The Android Police Podcast: for those times when listening to 5 guys yammer about technology is more appealing than reading. This week, we're talking Galaxy Note 10.1, with special guest Ron Amadeo. I also get really frustrated at the idea of an Android-powered camera.

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The Cast

  • Matthew Smith, Host
  • Bob Severns, Editor, A/V, button presser
  • David Ruddock, Co-host
  • Cameron Summerson, Co-host
  • Eric Ravenscraft, Co-host
  • Special guest: Ron Amadeo


Carrier 411

  • T-Mobile unveils its new unlimited data plan that's really unlimited, as opposed the old unlimited data plans that really weren't unlimited, but are still called unlimited. Right.

Rumor Roundup

  • Samsung teases the Note 2, and something about a German guy.
  • Motorola and Verizon are announcing something on September 5th that we're trying really hard to get excited about. Nope, didn't work.
  • Amazon is then announcing something on September 6th, which we are also trying really hard to get excited about.
  • T-Mobile is canceling the Galaxy Note, making that the second smart thing they've done this week.

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