When CyanogenMod 9.0 stable was released a couple of weeks ago, the list of supported devices was dominated by Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones. Fortunately, the team has been hard at work since then to bring the popular firmware to as many devices as possible, and HTC EVO 3D owners will be glad to know that they can download a nightly build of CM 9 right now.

The build is currently available only for GSM models of the device, with CDMA remaining unsupported at the moment. Hopefully, as development progresses a little more, it will become available for both varieties of the phone.

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 10.08.44

Definition: A "nightly" is a bleeding edge release that is built on a daily basis, usually at night after a full day's worth of new code has been committed.

It could oftentimes be unstable and not properly tested, lacking any changelogs, but eventually evolving into alphas, betas, release candidates, and finally stable releases.

Nightly builds of CyanogenMod 10 began just a couple of days ago, so it might be a while until the EVO 3D is supported by the very latest firmware, but there's no reason why it shouldn't receive the update at some point in the future.

If you want to try out Cyanogen on your EVO 3D, you can download the latest build from the CyanogenMod Downloads website. This is a bleeding edge release, so be aware that there will probably be quite a few bugs throughout. As always, make sure that you back up your phone before flashing the new ROM.

Source: Cyanogen Downloads

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  • NightSider

    wow, Iam so happy to see this, mainly because it suggests CM10 may come in the future, because I dont think we will get official Jelly Bean.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hotrock85 Robert Firestone

    I loved modding the palm pre. is it pretty easy with the EVO 3d? I really don't want to brick it. The thought of doing this though does seem intriguing.

    • Simon Belmont

      I've had an EVO 3D (CDMA) for over a year now. I've never had an issue with getting S-OFF, and rooting it.

      Just stop by xda-developers and look for guides on the subject. Be sure to follow the correct guide and flash the correct ROMs/kernels for your handset (CDMA or GSM).

    • BangIShotYou

      It's pretty easy to mess with the Evo 3D. If you want S-Off that might be more difficult (for some). But obtaining root and unlocking it to install ROMs is a breeze. (HTC Dev method is the one that seems easiest to use, if all you want is a particular ROM and/or root.)

      Like Simon said, check out some info over in the XDA forums for more information. And I say that as someone who doesn't even own an Evo 3D (but has gotten S-Off on two, both with 1.50 Hboots and using the "wire trick" method).

  • http://drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

    From HTC Desire HD :
    CM9 when you coming our way ???

    Stuck with CM7.2 ace (not that its bad), want to move ahead

    • GazaIan

      Upgrade to an unofficial build.

      • http://drhack.net/ Dr-Hack

        i did ..but reverted back , at-least not on the primary phone its not such a good idea, because until the official drivers don't fall out ... things keep breaking up .. for experiments yeah unofficial works smooth no doubt..

  • Kaero

    SWEET! I've been running CM9 on my EVO 3D for a while now but glad to see that it's going official!

  • Simon Belmont

    How about for the Sprint HTC EVO 3D? Or is this a result of Agraben quitting the CDMA version and moving to the GSM one after all of the kerfuffle at xda? Kind of ironic, that it was only a week or two away from official status before he moved on. Man. :(

    *Sigh* I have an EVO 3D (CDMA), and it would be really nice to have an official CM9 (or CM10). ;)

    • Ryan

      That's pretty much exactly it. I never said anything in the thread but I flashed as soon as a new update came out. I'm still using Devil Toast 0.7.4 for CDMA. I vaguely remember CM announcing that the 3D will be supported in CM10 but I don't remember if they made the distinction between GSM and CDMA variants. I tried searching but couldn't find it. I thought it was on their G+ account.

      • Simon Belmont

        That's the same ROM that I'm using. Agraben did some great work and it was a big shame to lose him. Devil's Toast CM9 is a great ROM, even in its unfinished state. Oh well.

        I think once HTC drops the kernel source for the CDMA EVO 3D, we'll see a lot more movement on official CM9/CM10. I appreciate all of the hard work that all of the developers put into these ROMs.

  • jasopan

    It's almost been a year but I'm still patiently waiting for CM9 for my DHD.
    AOKP is great but just not stable enough for me.

  • Boo

    No love for the HTC Amaze 4G.

    • GazaIan

      No one wants to love that phone. You're probably screwed out of the major ROMs officially, whatever you find on XDA or Rootz is probably all you'll ever get.

    • fixxmyhead

      should of gone with the s2. im enjoying official aokp nightlies