boot. This happens anywhere from one to five times immediately after booting up, but so far hasn't appeared anywhere else for us, and hasn't changed or affected phone functionality at all.


The CM10 nightlies, at least at the time of writing, lack the camera quality of Sense's stock ROM, and lacks HD video recording outright. If the quality of the EVO's stock camera is important to you, this may be a deal breaker. That being said, still shot quality is not terrible, but the versatility of the camera (burst mode, etc.) just isn't there yet.

The ROM also suffers intermittent issues with turning off the screen, showing strange patterns a split second before power off, rather than shutting off uniformly. This is of course an extremely minor issue that doesn't affect usability, but is still worth noting.

Final Thoughts

In the end, if you're a rooted user who's sick of Sense's problems and likes the idea of the no-nonsense, simplistic, visually cohesive interface of AOSP Android supercharged by a ton of awesome enhancements, CyanogenMod 10 is the solution hands down. Using CM10 builds (nightlies and Kushdeck's unofficial builds) for the past couple of weeks, I can confidently say that it's been the best experience I've yet had with my EVO. It's already fixed just about every complaint I had with the device, and will only be getting better from here. Head to get.cm to grab the Jewel download.


Liam Spradlin
Liam loves Android, design, user experience, and travel. He doesn't love ill-proportioned letter forms, advertisements made entirely of stock photography, and writing biographical snippets.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I have similar feelings about the move back to CM (my last CM experience was CM7). It's buggy still, but on way in hell am I going back to slow, bloated, and buggy Sense 4. Stock JB with CM's enhancements is simply amazing. It's like using a new OS altogether.

    • Isidhu

      I guess you are using a new OS ;)

  • http://twitter.com/qbking77 Tim Schofield

    Here's a video of the rom in action:

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      qbking - man, that guy is relentless. Nobody does more Android videos than him. <3

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    "In what seems like an effort to soften the blow, HTC stuck a menu under "Developer Options" to increase the maximum number of processes allowed to stay alive, but the options top out at four processes. "
    I think that's default option in Developer options in Android 4.0+ and not put in by HTC or any other manufacturer on their own. But good review, CM10 does work wonders.
    As for that multitasking "feature", I don't even like Android's normal multitasking that much for how it handles and kills apps (a fan of how multitasking was done on Symbian), so HTC ruining it even further is even more frustrating >.>

    • Kees

      I was just about to post it...

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Looks like you're right, and CM10 also has the same option. However, Sense's multitasking seems to disregard it and do what it wants even with only 1 background app running. The OS kills based on much different factors compared to stock Android or any other OEM's custom overlay - my theory is HTC tweaked it to claim better battery life. They even said it works the way they intended it to, which was a big FU to all the unsuspecting users who bought the One series.

        I missed you, proper multitasking, I missed you so much, and now with CM10, you're back.

    • http://profiles.google.com/liamname Liam Spradlin

      You're right, that could do with some rewording.

      • Abhijeet Mishra

        And I see you already edited it :D

  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    Just an FYI Liam, we are moving the entire HTC MSM8960 family is moving from proprietary library files to an Open Source HAL for Camera. Guess what that means? Near perfect camera :)

    My device (the One XL), the HTC One S, and your device, the Evo 4G LTE are all making the switch. The new camera libraries are working very, very well.

    Should be merged either tonight or tomorrow. Big props to dzo from XDA for his flatout amazing work.

    Track the commit here: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/22425/

    And here is the commit for your device for building the opensourced Camera HAL: http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#/c/22445/

    • http://twitter.com/explosivo2k2 Larry Laginess

      Fantastic news!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That is fantastic news. I'd love to know when these go into the nightlies, since right now I'm running the unofficial builds by kushdeck from IRC, since the nightly seemed to have been lagging behind quite a bit.

      • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

        Yes indeed, as soon as the status on the commits I linked to changes from "Review in Progress" to "Merged" it should be in the nightly right after that.

        Again, huge props to dzo from XDA. He was the guy who took the messed up source from CAF and fixed it all up. Really amazing work.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Are you familiar at all with kushdeck's commit process? Does he keep a few days worth of stuff uncommitted, so the nightlies are quite behind or was that just the first few builds?

