Gameloft has released the first gameplay trailer for its upcoming Android game, Wild Blood. The game will be the first Gameloft title based on the Unreal Engine, and the action-packed, blood-filled trailer certainly doesn't disappoint.

This is the second trailer to be released for the game, with a teaser trailer being unveiled a few weeks ago. Gameloft has promised that the game will be coming "very soon" to Android. It will likely be followed by the company's other title based on the Unreal Engine, March of Heroes.


If the gameplay trailer has whetted your appetite, watch it a little bit closer for "a new hint about the story". Gameloft has also divulged clues to the game on its official Facebook page.

Source: YouTube

John Thompson
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  • Himmat Singh

    Mr John Thompson, I hate to break it to you but March of Heroes was scrapped way back in July 2011. This is the second time in a couple of weeks that AP has referenced to March of Heroes as an upcoming Gameloft title.

  • momchil

    march of heroes was canceled almost an year ago.

  • AbyssTrion

    Behold, Kindgoms of Amalur goes mobile...:/ :D

  • http://komorkomania.pl/author/michal-brzezinski Michal Brzezinski

    I hope this will not be another game of type "Tap furiously to destroy every oponent" just with better graphics

  • Dan r. Maor

    Gameloft developer to his fellow: "Say, Mike, who are we going to copy today?"
    Mike lifts a moldy pizza from a dusty copy of God of War.
    An IDEA!