Despite the fact that we're pretty sure to see the unveiling of Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 at IFA this year, there are undoubtedly still some folks out there still looking to get their hands on the original. If you're among them, you're in luck – Amazon Wireless is offering the AT&T-connected, 5.3" Super AMOLED display-toting Galaxy Note for just $159.99 (a cool $40 off AT&T's price for those keeping count). We haven't seen a deal this good on the AT&T Note since way back in February, meaning those still waiting for a discount would be well advised to check this out.


Those looking to take advantage of this deal need only click the appropriate link below. It's worth noting ahead of time though that the $159.99 price point is applicable to both new lines and upgrades when buying the Carbon Blue variant of the device, while the White variant is only $159.99 for upgrading customers.

Amazon Wireless: Ceramic White, Carbon Blue

Liam Spradlin
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  • at&t user

    I bought one at $ 100 at sams in pr

  • BarbaraSmith111

    Not bad. I'm hoping one day these phones come down in price so you can be plan-free and get what you want for how long you want. I have a phone now on AT&T's 4G LTE network and am happy, but my best friend is NOT happy with T-Mobile. we're both graphics designers and manage heavy files.