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            Right now there are some workarounds that are not merged into the CM10 code because, well, they are workarounds, and not a real fix. Nightlies build from whatever is merged, so these workarounds are not included in the nightly builds. However, when himself/myself/other developers release, we can do something called "Cherry Picking" in the changes, which means that we are grabbing the workarounds from Cyanogenmod and adding it to our local source code and then we build with those workarounds.

            Hopefully that makes sense.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Yeah, absolutely. Looks like the camera issue will be sorted out without hacks soon. What about the crashing phone process on boot? Do you know what the problem there is?

          • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

            I can't do much without a logcat :) My port has never had this problem though. Sounds weird though that it only happens at boot.

    • http://profiles.google.com/liamname Liam Spradlin

      That's fantastic news. Thanks for sharing, Rohan!

      • fixxmyhead

        four processes is the max default cuz its also showing on my s2 with ics touchwiz. i dont think thats set by HTC

    • Daniel Wiggins

      Can't wait, only reason I'm not on cm10

    • cassv

      Hi, regarding performance in HTC One X, why all the benchmark show slower results with CM10 than Stock 4.0.4? example: 58fps vs 60.5 with nenamark2, also slower results with single threading and multi threading with Linpack, etc.

      • Matt Sepersky

        It doesn't bench quite as well, but real performance has been much Better than sense. There just isn't as much bloat outside the benchmarks. Wait for some more kernel work and those synthetic benchmarks will start moving up.

    • Joe Butt

      Any idea why they had to exclude the Jewel?

      • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

        The commit for jewl seems to have been merged... what do you mean?

        • Joe Butt

          OK thanks for clearing that up. I just seen the note that said jewel: don't use proprietary camera hal.

          • sonicxml

            Yep because they're moving away from proprietary to open source

  • Kevin Jones

    I've been running CM10 on my Galaxy Nexus for about a month now, and it is by far the best ROM I've run yet. I'm very impressed!

    • http://twitter.com/thepowerofscott Scott Nienhuis

      How are the nightlies looking for it right now?

  • http://twitter.com/explosivo2k2 Larry Laginess

    If the camera worked properly, I'd keep it as my daily driver. It's just so much nicer than Sense. I had CM7 on my OG EVO, and I loved it - it worked absolutely perfectly. This obviously still has some kinks to be worked out. There are custom Sense ROMs that resolve most of the issues above (I'm running Stock with Goodies). It helps soften the blow of Sense until CM10 is closer to perfect.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I'm just like you - ran CM7 on the OG EVO, then a custom Sense ROM on the EVO LTE. The custom ROM solved a few issues, but Sense was still so shitty and slow that for me CM10 is still heaven comparatively. I just couldn't deal with Sense anymore. Without custom Sense ROMs, it would have been exploded into a million pieces already, good thing we at least had those.

      • Daniel Wiggins

        Same situation, slightly different story. Deodexed Sense rom, with menu button hack are pretty much all i have different now, And for me at least, my Wifi tether works. My camera and video doesn't do that auto focus you talk of either. Once the camera update come to CM10 i will use it, but my experience thus far isn't nearly as bad as your is, so it is easier for me to stay right now. I do use a custom launcher and my own icons and widgets that i made when i was on my OG EVO. So the look is familiar, but those can be put on any rom. Reding this makes me giddy and anticipating that nightly that will include a camera update.

  • http://twitter.com/nitsuj17 Lil’ Nits

    you do realize of course that you are comparing cm10 to bone stock sense on the evo lte?

    app associations (which isnt htc's fault btw, its apple's...cm isnt bound by that) is fixed in virtually every custom rom, so is the ics menu bar (thats on app devs for not updating their stuff)

    also you are comparing jellybean to ics

    so nice read, but you arent telling the whole story.....rewrite the article comparing team venom's viper4g rom (xda) to cm10 or meanrom (xda)

    • http://profiles.google.com/liamname Liam Spradlin

      The purpose of this post is not to compare CM10 to custom ROMs, but to point out the ways in which it improves over the EVO's stock experience.

