As a tech writer, I have lots of gadgets. Smartphones, tablets, and all sorts of other fun stuff. Because of this, new accessories aren't something that I'm often super-impressed with. Every once in a while, though, a new product lands in my hands that really is more than I expected. Thus is the case with the FIXIE tablet stand from Incipio ($40).

I know what you're thinking: "wait, you were impressed with... a tablet stand? Really?" In short, yes. I'll be honest with you - when I got the FIXIE stand, I was really expecting just another tablet stand. Most stands work well - after all, they really only need to hold the device to perform the function for which they were created.


The FIXIE stand is not so much different in function, though, but rather in form. I just really, really like the design. That's not to say it isn't functional, just that it's also sleek and classy to the point that I don't mind looking at it even when my tablet isn't on it. For those who don't know, I'm a stickler for good minimal, modern design; I don't want some eyesore sitting on my desk, no matter how functional it may be. In that respect, FIXIE delivers better than any other stand I've used. And that makes me happy.

What makes it so good, you ask? For starters, the curved, aircraft-grade aluminum arm is simple and elegant. The overall design of the stand is quite unique, as it is actually constructed of two interlocking parts that can be re-arranged to hold the tablet in various different positions.: present, share, view, and type - named such for the various ways Incipio assumes you'll use the stand with each viewing angle.

wm_IMG_1765 wm_IMG_1766

The main arm that holds the tablet features small rubber grips at the bottom and top, which prevent the tablet from slipping. The backside of the arm is covered in rubber with an embossed Incipio logo; the plastic "leg" has a cutout that aligns with this logo perfectly (so it's always visible), which I think is a very nice touch.

The biggest downside of this stand is that trying to figure out how to fit the pieces together in all the correct ways can be a bit confusing at first. With that said, once you know the various positions, recreating them isn't much of an issue. During my time with the FIXIE, though, I didn't change the layout very much. I found that "present" worked best for me, and just left it like that. I imagine most other people would do the same.

wm_IMG_1767 wm_IMG_1768 wm_IMG_1769 wm_IMG_1770

The unit I have is solid black, but for those who want a splash of color in their life, FIXIE is also available in red, blue, and silver - all of which appear to be very classy looking (judging by the images on the Incipio site, which seems to be pretty accurate).

Overall, I love the FIXIE tablet stand. It easily manages all sizes of tablet in both portrait and landscape made, offers a nice variety of viewing angles, and it looks fantastic doing it. I readily recommend the FIXIE stand to anyone looking for an elegant tablet stand.


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Cameron Summerson
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    Normally AP articles are just like this -- nobody comments, coz nobody cares. 38 comments in 9 stores in the first page. So, how to get more comments and generate more advertisement revenue? Criticize Galaxy Note 10.1. Not criticize, but make it sound as if Samsung killed their mother. Bravo! well done. you got around 250 comments for that so-called review.

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      Normally, asshole commenters are just like this - commenting about something that has nothing to do with the article they actually have open, pasting the same stupid drivel in like 9 stories that happen to be on the front page. So, how do they get more attention? They make up moronic conspiracy theories about how we're corrupt and bitter because we want more pageviews. Bravo! Well done. You got around 250 people to read your baseless, poorly written rant.

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        a bimbo running around naked would get more views than a scholar trying to solve a complex equation. which of them deserves recognition is not dependent on the number of viewers -- but i guess you don't believe so.

        A small example to prove that your review was just an attention grabbing tactic (ala bimbo running naked stunt): Galaxy S3, which is the fastest selling Android ohone just gave you 121 comments. HOX - another popular phone gave you 122 comments (2 reviews combined for HOX). Now look at Note 10.1, a product which is not hyped like GS3 or HOX, nor a device which will sell even 10% compared to those Android phones suddenly gets you 250 comments!!

        Even the so-called king of "cheap" tablets Nexus7 generated only 76 comments. Is it because Note10.1 is such a hyped product? or is it circulating in media so much that it gets twice the number of comments compared to a GS3? infact it was shown back in February in Barcelona. Everyone knew the design, the UI, upgraded specs. so why this many comments? create a controversy, make a sensational statement, make such ridiculous claims that people are bound to listen.

        i can also write : normally asshole reviewers are just like this -- reviewing something which they have no clue about.

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        This is the first time i have heard from a MOD that they don't want more pageviews, but they did put multiple ad trackers in the site (as per chrome DNT)...

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      Mr. Samsung has a grudge. Lack of comments doesn't mean lack of readers. It might have some correlation, but the content, quality and thoroughness of the article plays a big role in whether or not there will be lots of comments. If the article answers all of the readers initial questions then comments are often unnecessary.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

    It's very reasonable. Here's a shot of it in its compact state next to the Nexus 7 for perspective.

  • http://twitter.com/Miso_Sori Miso Sori

    I'm still a fan of the Rocketfish PadPivot. It's small portable, and has tons of available configurations. Not as aesthetically pleasing though.

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    Sold! Just what I needed without the fluff. Thanks cam

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    I was going to buy Note 10.1 but decided against after reading review.