Sometimes, a game comes along that is so bizarre, so weird, so completely out there that it's difficult to describe just how strange it is. This isn't one of them. In this game, a unicorn teaches you how to use farts to kill zombies. Duh. Of course some walkers only react to certain types of flatulence. Everyone knows this. That's why we have unicorn trainers.

fvz1 fvz2 fvz3

The gameplay is very similar to the Plants Vs. Zombies that you were totally thinking about when you read the name of the game. Food comes down the line, you eat it, and colored gasses come out of your posterior. You then have to target "the flatus" at the hordes of the undead. As you are reminded multiple times in images and in the game...your ass is your only weapon.

The game is $2 on the Play Store, though a demo version is available. Let's be honest. You already know whether or not you're going to download this. For better or worse, you don't need any more information than you have now.

via Droid Gamers