      • http://twitter.com/nitsuj17 Lil’ Nits

        yes, but thats not telling the whole story...because cm10 is not either a) stock aosp or b) something that comes with the device

        and since cm10 is a *custom* rom you cannot compare it to a stock sense 4.0 experience without at least mentioning custom sense roms

        • http://profiles.google.com/liamname Liam Spradlin

          Why can't I? The post sets out to make one comparison and one comparison only. And that's what it does.

          • http://code.google.com/p/lg-v909 Aaron Echols

            Forget it, Sense fan boys are as bad as Apple fan boys. :)

        • blunden

          I don't really agree with you. It's a fair comparison since he clearly provides the context. He has several issues with Sense and CM10 mostly fixes them for him. Some custom Sense roms also fix some problems but it's still Sense so it doesn't fully fix his problems.

          You are right however that it is not AOSP strictly speaking. It is however the closest thing available and can certainly be configured to mirror stock pretty much exactly, apart from supporting much more hardware. Most people also understand that "AOSP based ROM" for devices not supported in AOSP 99% of the time means at least using CM hardware code.

  • tbealmear

    Wish I could get CM10 on my One X, but until bootloader unlock, s-off and root become easier to obtain I'm stuck where I am. Luckily, things in this phone are working really well for me.

  • RaviShah

    I have the international one x and i thought i would love jelly bean over sense (I came for a nexus s) but 3 hours after switching to cm10 i had to switch back because I just loved the polish of sense.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Seriously? To me, Sense is unpolished, inconsistent, and outdated, and I can't believe how much better stock Jelly Bean looks and works. And how much snappier it is. That's my opinion though - you are obviously entitled to yours. Some people do like Sense.

      • RaviShah

        Have you tried the sense 4.1 update? It fixed a lot of the bugs and made it a lot snappier. I think i got lucky because I got the update a week after I got the phone so I didn't have to deal with the crappier side of sense. I was surprised that I preferred it over AOSP though. Im a crackflasher so im sure I will switch to AOSP sooner or later.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          No, it came out just yesterday or the day before, so I haven't installed it. But honestly, after the Sense experience, I don't want to go back. I'm going to stick to the nightlies of CM10 and wait for it to turn into a stable ROM in the next few months.

          • Fifth313ment

            I agree with you in a lot of your article but as for battery life I get 3 days from my stock EVO LTE and that blows your estimate out of the water. I had my screen on for 3.5 hours and almost an hour of talk time and still managed over 3 days! One thing sense has over CM is battery life and keeping the phone from coming awake. Great article though as it has me thinking about the future. I didn't root or mod my OG EVO until about a year after I had it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/allened Allen E. Dewberry Jr.

      I agree good sir. I'm not sure what is up with the love affair for AOSP. Its nice i get it. I owned and used as a daily driver a GSM Galaxy Nexus on Tmobile for around a year before i got my upgrade for the EVO LTE.

      It's nice but extremely lacking. Even when using Cyanogen Mod its okay but nothing amazing and it generally gets marginally better battery life v. before pre ICS. Most of the stock skinned roms on phones work fine and get great battery life on normal settings without the battery management tools. Why do you guys continually dog Sense 4.0+? I can understand the 3.0-3.5 line. That was atrocious and I too immediately rooted and flashed my EVO 3D because of it.

      But the newer sense 4.0 stuff? Its fine, it for the most part stays out of your way outside of the stock launcher which does leave a bit to be desired. I can understand if your phone is running extremely poorly or just running miserably but all ive done on my personal EVO LTE was swap out the launcher and the messaging app because i didn't like the fonts. That was about as far as ive messed with this phone. 4.1 is nice but honestly the only really noteworthy thing for it simply Google Now and the improved notifications. I guess the speed could be seen but the S4 are just fast by themselves before Project Butter kicks in. Again i just don't understand the hate and this is coming for an avid flasher back in the OG EVO and EVO 3D days.

      • RaviShah

        agreed. I got google now by flashing a zip so im covered on that front. I do miss the improved notifications but I can live without them.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        My experience with Sense 4 was nothing like yours - I don't think I've ever disliked a custom skin this much.

