If you're looking for flash-based storage to beef up those ever-hungry gadgets of yours, today is the day to go shopping on Amazon. If you think the Father's Day SanDisk Gold Box sale on Amazon had good deals, wait till you see what Amazon and SanDisk stuffed into the Gold Box today. The selection is slightly slimmer compared to last time, but to make up for that, the prices are way sweeter.


Here's what's on the one-day sale in the Gold Box:

A lot of these will probably sell out quickly - try to stock up before they do.

Note: If you live in California, remember that Amazon will start charging sales tax soon.


Source: Amazon Gold Box

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  • http://jesuiscontentducontent.tumblr.com/ Yod-b

    I hate it from the bottom of my heart that these are only for the residents of the US. :(

    • Andi Springthorpe
      • http://jesuiscontentducontent.tumblr.com/ Yod-b

        well, thanks... but i'm in Hungary :(

        • http://www.facebook.com/nagy.balazs.andras Nagy Balázs András

          The SD cards can be bought from Hungary. Just did so.

          • http://jesuiscontentducontent.tumblr.com/ Yod-b

            Really?! The last time I tried it bounced me back! Köszi! ;)

        • Jon Garrett

          Im hungry too., think I'll make a sandwich.

    • Jon Garrett

      Then get friends in the US to buy for you.

  • jusatin

    Do you know if similar sales are coming to amazon.co.uk? Mainly the micro sd-cards, there are back to school sales already, but they don't feature any micro sd cards (not that I saw any). (Also other european Amazons are fine, so don't have to pay millions for shipping to Finland)

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    64GB microSD plz!

  • Devoid75

    You're welcome, guys. I just bought 2 SD cards yesterday, so this sale is obviously a result of that sale. Like washing your car before the downpour. Thanks, universe! (That said, these are great deals which you should buy now.)

    • Clint Pedersen

      I'm sure if you call Amazon, they will work something out with you.

  • http://twitter.com/TechJeeper Cody Dean

    Staples.com also has alot of their SanDisk USB Drives being blown out. For example, you can get the 64GB Cruiser for $34.99. Ordered a couple a few days back.

  • http://www.twitter.com/darrylcobb maxrobes2000

    Thanks Guys! Just bougth 2 microSD cards and a thumb drive. All 32 gigs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=570733388 Jonathan Gil

    Thanks for the heads up guys, just bought the 32gb microSD card. Although $8 shipping is ridiculous, you could put that thing in an envelope and send it.

    • http://www.twitter.com/darrylcobb maxrobes2000

      Amazon Prime FTW

  • Thorn

    Thanks! picked me up a 32gb micro.

  • KreeTerry

    man i just picked a nikon d3100 and really wanted a 64 gig card, had to settle for 32 instead.

  • https://twitter.com/#!/doomstang Doomstang

    Thank you, your order has been placed.
    I just bought the 240gb SSD. Normally $220 or so from Newegg.
    My Order Total:

    I used my Discover Card along with a promo code to get free overnight shipping....and I also had almost $20 in Discover cash-back rewards that Amazon was able to apply right through the normal checkout.

  • Drew DeNardo

    You are mean! I just spent $200 on a 64GB MicroSD and a 240G SSD for my laptop. Stop making me spend money!

  • http://twitter.com/sam1am John Samuel αΩ

    Thanks for the heads up. Picked up a 240GB SSD for my Macbook Pro. Woo!

  • Kaero

    FYI Fellow Canadians, Sandisk IS shipping to Canada from Amazon.com! I think I might just pick myself up a 64GB microSD and USB drive.

    Shipping to where I am is $8.39 by the way.

  • PINJ

    I Was Looking At It From All Angles And Realised That I Don't Frickin Need Any Of These Items

  • http://twitter.com/yellowspyder Spyder Ryder

    the SSD says "noise reduction for quiet drive operation", WTF? It's solid state... shouldn't be any drive noise at all

    • sssgadget

      Hey the transistors turn on and off right? ;)

  • Doddy

    The last time Amazon had a similar sale on these SanDisk products, I purchased two 480gb SSDs and a 64gb MicroSD. I have been absolutely pleased with my upgrades and would recommend to anyone in the market for one of these products to take advantage of this great sale! Kudos to Android Police for exposing all these great sales to their readers!

  • Nico

    Their putting these drives on sale because a higher/new capacity of memory is coming.

  • KRG

    Just bought a 64GB Micro SD! 10-13 days until it ships tho.... Great deal though

  • Jon Garrett

    Thanks for posting this., I ordered a 32GB micro SD today for only $13 !!

  • Ben Baranovsky

    My family got three 16GB SanDisk Fits. Not listed here. On sale in a MAJOR way.

  • Coleburns

    64gb microsd sold out already? WTF?

  • JG

    FYI its not a 1-day sale... Prices are a little higher, but still pretty decent, so if your like me & just saw it today.... For example the 64GB USB Flash drive (normally 99.99) is 34.62 instead of 31.99 and the 64GB MicroSD (normally 179.99) is 57.74 instead of 49.99. Still pretty decent savings. (* those were the only two I checked)