Sony's just dropped a batch of bombshells on us today during an IFA press conference. Among the headlining new devices, the Xperia J which is being billed as an affordable smartphone with a "standout screen size." That "standout" size is 4", by the way. We're not entirely sure who Sony thinks they're going to impress with four inches, but the rest of the specs actually seem like a pretty good deal if the price is right.


  • 9.2mm slim stylish design
  • 4.0" FWVGA (480x854) TFT display (244 ppi)
  • 1GHz Qualcomm MSM7227A (single core)
  • 5MP rear camera
  • DLNA certified
  • "Up to 4GB" flash storage, microSD expandable up to 32GB
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

This device won't be winning any performance awards, but with a high-resolution display and what could be a decent camera, this may be just what international users are looking to pick up off-contract. In addition to the above specs, the device also features a "social media notification" light. It's unclear if this is just a slick-looking implementation of a regular old notification LED, or if Sony's added some special software just to let you know when someone's poked you on Facebook. Either way, the light is subtle without being easy to miss. Very good looking.

2012-08-29_11h09_37 2012-08-29_11h24_48 2012-08-29_11h25_03

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Of course, we'll still need to get our hands on this baby to see how well it performs, and of course we still need to find out what counts as "affordable," but Sony's come out of the gate swinging. Between this and the other phones the company has announced today, it looks like we're in for a better year than the last.

More info: Sony Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • PINJ

    Go Sony!!

  • aiden9

    Doesn't look too bad if the price really is affordable. 4" might not be meant to stand out in that "I can do anything better than you" sense, but rather "Hey its a phone that isn't ~4.3-4.6!"

  • Martynas Stonkus

    "not entirely sure who Sony thinks they're going to impress with four inches"
    - That's what she said. (Sorry)

  • http://www.facebook.com/RobJohnson90 Rob Johnson

    Isn't it about time "Affordable phones" were dual-core?
    I'm had my phone almost a year, it was out atleast half a year before that and apparently it's specs were old when it came out, and yet it's still got the same or better specs than affordable phones that are coming out now.

  • Freak4Dell

    They're looking to impress people like me. Glad to see somebody still
    cares about making phones that are friendly towards people who aren't
    cousins of the Jolly Green Giant.

    Too bad they still think that we deserve low specs because of it. I
    honestly don't mind the low specs, but I know the developer support will
    be crap on this because of that.

    Oh well...nice try, Sony.