        Want to dial a contact using T9 in the dialer (by typing out their name)? There's a good chance you won't find it, though it's right there in the Contacts tab.

        The SMS app would forget peoples' names and would show their numbers instead (and no, I don't want to use an aftermarket SMS app, I haven't seen one that looks polished yet).

        The camera software would keep refocusing while taking videos of anything that even remotely moves - it's impossible to take a good video with Sense.
        The contacts app takes 2-5 seconds bringing up a contact's info - it takes so long that sometimes I wonder if their info was wiped, then it finally shows up.

        Sense would constantly restart.

        It's short on RAM - only 680MB exposed to the OS, so no wonder.

        The multitasking UI is disgustingly terrible. They couldn't have thought up a UI more flawed.

        Of course, everyone knows how aggressive multitasking is in Sense 4 - you'd be luck to have an app you just left still be open when you come back. Instead, most of the time it reloads, which with some apps loses all progress (like Titanium Backup).

        The wide stock software menu button - facepalm x10.

        I can keep going.

        • Frank

          To be fair, a lot of those Sense issues can be fixed in custom ROMs (and have been), without completely discarding Sense and some of the advantages it offers (camera, HTC's wireless mirroring accessory, etc.). ROM's like Viper offer just as many notification/power control options, and and they largely address the multitasking /launcher restart memory issues, and they allow you to revert to the stock multi tasking menu, etc etc. It is not an absolute requirement to go AOSP to fix most/any of this, that being said, if CM camera performance improves as suggested above and/or HTC's JB update isn't available by Nov then I'll probably make the switch to CM too.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            Yeah, I've been running Fresh - the menu button, app associations (though that's just a simple build.prop fix), and some other things were indeed fixed, but there were still enough left that a switch to CM was warranted.

        • Lexster

          I don't get that, I never have a problem finding a contact in the dialer app by typing their name in. And I have no clue what your SMS app was doing, but mine's never forgotten a nanem.

          And as was mentioned already, the latest update fixes the constant camera-focusing problem. I've also not had Sense restart since the latest update.

          I also find the multitasking to be better since the update. And the menu button is now gone if you want it to be. Honestly, all of your "gripes" are minor to begin with, but most of them are gone now anyway. It find it really unfair to post a big "Sense sucks" piece without even trying the latest.version first.

        • http://www.facebook.com/allened Allen E. Dewberry Jr.

          As others have also said a lot of those issues have been improved upon and are just not really a problem with the newest update. The multitasking works as advertised and you really don't get the refresh issues anymore. The whole menu button thing, well that was just a bad implementation but who knew certain app developers were going to drag their feet and not update there apps to the proper code base for this long.

          That's just more lousy coding then HTC's fault for doing what was asked of them for following 4.0 Design Guidelines. Now for the issues you have i guess you had a lot, but in my opinion their kind of minor. Honestly i had a lot of bugs and random things happen when i was running the original ROM on the EVO LTE. Honestly its minor and not a show stopper bug or breaks the phone issue. Sense has not yet ever crashed on me while using it on the phone so im not sure what's up with your phone and I've tried and asked on at least three others that own my phone they too didn't have issues either with UI killing the phone. Maybe just your build that was being odd who knows.

          But mainly just the don't agree with slamming of Sense 4.0. Now if it was TouchWiz believe me id be right there with ya. But HTC did really listen to the complainants and fix the issues. When Sense 4.x includes Jellybean we will come back see if they fixed/improved more of software. Though there is a stock messaging app in the market that works just fine and sends mms that looks identical to the stock 4.1 messaging app, contacts photos/cards and all btw. But still just saying is all it works and works for a lot of us could you at least give it a shot and come back and revisit it in the future?

    • ari_free

      Remember that Android apps are more likely to follow Google's UI look and feel than HTC's

  • Victor Corre

    One of the main reasons I got the One X is because of the camera functionality. So I'll be sticking to Sense ROMs like ARHD, with launcher replacements.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Have you been happy with yours though? I have never disliked a camera as much as I have on the EVO LTE (basically the One X). It's constantly refocusing, even during videos and takes grainy pictures (grainer than any other phone camera I've used recently).

