If you've ever needed to jot down a quick note on the go, I hope you used Evernote to do it. The Evernote service, and the accompanying app, make it easy to keep all your notes in the cloud. This app has long had great features like audio notes, notebook categorization, and tagging. Now Evernote is getting a little more awesome for anyone running Jelly Bean.

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Android 4.1 supports expanded notifications so you can trigger actions right from the drop down. In the case of Evernote, you can share or edit a note by tapping the corresponding buttons. Notifications are also displayed in a much smarter way. When you edit or create multiple items, the notifications will be grouped in a single block. This is similar to the way Gmail is now handled. All the text notes also include a text snippet in the notification following this update.

In addition to all the Jelly Bean fun, the app got some general performance improvements and bug fixes. If you've never tried Evernote, now is as good a time as any. The app and service are free for up to 60MB of monthly bandwidth, which is plenty.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Tee

    Great app, absolutely. I only wish they got rid of that Gingerbread-like ui. The start screen looks great, hopefully the rest of the ui goes to the same direction. At the moment it looks like there are two different parts of the same app, the first one being ridiculously short.

    Ah, and 12376408643580890485065th!

  • JH

    has the Moleskine partnership been added in the Android app like we have seen in the iOS app?