      It's fast though, I'll give it that. I was excited to get the phone and use the camera, but almost every time I've used it in situations that aren't perfectly lit up with sunshine, it's been a disappointment.
      The first pictures I took to showcase how awesome the camera is to my family after a family dinner were so embarrassing that I had to delete them instead.

      • http://www.facebook.com/allened Allen E. Dewberry Jr.

        They actually fixed those issues in the 4.0.4 update, just like how the Galaxy Nexus had autofocus issues pre-4.0.4. Again I too stick around solely for the camera functionality it absolutely crushes the stock one by leaps in bounds and just gives you more options. I never understood why the stock camera is so barebones and lacking on ICS/JB. It just doesn't give you much to work with.

      • Victor Corre

        Initially it was a let down since HTC was praising it so much as a major feature, but it is decent enough for my needs. Notice how I said functionality in my first post, and not quality :)
        Definitely grainy in low light, but it usually improves fairly well with the flash on. My main complaint is the audio recording quality on videos. I usually get a ringing noise and the volume is inconsistent. I haven't noticed the refocusing issue.
        I'm using the OneXed camera mod though, so that has helped a bit with the quality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

    It's good to see you are enjoying CM10 so much Liam, but I would rather wait because the last time I tried CM10 on my Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100) it came with a nasty force-reboot bug and a few instabilities that are expected of nightlies.

    I am guessing the force-reboot is probably a kernel issue on my SGS II but I am not completely sure.

  • Billy Kent

    I've had no issues at all with my new EVO..everything works flawlessly, no lags, no FC's. I've always loved Cyanogen, but will wait for it to come out of nightlies since I'm having no issues at all with this device or it Sense Rom. I am missing Jelly Bean though :)

  • Mahmood Akhwand

    One of the biggest Issue with CM10 nightly I have is that when listening to music, if a call arrives, it crashes the Alsa driver and locked up the sound system and only fix is reboot and until then you hear anyone on calls. This is stopping me from making cm10 my daily driver.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That hasn't happened to be yet, but hilariously one of my biggest gripes with Sense is that if even the shortest of notifications comes in while you're playing music or listening to a podcast, 10% of the time they will never resume. In that split second, Sense decides to kill the player that paused to let the notification play out. Fuck you, Sense. This just made my blood boil every time it happened, especially in the shower while listening to podcasts in the morning - there's no way for me to reach the phone to resume without spilling all over the place.

  • idsioit

    I like the way the ROM is incomplete and the camera doesn't even work

  • http://www.facebook.com/kellyrx8 Kelly O’Keefe

    Data is my issue, connection drops and stays that way, i would use the build for my daily but i need that ( even though slow) 3g connection for emails during the day.

    other than that i had no issues at all on CMX

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What makes you think it's CM that's affecting data? Are you talking about switching between 3G and 1X? If so, Sense does it too, except being a lying piece of shadiness, it doesn't report 1x when it's in that mode and continues to show 3G. It's been the same way since the original EVO, and I couldn't explain slowdowns in 3G until I got CM7 and saw what was really happening.

  • http://twitter.com/Alphonso_S ADotStarling

    I'm patiently waiting for the camera fixes in CM10. I've only had the EVOLte about a week and so far I like it. Some of the Sense stuff I like but I'm beginning to see more and more of the stuff this article mentions in terms of bugs and utter crap. I flashed CM10 on it the other day but didn't like how crappy the camera looked and I couldn't use the camera button without the gallery app FC'ing but I definitely enjoyed the speed of CM10. Right now I'm running Mean ROM and while it definitely fixes some stuff, the Sense restarts and other assorted stuff is starting to get on my nerves. Maybe I'll deal with the wonky camera and go back to CM10 tonight...

  • xnifex

    After reading this, I want this for the Sensation!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/vittorio.maric Vittorio Maric

    It's awesome how far Android has become since FroYo.

    I've bought a HTC Desire HD about 4 months after it came out and that time it was one of the fastest phones. As time went on and dual cores phones became available I knew unless Android matured some it wasn't a real good invested, well yet.

    So I'm still on the DHD and went from FroYo to GB to ICS and now running JB.

    ICS made a huge improvement regarding overall speed and I simply decided not to upgrade the phone but so see how Android will keep improving,

    So now that I'm running a very beta JB ROM I will simply not go back to ICS.

    The sheer speed transformed the device, again. So anyone with an older phone install JB!


  • David Keith

    That "Phone Process Error".. I can't get rid of it. It has come up about 40 times right in a row :(

    • PhilRingsmuth

      Which specific rom are you using? I installed the nightly for 10/12/2012 and I'm getting an error about the keyboard stopping repeatedly. Think I should reflash it and see if that helps?

      • DavidKeith

        I forget honestly. I was using the nighlty 8/26/12 for the longest time then I switch to 9/12/12 and then 10/1/12.

        But now I am on Super LTE (stockish) and it fixed everything. Once my area (Chicago) got a &@%* ton of LTE my phone stopped being able to switch correctly. I switched ROMs and SuperLTE works like a charm!

        • PhilRingsmuth

          Thanks for the tip! So you'd recommend getting on the nightlies for Super LTE (http://old.androidfilehost.com/main/EVO_4G_LTE_Developers/Team_D3rp/Buildbox/Nightlies/ ) instead of the CM10 nightlies?

          • DavidKeith

            well here is the thing, I am Chicago suburbs. Am I ahve gone through 2 EVO LTE's because they never wanted to stay connected to a mobile connection. I tried everything I could think of. I tried every mod and rom out there. At the time CM10 fixed a lot of things. Once LTE went live in my area CM10 went to shit...

            I flashed SuperLTE and it has been switching from LTE to 3G to 1X perfectly for 6 days now... (well there was one time that it didn't but I rebooted and it worked fine) so yeah I would try this rom first


  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    It's tempting to try CM10 on my Note LTE if/when they put it out, though it's more of a pain probably with all of the pen functionality.

  • Nick Bette

    I don't know if I'm going to get a response here since this thread is so old, but I have a question hopefully someone can answer. I've got the EVO LTE, and put CM10 on it, and it thinks that I have no sd card installed. How do I get around this? I can still play music from my external card for some reason, and I can access the files from Root Explorer or ES File Explorer (or from ClockWorkMod Recovery), but most apps won't read/write to it, and when I try to go to the directory for the Internal Storage, it says that it isn't mounted. When I open any camera or picture viewing app, it says there is no storage inserted. I can install apps no problem, so I know it's finding some kind of storage. Also, it doesn't want to do anything when I connect the phone to my computer. I had the drivers installed and had no issues when Sense was installed. So, if anyone has had these issues or knows a fix, please please please let me know. Thanks!

  • Jeff Motto

    Liam, thanks for your article- I have been challenged by buying a discounted Evo 4G LTE from China and having this "Unlocked" phone get here in 3 weeks time. With excited unwrap I jammed my T-Mobile SIM card in and got.........................................nothing. So every couple of days I send back a message to "Ahappydeal" Support to see if they will resend me a working phone or reimburse my funds to purchase. The idea of rooting comes to mind but that invalidates any waranty- which may not be much from shenzhen. Bad batteries, no phone function, but it isn't bad as a 4.7" computer that works on wireless. and may carry 32GB of TF or Micro USB storage. Learning curve is slow but buying locally to be able to return bad items starts to make sense. Jeff at [email protected]

  • ben paiuk

    My evolution 4g Ltd is downloading stuff I deleted and deleting protection apps as well it has code numbers and names running up and down the right side of the screen as well it deleted my email why

  • http://www.facebook.com/kpbotbot Kevin Paul Mabul

    Customization menus on the Nexus 7 are...deserted... At least I've been able to modify the quick settings and status bars tho. And IMHO themes support is a killer feature.

    What bothers me is that I can't quite customize the NavBar. That's okay since I've permanently hidden it and used a third party app for...navigating the phone XD Ahhh...the beauty of Android :)